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The Secret To Oprah's Obama Vision Board-- Read this for link to hear her talk about it Power105.1

By Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD: the secret to an extraordinary life (208 pages, 4-color, 100 pix etc) Here's the scoop about Oprah & her call to Ed Lover at Power105.1 NYC radio. Here a link to the actual call: click to hear Oprah & Ed call
BE SURE TO LISTEN TO THE END OF THE CALL -- it's about 5 mins long to hear about Oprah's Vision Board and her dress and what Michelle said that made her create the Vision Board -- it's awesome. Oprah's Obama Vision Board & hear the call by clicking here!actual call oprah & ed
Or go to:
and click on the link there to hear Oprah and Ed Lover talking about her Vision Board and her dress for the Obama inaugural taped live on election morning
We have the scoop here at by Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD.
LISTEN TO THE CALL By clicking Oprah & ed call
Okay readers, I spent some real time online and I have all the secret info on Oprah's Obama Vision Board -- you know the one that is making news in LA TIMES and on and the one she talked about on the radio in NYC!
First of all Oprah called a NYC station called Power105.1 and Ed Lover is the DJ on the morning show there called of course the Ed Lover show. Oprah was not calling a Chicago radio station -- she was calling Ed!
Listen to the call by clicking Oprah & Ed
 This IS the radio station *see pix of Ed & Oprah below)  that Oprah called into from Chicago the morning of the election. She said she was calling as an ordinary citizen and was still in the makeup room without her eyelashes on yet. She called Ed Lover, Host the morning show 6-10 a.m. on Power105.1
DURING THE CALL Ed had the sense to ask her about her dress for Obama's inauguration -- thinking positively that she'd be going after Tuesday night (remember it was only about 9 a.m or so in NYC.
In answering Ed's question about her dress-- she started to make some national news because that's when Oprah revealed she made a VISION BOARD about Obama and the election prompted by a comment Michelle Obama made after a rally that Oprah and Maria Shriver and Michelle were at in California back in Feb 08.
If you didn't already, listen to the call with Oprah & Ed: Oprah& ed call
In this LA TIMES section TOP OF THE TICKET Oprah is shown with Obama and the story talks about Oprah's call to Ed Lover at Power105.1 in NYC on election morning when she revealed she'd made herself a VISION BOARD and actually included a picture of her dress for Obama's Inaugural ball!.
The Vision Board author Joyce Schwarz is going to ask the publicist at Harper Collins Publishing -- to send over a couple of books to Ed Lover and his co-host VJ Free to make sure they have the scoop on hot to make their own vision boards!

Did you know that THE CHICAGO SUN TIMES reported last month that author Joyce Schwarz had already been on the Oprah show-- not true-- but sure an example of law of attraction -- just waiting for the call! Meanwhile how about a phoner with Ed and Free???? That would be awesome!

Check out Joyce's new blog on Power105.1 in NYC ! She even put up a beach scene! And she has pals already!


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