Act Your Shoe Size This Weekend, advises Joyce Schwarz, author, The Vision Board
Pablo Solomon, Featured Artist in The Vision Board, Amazon's #1 Spiritual Bestseller by author Joyce Schwarz

New Pix from Celebrity/Charity Booksigning for The Vision Board by Joyce Schwarz

Great news-- we have some fabulous new pictures from the Celebrity Charity booksigning for The Vision Board by Joyce Schwarz @ the benefit reception held in connection with Digital Hollywood. Enjoy!

Joycelisajenniferbooksigning  Left, Lisa Osborne, contributor to The Vision Board book by (center, author Joyce Schwarz, right Jennifer Perry-Haught, artist/contributor to the book. To see more celebs and VIP's involved with the book go to

Joycelisabooksigning  Left Joyce Schwarz, author The Vision Board by Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design and right, Lisa Osborne, Goddess of Destiny, featured in chapter 3 of the book who is also creator of both shown at the celebrity/charity booksigning October 28, 2008 @fall Digital Hollywood  To keep track of what's new with THE VISION BOARD, be sure to sign up for the newsletter at

Joycejenniferbooksigning  Shown left Joyce Schwaz, author THE VISION BOARD now #1 Spiritual Bestseller on and right Jennifer Perry-Haught, featured artist in chapter 7 in the Wellness section, p 157. Thanks for all the support and totally grateful for all the artists who are involved. To browse inside the book, go to courtesy of Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design.



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