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Oprah's Obama Vision Board --Links to news about Oprah's Vision Board

Extraordinary Author with Vision -- Check out Jon Samsel's Blog post on THE VISION BOARD

 Amazing how life comes full circle, blogger and digital media exec Jon Samsel and Joyce Schwarz met about 15 years ago when the Internet was just launching to the people. Now Jon took time to ask author Joyce Schwarz   The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life some insightful questions.

Gotta love the headline: Extraordinary author with a vision!

 And it's my pleasure to share a link   to that article here and to encourage you to keep up with Jon's blog. Thanks for remembering Jon! And I love the headline on the article! Let me know what you readers think.

The pix is a live grab from one of the contributor's Jina Bacarr's youtube video she produced on location at the celebrity/charity book signing at Digital Hollywood so that's why Joyce is so excited! Link is


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