The Vision Board Institute Founded by bestselling author and Keynote Speaker Joyce Schwarz Awarded Best Career Education School

The Vision Board Institute is Named "Best Career Education School" 

The Vision Board Institute, headquartered in Marina Del Rey, Califoria was recently awarded the 2018  Best Adult Education School in the annual Marina Del Rey Awards program competition. Founder Joyce A. Schwarz announced the achievement by saying that " We are grtateful for the recognition for our exceptional marketing and service to locally and around the globe."

AwardThe Vision Board Institute https://www.visionboardinstitute. com has been awarded the honor of "Best Career Education School" 2018 in the annual awards announced founder, Joyce A. Schwarz. 


JoyceheadJoyce Schwarz, bestselling author of The Vision Board: secret to an Extraordinary Life published by Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design is proud to announce that there are now more than 375 Certified Vision board Coaches around the globe. The Vision Board Institute, Schwarz explais, is the only orgaization authorized to offer the Certified Vision Board Coach, CVBC designation.


Schwarz encourages you and organiztion to look for the distinctive CVBC logo to be assured that your coach, consultant, speaker or workshop developer has attained the highest standards in the areas of:  ***Life visioning and life planning, ***Study on the princples of the Ancient art and science of visioning ***Color Psychology and the Feng Shui of Color ***Image elicitatio and  *** Vision and Mission statement creation.         


 ****Master Vision Board Coach (must complete CVBC course first.*****Certified Recareering Coach (CRC)

**** Accredited Vision Card Reader**** Accredited Recareering Coach

**** Certified Teen Coach 

For more about The Vision Board Institute

Jmedia2or to book Vision Board Talks, Keynotes on Life & Strategic Workplace Visioning and seminars and workshops or private coaching on life visioning and vision board creation please contact: or call Joyce Schwarz directly at 310-822-3119. 

MORE ABOUT THE  AWARD: Each year, the awards committee selects  companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Marina Del Rey area a great place to live, work and play. Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2018 Marina Del Rey Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Marina Del Rey Award Program and data provided by third parties.

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Trouble Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions ...Make and live a Vision Board Instead says Joyce Schwarz,bestselling author THE VISION BOARD book on WHCR Radio Show

Are you having trouble keeping your 2019 New Year's Resolutions --to go to the gym, lose five pounds or meditate daily? You are not alone. US News & World Report says that by the second week in February most people have broken or not kept their resolutions. 

NewyearsThis Meme with Actor Leo DeCaprio even celebrates breaking your New Year's Resolution...but don't be depressed, you can get a "DO-OVER" by creating a Vision Board and living that vision says noted Career Consultant and bestselling author Joyce Schwarz, "The Vision Board: Secret to An Extraordinary Life" ..Schwarz reviewed her streamlined method for making your board and more importantly using it as your GPS to live your vision in 2019 and beyond on WHCR Radio in an interview with host Rick Young. 


Bestselling author Joyce Schwarz and her Vision Board Institute feature more than 375 Certified Vision Board Coaches around the globe so she knows you can use a visionboard as your GPS to your future. 

"Actually since the Lunar New Year --also called the Chinese New Year-- started this week you can use that as impetus for a "do-over" explains Schwarz 

Don't give up, you can still use implement her three step VIP method for making a Vision Board for your resolution to back them up an re-start better than ever before --or jumpstart a new vision if you wish. 


Oprah-vision-boardOprah helped to popularize the value of having a visionboard but bestselling author and founder of THE VISION BOARD INSTITUTE Joyce Schwarz, a popular keynote speaker and Career Coach says you need a method to make your board...otherwise you will be overwhelmed by the madness of the many images. 

Most readers know by know that a vision board is a visual map to your best possible future -- you've seen celebrities and athletes featured using and making a vision board including Oprah, 50Cents and Olympians and NFL players.

#1 VISION BOARD MISTAKE-- putting too many pictures on your board -- or even worse...making a vision board "in your head" versus in real life.

"The biggest mistake most people make is to just cut out pictures from magazines and glue them on a posterboard randomly so it looks almost like a ransom note or a kindergarden play project," says Schwarz.

A vision board is more than a wish-list, a great vision board serves as your GPS for your life. 

Joyce has seen many vision boards that feature as many as 50 photos ranging from dream houses to Coach handbags to shiny new Corvettes" Too many shiny objects explains Schwarz. Lots of sparkle and no action. Even people who have heard of the Law of Attraction often believe all you have to do is to see it and believe it and UPS will deliver it.  

VbbookTHE VISION BOARD: the secret to an extraordinary life is the bestseller by Joyce Schwarz, founder of THE VISION BOARD INSTITUTE

on't just hang in there with your it says Joyce Schwarz. In making their vision board most people make it too busy and too shallow! Too many people add scores of headlines torn from publications urging them to "Hang In There", "Be Happy", "Don't Give Up" and every other cliche pop-psychology phrase that they can find. 


V....Instead Schwarz recommends her VIP Method = Start with VISIONING -
- an ancient process used by everyone from indigenous nations to the World Bank to envision your future first. Visioning is a combination of soul searching, brainstorming and even improv, says Schwarz. Go to a quiet place -- talk a walk in the woods, or sit in a chapel or even sit in a bubblebath (yes, whatever relaxes you and brings you back to your Center). 

Close your eyes and envision how you can make your life the best possible. Worried about your weight -- then envision how you can start eating healthy today. Think positive..see yourself fit and envision yourself running or working out or even just stretching.

Then jot down some notes if you can ..on a tablet or on your mobile ...instead of the old-fashioned resolution to lose 20 pounds by going on the trendiest diet discover words that empower you. And affirmations that are encouraging like I am eating better today. 

Th (1)I....start making your vision board by putting a picture of "I" -- you in the center of your board so you own your gather images that support your strongest vision which is to be fit and healthy. Remember the benefits are what will drive you forward not just deprivation. Living your vision should be positive and enjoyable

IMAGES: Select 6 to 8 strong defining images that show people living your vision and even going beyond your comfort zone. You may not be able to climb a mountain yet, but you can take a rock climbing course at a nearby gym or hike 200 feet or dive into a field of daisies when Spring comes. 

P...power words and affirmations, as noted above -- pick phrases that truly empower you -- I like "ing" words that make me feel like I am moving forward now such as I am eating healthy foods. I am walking 1000 steps more daily.

Th (2)Don't depend on magazines for these phrases-- type them up or print them clearly with a marker so you are truly invested in your own progress.

Remember it is INSPIRED action that will truly be the best way to live your vision. Live your vision immediately -- what kind of steps can you take today -- yes even before you buy your fancy activity tracker or that shiny Fitbit. Maybe its just walking in place. Maybe it's doing some stretches ..

go ahead and start "BEING YOUR VISION NOW"....take some action steps today.  Need help? Consider taking the Vision Board Institute upcoming QUICK START Make and Live Your Vision Board home study course.  Or contacting me at: for a recomendation for a Certified Vision Board Coach in your geographic area.
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How to Make a Halloween Vision Board from bestselling author Joyce Schwarz

Say boo to the bad days not boo hoo and scare away your cares and fears with a fun HALLOWEEN VISION BOARD as featured in THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz!  
THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz shows how to make Vision Boards for almost every event during the year, birthdays, New Years, Valentines Day and yes even Halloween.


 The sky is the limit -- and did you see that full moon out there that will watch over you so yes let's name the top five Vision Boards for Halloween:


1) Halloween Safety Vision Board -- make one with your kids to make sure they are safe in their costumes, safe outside and that they take a flashlight with them and travel in pairs with a buddy and also have an adult nearby
2) Healthy Eating -- yes, even on Halloween time it's the perfect day to talk about eating healthy. Why not give our some raisons or dried fruit or almonds instead of candy. How about some ripe red apples and of course pumpkin itself is full of vitamins-- who says you can't have fun and eat healthy!
3)HALLOWEEN GRATITUDE BOARD -- be thankful-- the perfect time to be thankful not just for the candy or goodies you get from neighbors or pals but for the wonderful family you have, for your health and for being with those you love and care about! Instead of counting candy -- count your blessings.
Sound corny == well okay have a few candy corns as you do it --or try some ripe juicy sweet corn dusted with a touch of curry or paprika that will add a Halloween blush to it!

4) Halloween Happiness-- let's count the reasons we're happy today --maybe the costume turned out just perfect. Maybe we can take time together to look at some old family photos and remember what wonderful pumpkin pie grandma made or how grandpa always decorated his yard with Halloween cutouts he made in his workshop.

Perfect time to flip through old Halloween photos in albums. Pick out some of them and paste them on a board, add some stickers for Halloween -- ohh don't be a sissy and just add pumpkins and ghosts -- go ahead and add some skeletons too! Punk your board up a bit -- with fake tatoos that you affix with a glue stick. Go ahead mom - put on that skeleton tattoo! Let's collect a few laughs in addition to all that junk food  T

5)Charity Halloween Board -- at our office my artist Annie Kaycora created a Halloween charity fundraising poster for one of our favorite charities SCARE FOR THE CURE in Austin Texas -- thsi year they are going to have a fab event that features video games -- after all Austin is the city that hosts one of the top video game conferences in the nation!


By Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author blogging at 

     Inspiration-- not just perspiration is that we all yearn for in starting a new year for our small businesses, soloentrepreneur firms, coaching and startups. 



Looking for new views on inspiration and engagement in the workplace I went to HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW (HBR) and came across a survey by Michael C. Mankins and Eric Garton from Bain Consulting -- I saw that they had expanded their HBR post in a fascinating book: Time, Talent, Energy: Overcome Organizational Drag and Unleash Your Team's Productivity now available on Kindle. 




Mankins and Garton recommend four ways to build inspiration and engagement:

1. Help employees build greater connection between their daily work and the company’s customer or social mission. Ask whether you are running a company where employees “back in or head in” in the morning.

2. Develop a humane philosophy and implement it. Translate it into an employee value proposition, operating model, working environment, and working that address the entire set of engagement drivers. Determine the right degree of emphasis for each element based on your strategy, business model, and culture.

3. Create a high-autonomy organization without losing benefits of scalability and repeatability. Strike the optimal balance between autonomy and organizational needs. Ask whether you have actively eliminated needless bureaucracy, micromanaging, and overly prescriptive rule books.

4. Invest in inspirational leadership development. That’s how you create leaders who are skilled both at delivering exceptional results and inspiring employees.


See this link to an earlier post this blogger did on Linked In about the power of a vision statement


 What is a vision statement, anyway?   click this link to find out

QUOTES FROM FAMOUS ENTREPRENEURS to get you through that 99 percent perspiration period! 

  • “You are not your resume, you are your work. - Seth Godin
  • “The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something. It’s as simple as that. A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. But today. The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer” - Nolan Bushnell
  • “Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn't really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That's because they were able to connect experiences they've had and synthesize new things.” - Steve Jobs

INSPIRATION PODCAST SERIES -- How to walk your talk: 

I was honored to be selected for the GET INSPIRED podcast interview series and here is that podcast that I put to video to make it easier to access and understand ENJOY

For more information about having bestselling author Joyce Schwarz speak at your company, event or organization email her directly at: 


Four Reasons Vision Boards Work Better than New Years Resolutions from Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author THE VISION BOARD book

Why Vision Boards are more powerful than New Years Resolutions by Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD,

WHY VISIONING & VISION BOARDS are better than New Years Resolutions by Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD

by Joyce Schwarz,, 
FOUR REASONS VISIONING AND VISION BOARDSare better to use than old-fashioned New Year's Resolutions  The Vision Board: The Secret toLife,
During the past couple of weeks you may have heard or seen radio and TV interviews with Joyce Schwarz, author 
of the world's bestselling book on life visioning and vision board creation --
The Vision board: the secret to an extraordinary lifepublished by Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design featured onstations ranging from Wyoming to Daytona Beach, Florida to Victoria, BC, Canada talking about the value of visioning and vision boards versus old-fashioned New Year's Resolutions!
 WHY VISION BOARDS are better than New Years Resolutions 

In this post, author and Hollywood career strategist and new company launch consultant (see for details on more then 75 high tech companies Joyce Schwarz has launched), you'll discover 4 reasons that Visioning and Vision Boards are better than making resolutions that are often broken within hours or even minutes after making them at midnight December 31 each year.
the new moon of 2018 on NEW YEARS DAY is the perfect time to make a Family Vision Board. Follow for tips. 

 Left:  Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD, the secret to an Extraordinary life" by Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design,

OUT WITH THE OLD IN WITH VISIONING 2018-- as the best year ever: Schwarz has been featured nationally on dozens of radio talk shows explaining why visioning and vision boards as featured in her book and as shown on Oprah and LARRY KING's shows are more powerful for changing your life than old-fashioned New year's Resolutions.

SAMPLE OF A PROSPERITY VISION BOARD or Prosperity board as seen in THE VISION BOARD: the secret to an extraordinary life by Joyce Schwarz  (board courtesy of Jen, Millionaire Mommy Next door blogger.(see below)

according to Joyce Schwarz, motivational speaker and founder of the Vision Board Institute.
(scroll down)  
1)Visioning and Vision Boards use images to activate your brain and encourage positive results!
Left-Brain-vs.-Right-Brain1Power of right side of brain to envision your future versus the left side to focus on past failures is a top motivator to create a vision board versus New Year's resolutions says Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author THE VISION BOARD book

 Most New Year's resolutions are simply 'said' sometimes they are expressed aloud but much of the time the individual just 'resolves' to lose 10 pounds or give up smoking or make more money.
However, with vision boards and visioning you are not only writing down what you want to create you are visually picturing the desired outcome.
So that means that the image is activating your RAS (recticular activating system) of your brain so that it is instilled in your mind -- much stronger than just a wish or a resolution can ever be.
The image then reinforces your vision which comes from the inside out/ not the outside in!

2) HEART NOT HEAD as motivation As hinted at earlier, a resolution is prompted by something outside of yourself or your physical self -- not your inner self. You resolve to go to the gym. You resolve to exercise more. You resolve to start dating again.
BUT through the visioning process and by creating a vision board you are tapping into your inner power of intention and really expressing your inner desires to manifest them. 
You are inspired not just 'motivated' -- this is 'heart work' not head work.
Both your left and right brain are involved in visioning and vision board creation where usually in New Year's resolutions your left brain which is the analytical one says it's time to lose weight or time to find a new love or to get a better job.

3)Tumblr_static_170707We live in a visual world -- as screenagers-- weaned on Sesame Street and raised on MTV we are easily influenced by pictures around us.
So why not create your own visual map and picture your best life possible.
When you are driven by inner New Year's resolutions it's too easy for outside images to distract your resolve.
Resolve is like "gritting your teeth" visioning is like singing your song! It's a joy versus a task!

4)PAST VERSUS FUTURE:Past With the visioning process and vision board creation you'll find 'defining images' everywhere that will support your creation process and reward your visions of the best possible life.
You'll be looking for those pictures that encourage you to your goal realization versus distractions that get you off track from your resolutions.
Visioning is an ancient practice that has worked for thousands of years.
Visioning is a warmer and welcoming way of creating/guiding you to your dreams.
Resolutions are all too often harsh reminders of your failures in the past! Rather than focusing on last year or years ago start fresh.
Release your past and envisioning a better tomorrow today!Hapiness

For more free tips on how to create a 2016 vision board go to
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SPEAKING TO YOUR GROUP OR COMPANY: Also if you wish to book Joyce Schwarz, author and Hollywood career strategist to speak to your organization, you can contact her directly via email at: As seen below: Joyce Schwarz, motivational speaker and bestselling author THE VISION BOARD as featured on CBS Evening News this year. 

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How to make an Easter Vision Board with Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author, THE VISION BOARD BOOK

How to make an Easter Vision Board with Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author THE VISION BOARD book


Easter for many people around the world represents a time of renewal and even rebirth.It's a time to celebrate a new season in our life - a new Spring and time to leap forward to the future of our lives!

 Easter is more than bunnies and eggs and PEEPS -- it's a time for renewal so why not create an Easter Vision Board see for details.

Recently I saw a quote that was quite thought-provoking and I wanted to share it with you hear. It seems to apply no matter what your religious background or spiritual leanings are: Reveerend James Forbes, senior minister emeritus of the Riverside Church, believes that: "Easter is about the triumph of life. Out of struggle, conflict and even moments of destruction, life emerges. "


Easter 7 

Perhaps it's valuable to listen to Rev Forbes since he also is the co-chair of Partnership of Faith, an interfaith group of Protestant, Catholic, Jewish and Muslim clergy. On a more serious note in a recent article on Rev Forbes explained that Easter,  "is a time when all of us look to our traditions --how do we bring spiritual values to our lives. Amidst terror, tyranny and fear, what gives us hope. All of this is about Easter. It makes us us want to keep pressing on."

is about Easter. It makes us us want to keep pressing on."

The air is fragrant with Joy:


We just have to look at the flowers in the parks or even at the local supermarket garden centers and we see that as one of our greatest poets said "Henry Wadsworth Longfellow  "the full-blossomed trees fill all the air with fragrance and with joy."



Using the keywords from the notes above I've selected the following as power words or key words to use to guide us in creating an Easter Vision Board. If the word Easter does not fit with your beliefs you can call it a Spring Vision Board or a Renewal Board.



The keywords I've selected are: RENEWAL, HOPE, JOY, REBIRTH, TRIUMPH & of course GRATITUDE since we know that all of life springs forward from being grateful for what we have and who we are today before we can move forward to create even more good in our lives.


1) Get some kind of a flat surface to lay the materials on -- such as a poster board (maybe choose a colored one -- yellow or green to truly express hope to all of us. A 14 x 22 size is good and will give the entire family space to contribute to the design.

2) Gather together some marker, crayons or colored pens.

3) Stickers -- are often included with egg coloring kits or may be added into Easter Baskets so gather up some colorful stickers if you ahve some. IF not see if you have any colored gold stars adhesive kind or other decorations like glitter etc. You could use decorations for cookies too ie colored sugar etc just make sure to cover your final vision board carefully with plastic wrap or frame it so little critters don't go tasting your board in the future.

4) Start in the center -- take a picture of the family or pull one from the family album that shows them all dressed up for Easter or another spring event. Or pick one showing the group on a family hike or in a garden. Place the family picture in the center to tribute what you know is most important -- family and friends -- people over stuff!

5) Add the power words -- by eaither writing them large in colors or by making headlines on your computer and pringing them out or look at the Sunday newspaper you may easily find headlines or adds that include he words HOPE, Renewal, Joy etc.

6) Handprints -- a fun way to make a gorgeous design that will be treasured forever is to have the youngest family members use fingerpaints to print their hand prints on the board and 'sign' their names if they can or with some assist from older family members.

7) Can't bear to eat the chocolate bunny -- take a picture of him and add him to the JOY section then you'll remember him/her forever. Use the silvery or colorful paper the bunnies and chicks are wrapped in to embellish your board -- you can cut them into star or flower shapes if you wish.

8) Dried flowers -- do you have  big cetnerpiece set for the holidays-- then make sure to dry some of the flowers and add them later in the week. Remember your vision board is a work in progreess.

9) Plan for the future -- how can your family give back. Do you donate an hour or so at a soup kitchen each month. Do you help with boy scouts or girl scouts or at your local church -- then add pix of those experience too

10) Music score -- do you have a favorite song or a poem that inspires all of you -- then add it to the board too. One of ou may want to calligraphy some of the opening words to make it stand out better.

11) Cut out flowers from a magazine and add a great bouquet of flowers to the board or turn it into a virtual garden of delight.

12) Gratitude circle ask everyone to tell what they are grateful for such as being a family, surviving a bad flu this year or for our troops or family members or friends serving their country overseas or in-states this season.

You can add any or all of these with using a glue stick or white glue to your board: *colored grass *ribbons *designs made with a favorite nail polish, thumb prints in a circle of life, favorite quotes, inspirational sayings, or copy a bible verse or a verse from your own psalm book or from the Koran or whatever religious book you cherish and add it to your board.

For more information about creating vision boards, life visioning workshops and becoming a Certified Vision Board Coach contact:

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Visioning is a self-exploration process that can be done with individuals or in groups. You can do it for yourself and your business and life or practice these principles with your clients as a coach/student or in your workplace.

Discover how VISTA, WORLDBANK and the United Nations use visioning to set goals, realize dreams and to help people embrace hope again after tragedy, job-loss or even death in the family. VIsioning is also used on a daily basis to create the best possible lives daily, weekly, monthly and beyond.

In Week #1 you will also learn these proprietary techniques Joyce Schwarz only with the CERTIFIED VISION BOARD COACHES: 
a) Passport to Possibility -- how to find out where you or your client is/are now so that you can create a vision path
b) Passport to Opportunity - how to help your clients and yourself get to where you want to go when you have a specific life or work objective ie TRAVEL TO PARIS for a Second Honeymoon
c) How to find your power words in 15 minutes or less
d) How to do the PICK THREE EXERCISE that lets you vision anywhere without any magazines, or any computer or any glue! 
DISCOVER THE GRABS FORMULA FOR SUCCESS -- Gratitude , Receive/release, Ask/Acknowledge/action, Be authentic, believe and share. 

WEEK #2 WHY A VISION STATEMENT IS CRUCIAL for life , work and family
You've all heard about mission statements (which some from the top down in corporations or in other institutions) but we go beyond the old fashioned top down Mission statement to explore and tap into the power of a VISION STATEMENT. What can you vision for your future and how to create the vision path to that vision!
In this class you will also learn CVBC proprietary techniques for: 
a) How to begin to live your VISION TODAY -- yes, even before you do a complete vision board.
b) How to change your motto (or your client's) and change your life
c) How to find DEFINING IMAGES anywhere and everywhere and tap into those that are RIGHT for you! 
d) How to determine if your vision is coming from the inside out -- from your values!~

WEEK #3 CREATING THE VISION BOARD and activating your vision and empowering and updating the vision****
In this week you'll discover how to create a vision board using our specific CVBC methods.

Plus our proprietary 11 step method called VIPURLIFE for LIVING YOUR VISION BOARD

Plus real life examples of how to make vision boards for: romance, career, family, business, happiness, finances, prosperity and health & more

WEEK #4 HOW TO MARKET YORUSELF AS A CERTIFIED VISION BOARD COACH -- bonus 50 ways to promote and market yourself for little or no cost. 
PLUS examples of how our coaches make at least $50 an hour to teach private course and up to $500 for 1/2 day. 
You'll also learn:

  1. a) How to take your power words and turn them into defining images
  1. b) How to complement your defining images with inspirational quotes and other memorabilia -- ie ticket stubs, maps etc
  1. c) HOW TO USE THE GRABS formula that is the 5 step secret formula that Joyce shares in her book and with her CVBCs to make sure that the vision board is as powerful as it can be!
  1. d) How to move away from magical thinking -- and magic wands into using both your left (analytical) and right (intuitive) brain power for your and your clients/students etc. 
    e) Hand made versus digital boards -- why use what and when and where to find digital software for making vision boards
    f) How to activate your vision board and how to help people who come to you when their VISION BOARD IS NOT working -- how to do a vision board analysis.
    g) The 10 steps that you must do to create a powerful vision board (only revealed to CVBC grads)
    CLASS #4 HOW TO PROMOTE and market your Certified Vision Board Coach Certificate
    You will get a whole PDF on how to promote and market your CVBC certificate including more than 50 tips on how to: 
    a) Teach a 3 hour class (I give you a whole suggested agenda)
    b) What to charge for a 3 hour class
    c) How to expand the class to a whole day class with little or no extra work
    d) How to make $500 doing vision board consulting in 1/2 day when working with groups or organizatons
    e) How to use your vision board skills to help raise funds for your local church, charity or nonprofit.
    f) How to employ the vision board creation techniques and life and work visioning into your coaching practice if you are a coach or into your own life.
    1) You make a Business Vision Board (Joyce explains how) for your business about how you will use Vision BOards and/or visioning to do your business or LIFE better. If you do not have a business Joyce will work with you on how you can use this for your own life in creating income streams or in living a more powerful life
    2) Fill out a simple FINAL FORM graduation form with 8 questions including questions about what you learned and how it changed your life! 
    You also get:
    a) free listing on visionboardinstitute.comwebsite
    b) Option to upgrade to a larger listing with your picture and your bio ($99 extra permanent listing)
    c) 60 page instruction manual
    d) How to teach a 3 hour class handout/outline
    e) 50 tips on how to promote our CVBC certification
    f) FREE monthly infocalls for CVBC grads 1 hour on the last Weds of each month
    g) Free promotion on Facebook
    h) Free admission to our LINKED IN GROUP which offers discussions on best practices
    i) Free 5 minute phone calls with Joyce anytime you want during her office hours 11 am to 2 pm Monday to Friday – from anywhere in the world

YOU CAN do the Certified Vision Board course at home or in your office of on-go! Yes, even download to your MP3 player or iPOD or your computer (any computer works -- mac or PC or iPad or phone even)


  1. a) with the audios (4 downloadable audios) each 90 minutes long (simulating a LIVE tele-workshop class or  listen on the go via MP3 audio downloads

PLUS YOU GET a digital version of the 60 page CoachesTraining manual

and BONUS ($100 value -- 188 page Certified Vision Board Coach workbook) with pictures, diagrams and special notes from Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author of THE VISION BOARD book bestseller) 

 Plus you get access to Joyce Schwarz coaching/guidance via email while you complete your certification(totally optional)by completing 4 optional quizes via email.


PLUS YOU GET A 60 PAGE CVBC COACH TRAINING MANUAL -- you can download immediately upon your payment. 



  1. A) Be one of more than 150 Certified Vision Board Coaches around the globe -- get referrals for your business (whether you are a life coach or a Reiki professional or a Marriage and Family counselor or a Health Coach or a teacher or an executive or entrepreneur -- the CVBC designation will help you add 30 percent to your bottom line each year -- and you get $$ to help make others dreams come true. 


  1. B) Discover the top 10 mistakes most people and trainers make when creating a vison board and/or life plan. Plus find out how to create a vision board for your own business and for helping other entrepreneurs, executives, families and churches and of course your clients their boards 


C)Get guidelines and specific 50 tips on how to promote your classes, workshops and private coaching for little or no cost.


  1. D) Find out how to make $500 in 1/2 day conducting vision board workshops or home parties.


  1. E) Earn the CVBC recognized designation (certified coaches make on average 30 percent more than those who don't earn a designaton). 


  1. F) Learn an amazing SECRET (proprietary) self-discovery exercise that you can use with clients, family and yes, yourself anywhere at anytime -- that takes only 10 minutes that will GUARANTEE to get you back on track to your vision and goals. 






**** Four 90 minute MP3 audio workshops simulating a live workshop -- you feel like your part of a real class!

****60 page training manual -- on vision board creation, the art of visioning and what kind of vision boards and instruction you can teach or use for coaching or for your own vision! 





188 page Certified Vision Board Coach workbook.


 This is a 4-week home study program you can do anywhere in the world -- and people have -- from Jordan to China to South Africa and across the USA. you get the audios to download and you get the digital training manuals and you get weekly contact with Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author of THE VISION BOARD book herself .

  1. A) Listen to the audio of the week
  1. B) Read the two workbook chapters
  1. C) Review your Coaching manual as you turn in your quizzes for each week (or do it at your own pace -- you have 3 months to finish the course.

 PLUS access to a free library of more than 30 hours of supplementary audios and videos on vision board creation for life and business.


In all you get more than  8 hours of instruction via MP3 downloads and you get the 60 page training manual 

 PLUS****You get to keep all the audio downloads of course for your files. 



***free coach business diectory listing (basic listing with option to upgrade to lifetime FEATURED position at any time)

***monthly update infocalls -- 1 hour to update you on best coaching practices and how to market your services as a Vision Board coach.

***exclusive group on Facebook for CVBC coaches around the globe with weekly coaching tips and examples of how to promo your courses

***Discounts and first look at any upcoming courses/classes and bootcamps we offer at Vision Board Institute.

***Opportunity to teach at VBI to our hundreds of other students and share  your other specialties too ie Yoga, Reiki, Body/Mind/Spirit specialties so that you can promo your other services in addition to being a Certified Vision Board Coach.

***Exclusive group on Linked In to trade best practices ie pricing etc with other coaches and Joyce

 email Joyce  at  and include your phone # so she can call you back take your credit card info via phone personally and answer any questions you have!



WHAT's included in the home study course:

  1. a) you get four 90 minute audios recorded by Joyce Schwarz which introduce you to each of the 4classes and prep you for the topics in each class (see list below).

(Note all audios are available via mp3download and sent to you via link where you can download them to your MP3 player, IPOD or to your computer at your leisure.)  

  1. c) Quizes graded by Joyce herself:  You get a home study quiz (short 5-6 questions) to fill out and send back at your leisure for Joyce to give you input on your progress and to ask questions at that time via email about your course/progress.
  1. d) You get a Certified Vision Board Coach Training Manual with 60 plus pages of never disclosed info on what makes a vision board work, how and why and when to use vision boards for women, men, families and more.
  2. e) coach listing (basic listing is free with option to upgrade to FEATURED LIFETIME listng at low one time cost
  3. f) 188 page WORKBOOK with pictures, diagrams and real life examples to help with your coaching

ALL materials including your final certificate are delivered to you digitally via email download or MP3 download. Joyce Schwarz herself is available to you as a resource/coach etc via




ENDORSEMENTS FOR JOYCE SCHWARZ AND THE CVBC COURSE – the world’s only certification for vision board coaches offered by Joyce Schwarz & The International Vision Board Institute: & 
(Partial list)
DOREEN ROMAN CVBC, Manitoba, Canada   Joyce is an awesome person and teacher.  She goes out of her way to help each of us received the requirements she has set down to become Certified Vision Board Counselor.  As a mentor, Joyce has wonderful suggestions, listens to what her students have to say, and really hears them. I would recommend the CVBC workshop series because I believe it is a great series.  It is simple to use.  I like simple


SHARON SHENKER CVBC, Montreal, Canada Joyce is beyond a doubt, the most energetic, stimulating and creative teacher I have ever had the pleasure of learning a new skill from. Her detailed knowledge of creating vision boards is only a small part of all that she shares with her students at The Vision Board Institute. I truly enjoyed the stimulating tele-conference classes I took with her to become one of her first Certified Vision Board Counselors.” November 3, 2009


Judith Fine-Sarchielli, Topanga, California  Artist and Owner, SARCHIELLI & ASSOCIATES  Joyce was my teacher and mentor as the owner of the Vision Board Institute, where I became a Certified Vision Board Consultant. Joyce is one of the most creative teachers and marketing geniuses I have ever worked with in my 60 years as an artist. Her book, "The Vision Board" is a best selling masterpiece. I am very grateful to Joyce for all the inspiration and techniques she taught me during the Vision Board certification course,” August 3, 2009


 Dr. Sheri Wallace, Gainesville, Florida.  The CVBC program offers the added benefit of assisting me in developing products and programs and marketing them effectively, while having access to the creative products of others in the program._ I believe there is a lot of value for the money spent on the program I enjoy the creative aspect of the course networking with others, and the opportunity to co-teach.  I’ve only had one private session so far with Joyce, but am overwhelmed with the wealth of information she willingly shared and all the ideas I got to follow up on.  I look forward to further consultation at the end of the class would recommend the CVBC series to anyone who is serious about doing this work and who is willing to have their creative spirit ignited. The opportunity to be part of the network and have access to the ideas and products of the other CVBC—and to have them market my products—is priceless

 Teri Shulte CVBC, Houston, Texas:  Here’s what I really liked: The classes were informative, resourceful, enlightening, inspiring and fun * the podcasts with other guests were informative and the opportunity to do co-teaching was exciting. Plus of  course, Joyce’s knowledge, wisdom and charisma My target audience will be churches, youth and entrepreneurs, helping as many people as I can to create a vision for their lives.