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March 2009


Ezine  Always great to see another book review for THE VISION BOARD the secret to an extraordinary life! This time the latest review online was spotted @ http://tinyurl.com/vbreview Check it out it's be a multi-talented attorney and leader of warrior workshops. I think you'll enjoy it!

Link to latest book review for THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz link to ezinebookreview of THE VISION BOARD

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Splash Magazine Picks THE VISION BOARD Book By Joyce Schwarz As Top Mother's Day Gift

The Vision Board Book Featured on Splash Magazine Mother's Day Gift PicksSplash

The Vision Board book by Joyce Schwarz is the perfect Mother's Day gift to inspire the women you know to live the life of their dreams! says SPLASH MAGAZINE

Description: As seen on Oprah & Larry King's show Vision Boards are visual maps that you design to reflect the life you desire to live. The Vision Board Book by Joyce Schwarz is the #1 Mystical Bestseller on Amazon.com.
THE VISION BOARD is a great book for Mother's Day because it includes more than 100 real life examples of vision boards including Mommy & Me Boards & vision boards for wives & mothers to inspire the reader.
As seen in FOXBUSINESS NEWS, FIRST MAGAZINE (4 pages March issue), TV GUIDE (Feb 16,print issue), and on ABC TV, National Public Radio and more than 200 blogs! See more @ www.ihaveavision.org.
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YOUR VISION BOARD: how to use it to express an attitude of gratitude by Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD book


by Joyce Schwarz at 7:05 PM PDT, March 27, 2009

HOW TO EXPRESS GRATITUDE WITH YOUR VISION BOARD….many of you may already have gratitude journals that you keep daily or write in weekly.

Others that are followers of Oprah & Abraham-Hicks may have a creativity or gratitude box to keep quotes and other inspirational material in.

 BUT one of my clients’ favorite ways to develop an attitude of gratitude is by creating a Gratitude Vision Board.

Artist Amber Coffey's defining image and inspirational quote on gratitude is featured on page 138 of THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz, for more information, go to www.visionboard.info and sign up for the free VISION BOARD creation tips newsletter.

If you already have a vision board, you can pin or tape your updated (recommend at least weekly) gratitude list to your board.

To peek at 20 pages of THE VISION BOARD book free go to http://tinyurl.com/seeinsidebook.

And to begin this weekend start with these suggestions for using your Vision Board to Express Gratitude:

 a) Morning gratitudes make them in front of your board,
b) Coffee break gratitudes, try to get out of your office and see nature and thanks the Universe for welcoming you each day,
 c) Try saying grace to at lunchtime; breakfast may be too harried and dinner may be rushed but take time at lunch to say grace and many clients say this quiet moment of whispering grace to themselves or aloud(if alone in your office) may help you eat more mindfully.
d)Count your blessings at the end of the day — see if you can get up to 10 reasons to be grateful for the day –even if it IS rainy outside.
e)Walk your talk…while you’re doing your evening exercise walk, begin and end the experience with gratitude to yourself and your God or Universe so that you remind yourself that developing an attitude of gratitude starts with YOU.

REMEMBER THIS:-- you are irreplaceable, which makes you priceless!

Thank you for this opportunity.

And as a bonus to see 15 more pages of THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz for free go to http:/tinyurl.com/visionboardamazon
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Amazon Reviewer says THE VISION BOARD book Combines "THE SECRET" with a personal art project!

 Inspirational book that combines "The Secret" with a personal art project., March 24, 2009

By  Bond... James Bond "007.5" (Denver, CO) - 

What you ultimately think of this book may heavily depend on whether you think the book The Secret and the concept of the "Law of Attraction" is a highly credible law of nature, a harmless self-help approach, or a bunch of New Age smoke-and-mirrors sleight-of-hand mind-bending distortions of reality.

The "Law of Attraction" states that if you intentionally and consciously work to attract more of the things you want out of life and less of the things that you do not want, you can co-create your own reality.

 By envisioning your own personal vision of your life and creating a vision board as a visual aid, you help to add to the "good vibes" in your life and expel the "bad vibes" that you have been thinking and attracting. And then, over time, both good vibrations and bad vibrations become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Others have talked about this concept over the past centuries. Sometimes, it is referred to as fate, serendipity, karma. In Deepak Chopra's book, The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence, he writes about synchronicities in life, how to have them work in your favor, and how vibration energy in one's body ties into quantum physics.

And prior to Deepak, there was Zig Ziglar's book See You at the Top: 25th Anniversary Edition, where he espouses weeding out one's own "Stinkin Thinkin" so that one can co-create one's own successes in life.

And before Zig was the whole Positive Mental Attitude craze and its endlessly marketed variations of that one concept.

Perhaps one of the earliest versions of this "ask and you shall receive" concept (of which the Law of Attraction is one of hundreds of corollaries) is a comment the French microbiologist Louis Pasteur, pioneer of the germ theory of disease, once made: "In the fields of observation, chance favors only the prepared mind." (Dans les champs de l'observation le hasard ne favorise que les esprits préparés.) I purposely adapted, with a generous dollop of artistic license, Louis' quote in its interpretation of "chance favors the prepared mind", just as many people have also interpreted the "ask and you shall receive" concept in countless ways.

 Except for Pasteur's quote, which was made in a purely scientific context, I see all of these as one long and varied continuum of interpretations that basically says that one must live life with goals, with vision, with defined values, with hope, with action, and intent. Otherwise, so many of us sleepwalk through large chunks of our lives.

This books helps to inspire, motivate, and instruct the reader in creating their own personal vision board.

As someone who has dozens of books that help me and inspire me to become better at oil/acrylic painting, stained/fused glass, and photography, when I first flipped through this book before proceeding to read it, it reminded me far more of an art instruction book.

In fact, the quality of the book's construction and richly colored photography of both amateur (made by non-artistic types) and professional (made by an artist) vision boards makes it as beautiful as some of my art instruction books.

 Because not everyone can be artistically inclined to create their own vision board by drawing, painting, or rendering their vision using graphics software, the book guides the reader in cutting out words and pictures from magazines to create a vision board that is basically an assemblage of collage, decoupage, and scrapbooking techniques.

 Most of the book focuses on what to include in your vision collage.
My one main complaint with the book is that some of the concepts are overhyped. To me, the book's subtitle of "The Secret To An Extraordinary Life", and the front-cover testimonial by Jack Canfield (also an author on the Law of Attraction) that "This book will change your life." present the material as something far more earthshakingly unique than I am willing to give it credit for.

In my opinion, hundreds of self-help books out there have helped countless numbers of readers just as much as they have been useless to other readers. Also, even though some people like the use of a visual aid to focus their thoughts, I prefer my visions, affirmations, and goals to be mainly in written form, in the format of a personal journal ....continued on www.amazon.com

Visioning More Sparkle in Your Life with Crafty Chica & Joyce Schwarz, Author THE VISION BOARD

by Joyce Schwarz, www.visionboard.info (blog for THE VISION BOARD book) ...

March is National Craft month so I thought it was appropriate to reach back into my audio files and pull up a real gem for you. This post includes a special one to one interview with Crafty Chica (www.craftychica.com) Kathy Cano Murillo.

WHY CRAFTY CHICA (TM) on THE VISION BOARD book blog ?Because a) we all need some glitter in our life b) Cathy's amazing style and strong sense of the importance of 'inspirational' crafting is the perfect complement to vision board creators c) Cathy and her husband have manifested an amazingly extraordinary life and d) some of her crafts line available at MICHAELS from www.duncancrafts.com are especially suited to THE VISION BOARD readers including vision altars and beyond the board visioning projects.

You can see the Crafty Chica line also at the fun Duncan Crafts site which is: www.ilovetocreate.com- Cached -

Craftychicab  Add some glitter to your life and go beyond the board with your vision with the help of Crafty Chica (TM) products available at Michaels. For more info on how to tie in Crafty Chica products with your vision board, sign up for THE VISION BOARD book by Joyce Schwarz, newsletter @ www.visionboard.info , we'll be featuring some examples in upcoming issues. For more info on Cathy Cano Murillo go to www.craftychica.com

SO HERE IS THE LONG AWAITED podcast with Crafty Chica that will add some sparkle to your life and help you go beyond the board with your inspirational crafting. Click on the link it should take you to the podcast site to listen to this amazing 20 minutes.  


For those of you who are sewers or those of you who suddenly inherited grandma's sewing machine and think you don't know what to do with it-- try reading Cathy's newest book which turns your stitches into starring inspirational craft projects. Here is the link to that book on Amazon.com:  

Book Review DANCING HEART by Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD

Well, I'm catching up with my book reviews and author, poet & photographer & artist Kelly Athena "DANCING HEART" was kind enough to give me a gorgeous copy of her book when she took my photos at THE FESTIVAL OF THE WISE @ the Scottsdale Performing Arts Center earlier this year. So I thought I'd include the Amazon review I just posted for her book here in THE VISION BOARD blog.

So here is a copy of that Amazon.com review of "DANCING HEART":

5.0 out of 5 stars To the dancing star inside all of us even the ones with 2 left feet!, March 23, 2009
By  Joyce Schwarz "The Vision Board" (Marina Del Rey, CA USA) - See all my reviews

DANCING HEART is a wonderful gift book by Kelly Athena who is an artist/author & photographer in Arizona. It has a gorgeous oil painting quality cover with a great endorsement on it that is from SARK and says "I LOVE THIS BOOK" "SarkJuicy Pens, Thirsty Paper: Gifting the World with Your Words and Stories, and Creating the Time and Energy to Actually Do It

Kelly's poetry is inspiring and easy to read...some of the poems are very short such as this one I just turned to: Story Teller: Change your story: you're the hero, not the victim. I recommend this book as a companion book on your bookshelf to my own book The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life

The poems range in topics from wedding gowns to Success At the end of the book, Kelly says the six main categories in this book other than the central theme of 'self-aceptance' and the celebration of life are : Children's Poems, Creativity, Law of Attraction, Leaving this World, Nature & Relationships.

And to make this book even more rader friendly, Kelly has included a topic index so no matter what is on your mind from a yearning for more creativity to a death in the family (funeral poems are include) you can find something to inspire you.

And she even includes a few pages so that you can note your favorite poems and those you want to share with another friend or family member. And a blank page or two so that you can write down your own poems and what she calls "soul scribbles" how charming.

This is a great book for mother's day and a portion of the proceeds is donated to Compassionate Harvest organization. You can find more about Kelly Athena @ www.kellyathena.com ENJOY

PS Kelly is a fabulous photographer too, you can reach her on facebook and of course at her website www.kellyathena.com

Here are just a few of the fun pictures she took of Joyce Schwarz at the FESTIVAL OF THE WISE in Scottsdale. Yes, that is a LOVE sculpture and when I stood in it my pals who saw the pictures said "JOYCE IS IN LOVE" wow so powerful :)

Wise15  Wise27  Photos of THE VISION BOARD author Joyce Schwarz taken at the Scottsdale Performing Arts Center @ THE FESTIVAL OF THE WISE by Kelly Athena, author, poet & photographer, www.kellyathena.com

Spotlight on the the Vision of Diane Boone, Melanian News from THE VISION BOARD book

Attracting national news about her publication Melanian News is instilling even more confidence in Diane Boone that she is living her vision in Scranton, PA .

Being close to her dream was not enough, she actually created the specialty publication herself and got majorpromotion for her ongoing success as a female publisher.Click on link to podcast with Diane 


Diane Boone's Vision of Health & Wealth , courtesy of THE VISION BOARD by Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design  (copyright Collins Design & Joyce Schwarz & Diane Boone's artwork.  

Above, see the actual vision board created by Diane Boone, editor and publisher of Melanian News, www.melaniannews.com  in Scranton,PA who was featured in several national stories saluting her for creating on of the top niche publications in the media business. Diane's story is also featured on page 143 of THE VSIION BOARD: the secret to an extraordinary life by Joyce Schwarz, Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design, www.ihaveavision.org.

HERE IS A GREAT PODCAST that THE VISION BOARD contributing artist Diane Boone did with Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD: the secret to extraordinary life.

LINK TO PODCAST WITH DIANE BOONE, Melanian News, featured artist in THE Vision Board by Joyce Schwarz:


 To see 20 pages free from THE VISION BOARD go to: http://tinyurl.com/seeinsidebook. To see 5 star reviews and even more pages INSIDE the book go to: http://tinyurl.com/visionboardamazon

 Book2  THE VISION BOARD www.ihaveavision.org and go to www.visionboard.info to get a free newsletter on how to create a vision board.


  • MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!we just heard from THE VISION BOARD book featured artist Diane Boone & she is working with the wife of the mayor of Scranton PA to arrange for a community wide creation of a giant vision board. And good news THE VISION BOARD book author Joyce Schwarz will be an honored guest at the event. So much fun.melaniannews@msn.com

  • Unityfest Set for August 8, 2009 in Scranton, PA -- will feature creation of a community-wide vision board. For more info go to see the video @ youtube.com : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fQBgKpnn_I

    August 8, 2009 Nay Aug Park - Pavillion by the Everhart 1900 Mulberry Street Scranton PA 18510 Noon - 9:pm

    Interested in sponoring this event? Or would like to become a Non-Profit Partner? Send your request to: MelanianNews@msn.com Attn: Unity Festival to recieve a sponsor or partner packet THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST!


    The mission of the Annual Unity Festival is to inspire social interaction of all cultures in Lackawanna county and to make as our collective vocation, the building and development of “one” strong community with traditional greatness and a bonded communal foundation upon which our children grow to become positive, productive, and proud people. (from the website)


    The purpose and goal of the Unity Festival is to celebrate the merging cultures in our area, promote multicultural fellowship within the community by providing venue for local merchants, young performers and assisting the outreach of organizations and institutions that enrich the families of our region.


    Through positive interaction and entertainment, the Unity Festival adds to cultural tourism and economic growth in Northeast Pennsylvania and creates an outstanding vehicle of inclusiveness for local governments and corporations that invest in our community.


    TO SEE MORE ABOUT THE FESTIVAL go to this link

    : http://unityfestival.wordpress.com/


    TO SEE THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fQBgKpnn_I