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Joyce Schwarz The Vision Board book Heads to Press

Joyce Schwarz "The Vision Board:Unlock the Secret to An Extraordinary Life" Goes to Printer!

7:22 PM PDT, August 27, 2008
"The Vision Board Book: Unlock the Secret to An Extraordinary Life" by Joyce Schwarz heads to the printer this week! Yea and thanks to all of you who helped and supported in this venture.

PS There are talks of nominating the book for a Pulitzer Prize really! Because it just may be the first book of its kind to feature so much user-generated art along with VIP and wisdom leader contributions. Artists and best-selling authors contributed from around the world -- from Australia and New Zealand and Brussels, and Japan and China and South America and Canada and Mexico and of course aross the USA!

Thanks so much. For a quick preview go to Watch for more pix to be posted here. For early interviews and to book speaking engagements with author Joyce Schwarz, email her directly at!


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