BPSCA Honors The VIsion Board Book Author Joyce Schwarz As Success Story!
www.hollywood2020.net interview by Joyce Schwarz with Jsu Garcia Producer & Actor: SPIRITUAL WARRIORS,inspirational film

HOW TO DO YOUR OWN PR: Joyce Schwarz, Hollywood Guru REVEALS Secrets

HOW TO DO YOU OWN PR and publicity by Joyce Schwarz


-- for your book, your project or your company or for yourself. It is much more than just sending out a press release or having a mailing list of press names and contacts!.

Would you like to find out how:

a) TO BECOME A BLOGSTAR? how to tap into hundreds of blogs and be featured in less than 90 days like Joyce Schwarz, author of THE VISION BOARD did this year already!

b) HOW TO MAKE HEADLINES IN LESS THAN 30 MINUTES --reknown advertising & PR awardwinning secrets are revealed by Joyce in this workshop! Joyce got her book THE VISION BOARD and her clients (small, medium & large companies and sole proprietors and other book authors and speakers) featured in such major online media brands as USA TODAY, FORBES, FORTUNE, LA TIMES, DAILY NEWS, NBC NEWS and dozens and dozens of other major publications in less than 30 minutes!

c*Where and how to find more than 200 daily leads on reporters who want to interview you -- FOR FREE!  Online and offline sources that are available to you so that reporters, talk show hosts and TV producers WILL CALL YOU and ask you to be in their articles and on their shows. Joyce knows -- she's gotten more than 200 interviews for herself and her client and NEVER made a cold call pitch!

Joycelisa Joyce Schwarz , The Vision Board book featured on Lisa.fm blog. One of more than 200 blogs that feature

Msn  The Vision Board featured on MSN internationally and reaching 1 1/2 million readers.

Read how Joyce Schwarz garnered more than $1/4 million in free publicity for her book THE VISION BOARD in less than 90 days -- she can shoe you how to do it too.

Contact Joyceschwarz@gmail.com for a personal consultation (put the phrase -- "HEADLINE ME" into the subject line and then put a time that I can call you back or tell you about the following:

1) One to one coaching for your personal publicity plan

2) Home study program -- 90 days to get yourself into the headlines (or have a pal, colleague or even your spouse help you to make NEWS using the day by day study program and actual step by step proven techniques Joyce Schwarz uses for her own books and for major clients like AT&T, Disney, Sheraton Hotel Corp, and celebrities, VIP's and many of the top wisdom and personal development leaders she advises!

3) FREE TELECONFERENCE REVEALING the top 7 RULES TO FOLLOW TO GET YOUR NAME IN HEADLINES in this new era of social media and to reinforce it with TWITTER, FACEBOOK & YOUR OWN BLOGS/WEBSITES & EMEDIA! THE FREE CALL IS SET FOR NEXT MONDAY at 11 am PST and 2 pm EST  and again at 7 pm EST and 4 pm PST and there will be an audio version of it too for download! Email: joyceschwarz(at)gmail.com for call in number and code --send an email to joyceschwarz@gmail.com and put in the subject: FREE CALL TO PR ME!

4) 90 DAY PARTNERSHIP WITH JOYCE: Go ahead and sign up Joyce Schwarz and her team to walk you through step by step during your 90 days and support your efforts and make sure you get the hands-on help you need to SUCCEED. Guaranteed you'll get at least a dozen media placements/radio interviews & be a BLOGSTAR at the end of the 90 day period!

OTHER SAMPLES OF PR PLACEMENTS and interviews with Joyce Schwarz are pictured here:




For more information about Joyce Schwarz background in PR and advertising, please go to www.joycecom.com and see her biography and her list of past clients. Joyce is an accredited APR professional (like a CPA for PR execs) from the Public Relations Society of America only the top 3 percent of all PR execs in the world ARE accredited and have passed the rigorous accreditation and certification process to gain the APR designation. Schwarz has served as a VP and senior executive for such major advertising and PR firms as Foote Cone & Belding and OMD (Ogilvy) She has done PR for more than 25 years and is probably best known for the campaign for the MISSING KIDS ON THE MILK CARTON CAMPAIGN she created for Ralphs Grocery company (KROGERS) nationally. She is the author of 6 books and more than 400 articles that have appeared in Wall Street Journal, LADIES HOME JOURNAL, FOX BUSINESS, CHICAGO SUN TIMES, LONDON TIMES & hundreds of other publications.

You can reach Joyce at 310-822-3119

To see a free chapter of her award winning book THE VISION Board go to http://tinyurl.com/visionboardamazon

Email her directly at joycecom@aol.com




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