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Yes, We Can! Obama Vision Board: Law of Attraction in Action!

ObamaVBMedium Obama Vision Board designed for THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz, Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design by Nick Thorsch, creator and founder of The Ultimate Vision Board facebook app. 

By Joyce Schwarz, As the author of the new book "THE VISION BOARD: the secret to an extraordinary life" it's my honor to feature here Obama's Vision board created by one of the contributors to my book, Nick Thorsch who worked on Obama's campaign.

Back to the future in New Hampshire:
Thorsch created the Obama Vision Board on my request. I knew that Nick was working with President-elect Barack Obama's team on the New Hampshire election. Looking back on those days, Nick explains," I was glad to be doing as much as I could (in New Hampshire)  to help this great man become our next President."

He adds, " Despite being in freezing conditions, no pay, and living on an air mattress in someone else's house. the people were all good natured, smart and devoted to Obama's cause, it was a good culture."

OBAMA'S VISION: How did Thorsch pick the photos and phrases to put on Obama's board?  He reveals, " I just searched the Internet for images symbolic of him and his campaign - him --inpsiring crowds of people, connecting with individuals, receiving the endorsement of influential celebrities like Oprah, being a best selling author and of having a stable loving family.

Thorsch featured a typical American flag background, on top of the digital image of a cork board using The Ultimate Vision Board Facebook app.

What's The Ultimate Vision Board Facebook App?

Thorsch explains in the about section for the application posted on that, "The Ultimate Vision Board is a digital corkboard to place pictures of what you want in your life." Thousands of Facebook users agree with Thorsch that "It's the most fun and easy way to design a life that inspires you."

To see and try the Facebook App THE ULTIMATE VISION BOARD go to: link to vision board app 

Thorsch agrees with the premise of The Vision Board book that by focusing your mind, emotions and activities towards your vision of your life, you'll be surprised at what you can achieve.


 fact, as I look at the quote that's on the new promo postcard for   The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life , I realize how appropriate it is for this night of Obama's election.

It's my joy to share this line from my book with you:

The Vision Board will help you craft your own personal vision statement and create a vision board.

 NOW is the time for you to believe that anything is possible in your life; embrace change, be brave and take the leap.

 What comes next will amaze you! "

from THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz, Collins Design.

To peek inside THE VISION BOARD book go to on the Harper Collins Publishing website.  To get a free copy of the vision board newsletter, go to and sign up.



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