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THE VISION BOARD BOOK SIGNING 8/27/09 Mystic Journey Bookstore Venice, CA

Joyce Schwarz To Sign The Vision Board book on 8/27/09 in Venice, CA @ The Mystic Journey Bookstore Open to Public, 7-10 pm


Don't miss this workshop on how to re-vision your life --even before the end fo 2009. It's not too late --even if you long ago broke your New Year's Resolutions! Life Visoning and Vision Boards as seen in Joyce Schwarz, book THE VISION BOARD: the secret to an extraordinary life, will provide you a map on how to navigate your challenges -- yes, even the economy for the rest of the year and provide you with a toolkit to turn to as we head to 2010. Don't miss this workshop featuring VIP's and artists and celebrities, featured in THE VISION BOARD book.

Yes, you can still realize your dreams for 2009 -- it's not too late assures best-selling author Joyce Schwarz, The Vision Board: the secret to an extraordinary life, Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design (

Schwarz, a Marina Del Rey, resident will be signing books and conducting a workshop along with VIP guests and artists featured in her 4-color inspirational book which has been the #1 Mystical bestseller on for 16 weeks this year.

The free book signing and workshop on vision board creation and re-visioning your life is set for Thursday, 7-10 pm at The Mystic Journey Bookstore located at 1319 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291.

Schwarz will be sharing  guidelines for re-visioning your outdated New Year's resolutions for 2009 and replacing them with a vision board, which is a visual map of what you want to co-create in all aspects of your life ranging from romance to education to career to health & fitness and relationships.

"You can consciously re-vision the path you are taking to -co-create your life in this universe with the right tools like a vision board and by revitalizing the ancient concept of life visioning," Schwarz says.

Schwarz welcomes students heading back to high school or college and people of all ages who are eager to learn how to live a more fulfilling life. She assures readers that :

1) It's never to late to make your dreams come true
2) If you can vision it you can live it! -- despite the economy or anything else!
3) You CAN begin to live your best possible life today and leave your regrets behind.

In her talk Joyce will address her proprietary success formula called GRABS which stands for Gratitude, Release and Receive, Accept and Acknowledge, Believe and be authentic and Share!

Schwarz has founded several successful businesses including THE CENTER FOR SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING, THE VISION BOARD INSTISTUTE, and JCOM (an emerging media & technology consulting firm) .

The official website for THE VISION BOARD book is and the blog for the book is at You can also follow Joyce on .

For more information and interviews with Joyce Schwarz or to make reservations for VIP seating, please email her at or call her at 310-822-3119.

To see a free chapter of THE VISION BOARD book go to: http:/

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THE VISION BOARD Institute was founded by joyce Schwarz, author and Hollywood career consultant with the goal of accrediting the world's first Certified Vision Board Coujnselors in the world to serve as advisors for the public, companies and nonprofits on how to use life visioning, vision board creation and other techniques to help people make their dreams come true!


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