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VISION BOARD OF THE DAY by Stand Up Comedian Maria Bamford to be featured in THE VISION BOARD book by Joyce Schwarz, fall, 2008

THE VISION BOARD book author Joyce Schwarz launches Salute to VISION BOARD OF THE DAY --365 PER YEAR!

Hi, as you probably know if you've been following this blog I'm just finishing the last chapters of my book "THE VISION BOARD" Unlock the Secret to An Extraordinary Life, Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design, fall, 2008, blogged by Joyce Schwarz.

VISION BOARD OF THE DAY -- 365 PER order to keep current as to how VIP's, bloggers, authors, celebrities and Olympians are using Vision Boards --I'm launching the VISION BOARD OF THE DAY TRIBUTE.

NEW VISION BOARD FEATURED EACH DAY --Each day I will find one  blogger or artist or author who is using a vision board in a new fresh way to activate it's power and make it serve them. So here's the first. You're welcome to add comments and suggestios here for future boards.


ALAIN MOKBEL , blogging at MY SUCCESS JOURNAL -- VISION BOARD OF THE DAY FOR JULY 16, 2008 selected by Joyce Schwarz

Alan Click on JPEG to see The Vision Board book author Joyce Schwarz' Vision Board of the Day TRIBUTE to Alain MokbelMy Success Journal -, blogged by Joyce Schwarz at

Alain uses his blog header as his vision board or vice versa-- great idea -- I've seen a couple of other people do it or even use a blog AS a Vision Board --

If you do this, add a comment here. We'll get back to Alain later to see how it's working for him. Or he can add a note here. I posted on his blog that he was the FIRST of the VISION BOARD OF THE DAY tributes, Congrats! Alain!

For more info on my book go to For more info on the VISION BOARD OF THE DAY -- click below! and see Alain's blog.

My Vision Board

28 minutes ago by Alain Mokbel 
I had this idea to create a vision board for myself and use it in the header of this blog. Since I am on this site quite often, I will be seeing it quite often as well. I figured it would one way to have my goals always in front of me. ...
My Success Journal -


Hi Joyce,

Thank you very much for this great honor of picking my blog/vision board to Award Vision Board of the Day.

This is actually something that I never expected and falls right into what the law of attraction talks about. One of my goals is to get my name out in the world. I found that blogging would be one way to do so, but being recognized on your blog is even better.

So, thanks a lot for the recognition. You should create a small "award" image (like a Vision Board of the Day Medal or something) so that the people you select can use it on their blog and link back to you.


We meet again, Joyce! I just wanted to say that a vision board is metaphor for a list of affirmations, but it works on a different level. have my fabric vision quilt, now how do I show you my paper version?

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