The Vision Board by Joyce Schwarz Opening Sentence Reveals the Secret!

Vision Board for Halloween --How to create a Halloween Vision Board by Joyce Schwarz

Say boo to the bad days not boo hoo and scare away your cares and fears with a fun HALLOWEEN VISION BOARD as featured in THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz!  

THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz shows how to make Vision Boards for almost every event during the year, birthdays, New Years, Valentines Day and yes even Halloween.

WHAT KIND OF HALLOWEEN VISION BOARDS CAN YOU CREATE? The sky is the limit -- and did you see that full moon out there that will watch over you so yes let's name the top five Vision Boards for Halloween:

1) Halloween Safety Vision Board -- make one with your kids to make sure they are safe in their costumes, safe outside and that they take a flashlight with them and travel in pairs with a buddy and also have an adult nearby

2) Healthy Eating -- yes, even on Halloween time it's the perfect day to talk about eating healthy. Why not give our some raisons or dried fruit or almonds instead of candy. How about some ripe red apples and of course pumpkin itself is full of vitamins-- who says you can't have fun and eat healthy!

-- the perfect time to be thankful not just for the candy or goodies you get from neighbors or pals but for the wonderful family you have, for your health and for being with those you love and care about! Instead of counting candy -- count your blessings. Sound corny == well okay have a few candy corns as you do it --or try some ripe juicy sweet corn dusted with a touch of curry or paprika that will add a Halloween blush to it!

4) Halloween Happiness-- let's count the reasons we're happy today --maybe the costume turned out just perfect. Maybe we can take time together to look at some old family photos and remember what wonderful pumpkin pie grandma made or how grandpa always decorated his yard with Halloween cutouts he made in his workshop. Perfect time to flip through old Halloween photos in albums. Pick out some of them and paste them on a board, add some stickers for Halloween -- ohh don't be a sissy and just add pumpkins and ghosts -- go ahead and add some skeletons too! Punk your board up a bit -- with fake tatoos that you affix with a glue stick. Go ahead mom - put on that skeleton tattoo! Let's collect a few laughs in addition to all that junk food!

5)Charity Halloween Board -- at our office my artist Annie Kaycora created a Halloween charity fundraising poster for one of our favorite charities SCARE FOR THE CURE in Austin Texas -- thsi year they are going to have a fab event that features video games -- after all Austin is the city that hosts one of the top video game conferences in the nation!

Joyce Schwarz HALLOWEEN VISION BOARD see below
-- take a peek -- yep of course I put the book on there too - why not it's full of tips and treats for you and that's no trick! 

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Thanks to for it's very cool new sketchpad that helped me make my Halloween vision board in minutes. But you can also go to Facebook and use the OnTrack app there

or watch for this blog later this week and we'll tell you more about the wonderful Orangepeel Software so appropriate for Halloween and Thanksgiving -- it's the right color and so much fun to use -- and you can make videos with it and you can use it as a screensaver and you can also make a mobile version of your HALLOWEEN VISION BOARD!

Woo hoo -- be safe and have FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Email me at for additional help with the tips and order your book THE VISION BOARD today and see the SCARE FOR THE CURE charity vision board we feature in chapter 6!


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