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Act Your Shoe Size This Weekend, advises Joyce Schwarz, author, The Vision Board

Wow, during a recent online radio show with host Limor Schafman,, called DigIn ( I realized how serious all of us have gotten because of the economy. So my suggestion for all of you (and me) is act the age of your shoe size.

IF YOU WEAR SIZE 9 -- become a 9 year old for 30 minutes....

So following my own advice -- I thought hmm what can I do to 'act' my shoe size which is 9 this weekend. DUH...what does a 9 year old like to do? Uhhh I had forgotten. So thanks to the internet I went to this site -- Child Development - The Nine Year Old at Play Activities and Interests

How did I find that site? - I put into google search engine bar these words "activites for 9 year old" and my answer is in that link above-- here's a brief preview. Thanks to Kimberly Keith, the guide at for having this info available for myself and my readers:

Nine year olds are absorbed in their play interests and will spend hours at their chosen activities. Children's interests begin to follow personal styles of introversion and extraversion. Many enjoy solitary play - video games, tv, reading, dolls, construction sets, or crafts. Other nine-year-old boys and girls love sports, especially soccer, baseball, football, and basketball. Most kids at nine enjoy bicycling, skating, swimming, and other forms of independent, active play; though they are not as proficient at them as they will be at ten.

HMM so what else would put me in a 9 year old's state of mind-- the right shoes of course - hmm first thing comes to mind is red sparkle shoes-- Wizard of oz but what else is there..Then I spotted this pix on Google images -- why settle for one pair of shoes-- I could wear a lot of different shoes this weekend and here is a pix of girls shoes reminding me of that!


SO HAVE FUN AND DON't listen to anyone who says ACT YOUR AGE_- or do if you act your shoe size.

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