HOW TO MAKE A BACK TO SCHOOL VISION BOARD TO PICTURE SUCCESS From Joyce Schwarz, motivational speaker and author The Vision Board book

Congratulations To New Certified Vision Board Counselors Graduating on Saturday 8/29/09 From Joyce Schwarz, author The Vision Board book

Congratulations to the new group of Certified Vision Board Counselor  graduates -- that makes 20 now worldwide from Sydney, Autralia to London England plus throughout Canada and the USA!  The International Vision Board Institute is pleased that these new grads are joining the others to provide the following services to you and your company and organization:

*Vision Board creation workshops

*Visioning classes and seminars

*One to one vision board coaching

*Launching vision board party planner program around the world

*Articles and interviews on vision boards & life visioning

CertyournameMA22068002-0001 All Certified Vision Board Counselors complete more than 50 hours of study and co-teaching in the areas of visioning, personal development and design conducted by Joyce Schwarz, founder The Vision Board Institute.  See the gorgeous museum-quality certificate that CVBC graduates get on completiion of the 8 week program. For more info on the next class starting on September 15, email: joyceschwarz(at)

Joyce Schwarz, founder of The Vision Board Institute and best-selling author of THE VISION BOARD book ( explains that the world's first Certified Vision Board Counselors are guaranteeing that you are working with a trained professional who is accredited in life visioning, design and personal development.

 Be sure to look for the CVBC logo on the website before you sign up to take any vision board or life visioning class. Only CVBC counselors have complted more than 50 hours of study and co-teaching on these topics.

Cvbc_logo_3_small Look for this logo on any websites or materials about classes on vision boards, life visioning and personal development. Only Certified Vision Board counselors are authorized and accredited to to use this logo. You can be assured of quality, care and confidentiality from CVBC counselors around the world from Sydney, Australia to London England and across Canada and the USA. For names of counselors in your geographic area, please email: joyceschwarz(at) and watch for the new directory on launching in September, 09.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WORLD'S NEWEST CERTIFIED VISION BOARD COUNSELORS:please feel free to contact them directly about classes,workshops and one-to-one vision board counseling in your geographic area. Any questions, email:

*****DuEwa Frazier,, Brooklyn, New York.

      ****Leanne Vellacott,email: , Australia

*****Marj Bostock

Cranbrook,  BC, Canada

****Teri Schulte,   

Arlington, Texas

****Sharon Shenker


Montreal, Quebec, Canada
                 ****CHERYL    Beach, ND 58621

****Robin Chant

Manitoba R7B 4E1 Canada

  ****GRAHAM ROBERTSON:,  Vancouver, BCV6E 0B2



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