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"The Vision Board" by Joyce Schwarz Gets RAVE Book Reviews!

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RAVE REVIEWS: VIP's, celebrities and other best-selling authors are  raving about this exciting new book from Collins Design, Harper Collins Publishing, fall, 2008.
Joyce Schwarz author "The Vision Board "book from Harper Collins, fall, 2008.
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Note some of the reviews have been excerpted for space in this post.  Two of the earlierst reviews are from  best selling authors BJ Dohrmann and Noah St. John. Thanks to both of them for their kind words, js.
" The real “secret” is in the pages of THE VISION BOARD book and the shooting star behind all the stars IS Joyce."  A Must read!  BJ Dohrmann, best selling author, Super Achiever Mind Sets – advises Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, T. Harv Eker, Lisa Nichols and, Mark Victor Hansen.  
"This beautiful book should be on the nightstand of everyone who wants to see their vision come to life. Dream it, see it, enjoy it!"  Noah St. John, author of The Secret Code of Success Harper Collins Publishing 2009 and founder of SuccessClinic.com
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