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Spotlight on Shana Dressler, featured artist in The Vision Board book

Joyceshan1 Shana Dressler is one of the featured artists in THE VISION BOARD book -- those of you who are fans will well-remember her gorgeous Wisdom Collage on page 125 of The Vision Board book. She's the artist who inspired the section on "What are your Seven Wonders" and shows us how visually depicting several aspects of our lives can be tied into our vision board designs. (shown above author Joyce Schwarz and featured artist Shana Dressler both holding THE VISION BOARD book)

We had good news from Shana recently! She just launched And many of you may know that she founded the Global Giving Circle recently too.

Designing your life: check out how cleverly Shana ties in the different aspects of her work and life at her new website: Here are some screengrabs:



 Shanagiving More on Shana Dressler later, you can contact her directly at her site at


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