Share your vision for 2010 with best-selling author Joyce Schwarz, The Vision Board as she appears on World Talk Radio today at 4 pm PST and 7 pm EST
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You are invited to the largest online book launch party ever Tues, Dec 22 to celebrate the paperback edition of THE VISION BOARD book by Joyce Schwarz



Best-selling author Joyce Schwarz, THE VISION BOARD: the secret to an extraordinary life, from Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design invites you to a 22 hour teleconference (attend 22 minutes or all 22 hours free) with some of the nation's top leaders to help you live your best possible 2010 and make your dreams come true.

Joycevbcorrect Joyce Schwarz, best-selling author, THE VISION BOARD,

ORDER THE BOOK from in advance or during or after the event to be eligible for any of the prizes. Here is where to order the book:

 Yes, the event really starts at 2 am PST (West Coast, North America Pacific Time) – that is 5 am EST. and continues until 12 midnight PST (which is 3 am EST on December 23 !



HEAR live from some of the top VIP's, experts & wisdom leaders in the world! FREE! HERE IS THE DRAFT AGENDA final agenda  IS posted HERE. Note: subject to availability and last minute change too.

ONCE AGAIN --EVENT begins at 2 am Pacific Coast time (US WEST COAST TIME) that is 5 pm EST

You should call in for each new workshop at 10 minutes past the hour ie 2:10 am , 3:10 am etc throughout the day and evening.


2 am -- HOW TO GET A $100,000 book deal like author Joyce Schwarz did. Joyce reveals how she visioned her way to success starting at 14! (blog for The Vision Board book) and where to sign up for the free quarterly newsletter on vision board creation

3 am -- HOW TO VISION THE ULTIMATE GIFT: Podcast interview with Joyce Schwarz and blind author Jim Stoval,

4 am - WHY VISIONING YOUR FUTURE IS SO POWERFUL? Podcast interview with Lynn Andrews, author of THE MEDICINE WOMAN -- 20 million copies sold!

5 am HOW TO USE POETRY TO HELP WITH VISIONING YOUR LIFE: Kelly Athena, artist, poet, photographer and college instructor and author of Dancing Heart, www.

6 am VISIONING A CAREER AS A WRITER, PERFORMER, ACTIVIST and PHILANTHROPIST with Irena Makarchuk and Joyce Schwarz. Irena's nonprofit organization Harmony4kidz in every state and transforms the world through music :


7:10 am: -- USING VISION BOARDING TO INHABIT YOUR DREAMS! Traveler, writer and green real estate agency owner, Aysha Griffin, shares how vision boarding taps into our dreams so we can manifest them.




8:00 am PST -- HOW TO VISION YOUR CAREER AS A SELF-REPRESENTING ARTIST! Michelle Oravitz, Mystical Artist with Joyce Schwarz Michelle is a self-representing artist whose art has been featured on the album cover of Nacho Laguna, a recognized musician from Spain in MetaCreative Magazine and in "The Vision Board" by Joyce Schwarz . One of her paintings was also displayed in the theatrical film "THE UNBORN, 2009".

9:00 am PST HOW TO USE ART TO CONTINUE YOUR CIRCLE OF CREATIVITY AND INSPIRE YOUR VISION, PABLO SOLOMON, Internationally recognized artist and designer Pablo Solomon who is primarily known for his drawings and sculptures of dancers as well as his visionary environmental designs.

10:00 AM HOW TO VISION YOUR WAY TO A MILLION DOLLAR DEAL: *Beate Chellette, author "Women Who Want It All and Get it" Beatte became a millionnaire when she sold her company to Bill Gates!

by Connie Bennett, Connie Bennett, CHHC, AADP
Motivating Speaker, Author, Journalist, Radio Host, & Smart Habits Coach™
Helps You Turn Babits™ (Bad Habits) Into Blessings to Get a Life That Rocks™Author, SUGAR SHOCK! and The Smart Diet Habits of Highly Successful Losers (upcoming)

12 NOON:What's "In the Cards" for you in 2010? Lisa Osborne, Goddess of Destiny, introduces you to an ancient system blending numbers & astrology. It can assist you in getting in touch with your natural talents, and help you better understand the most important people in your life. + How a Vision Board can help you live your Destiny. on Facebook: &

1 pm Jackie Olson -- HOW TO USE A VISION BOARD for an autistic /child/parent family Hollywood Producer and featured artist in THE VISIONI BOARD book

2009 RT Reviewers' Choice Award Nominee: "Cleopatra's Perfume"

3 pm DISCOVER THE POWER OF HUNA (an ancient Hawaiaan system to manage health, wealth and love" with Dr. Matthew James, Chair of the Assn of Integrative Psychology in Hawaii. Find out how power words can help you in your visioning!

4 pm Linda Boertjens, HOW TO USE A VISION BOARD to find balance with your family and work life from young mother of two and co-founder OrangePeel and featured artist in The Vision Board book:

5 pm VISIONING YOUR WAY TO HEALTH: Marisa Petrero, actress DEXTER on SHOWTIME and briefcase model #18 on NBC's Deal or No Deal tells how to use vision boards to conquer illness and how she used her visions to overcome SARCOMA at 19 years old!

6 PM HOW TO VISION GOOD LUCK AND GOOD FORTUNE! Cheryl Janecky, Cheryl is a master of Good Fortune and a published author. Her book, “Seeds of Good Fortune” became her website,

7 pm HOW TO USE VISIONING TO FIND COURAGE OVERCOME MAJOR OBSTACLES with Julie Thong, Mrs. Southern Californai and author and Cambodian prison camp survivorJulie Thong
The Courage & Wellness Coach
Books: Khanteya, The Power of FEAR, The Cambodian Way, The Art of Success

8 pm HOW TO VISION A SEXIER YOU! with Dr. Susan Block, sexologist as seen on HBO and featured in THE VISION BOARD book for her charitable foundation vision board on Gratitude

9 pm HOW TO VISION BEYOND DIVORCE and being single again and dealing with custody issues! SHARON SHENKER,

10 pm PST HOW TO MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE AT ANY AGE! Ben Mandel, PBS producer, entrepreneur, Internet Merchant and jet pilot

11 pm PST WHY GRATITUDE ROCKS! Podcast with Lee Brower, Teacher in THE SECRET and Joyce Schwarz

Midnight -- HOW TO USE FENG SHUI TO REALIZE YOUR VISIONS! Podcast with Marie Diamond, Feng Shui master featured in the movie THE SECRET

PLUS GET ENTERED TO WIN MORE THAN $22,000 in gifts in a 22 hour period -- DREAMS DO COME TRUE

PLUS a Costa Rica vacation -- you must order the book on Amazon to be eligible to win the Costa Rica vacation! Save your receipt to be entered

Yes, the fun starts at 2:10 a. m (North America PST) and contines until 11:59 pm (North America PST) so don't miss it.

THE EVENT IS FREE -- just sign up to get info on how to call in -- you can use a plain old telephone - land line or mobile phone to call in anywhere in the world!

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Note the book is available for pre-order on for $12.88 -- it retails for $18.99 in every major bookstore such as Barnes & Noble and Borders so it is a real bargain.


It will be available at some local Barnes & Noble and Borders on Tuesday, December 22 -- be sure to ask them to hold you a copy when it comes in. But it could sell out of the stores FAST!

So i'd suggest you go to

SEE WHAT REVIEWERS SAY ABOUT THE HARDBACK version of THE VISION BOARD book which sold 20,000 copies!

At last a book with a vision! The Vision Board by Joyce Schwarz is so compelling in both message and imagery it deserves NOT a spot on your bookshelf or coffee table, heck... bring the hook and wire, I'm hanging this book on my wall! -- Dan Hollings, Internet & Mobile Marketing Strategist, Internet Strategist behind the Movie Version of "The Secret"

I know Joyce Schwarz is a visionary because she empowers the superstars, reaches down to the teens and helps everyone in between to grab it, bag it and tag it. The difference between a super achiever and a daydreamer is the transmission to manifest. The real "secret" is in the pages of The Vision Board book and the shooting star behind all the stars is Joyce. A must read. -- BJ Dohrmann, Best Selling Author of Super Achiever Mind Sets and Adviser to Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, T. Harv Eker, Lisa Nichols and Mark Hansen

If living the good life is an art--and I believe that it is--Joyce Schwarz has painted a map of how we all can transform our lives into masterpieces. -- Pablo Solomon, Artist and Sculptor

Joyce Schwarz has successfully taken visioning to a whole new level with her pragmatic how-to approach. Any initial skepticism to visionboarding is put to rest through her examples of real people who have created real change for themselves simply by taking the first step to creating their own vision boards. Schwarz has envisioned and secured her own success as a self-help author by sharing her advice with us in this book. Now, I'm off to create my own vision board! -- Brian Kurth, President of Vocation Vacations

Joyce Schwarz is an imaginative writer that imparts a clear vision. This book as an entertaining easy read that makes an airplane trip pass in the wink of an eye. Joyce has made a significant contribution in the media and entertainment business. Read it . . . you will enjoy it. -- Dr. Bernard Luskin, CEO of Touro University Worldwide and Author of Casting the Net Over Global Learning

Joyce Schwarz, in her book The Vision Board: Unlock the Secret to An Extraordinary Life, is to be praised for her tremendous contribution to the unfolding of cosmic awareness that beckons us all. Her concept of the vision board allows us to focus our energies on what we desire from the universe, and to maintain the necessary passionate and vigorous attention it so deserves. Our thoughts and feelings can return time and again to the physical representation of our spiritual desires and aspirations. It can and will become the source of tremendous support and focus during our personal metaphysical journey. -- Steven E. Hodes, M.D, Author of Meta-Physician on Call for Better Health

Joyce's book proves that dreaming the impossible dream and then making it happen is not impossible. -- Ben Mandel, Producer of The New Home Show on PBS

Reading this fascinating book is like zeroing on a Google Earth map of your life where you get to do the fine tuning and call all the shots! This is by far the most brilliant, simple, fun and easy book I have ever read on creating a vision board. If you have been attracted to "grab it," you will have experiences beyond your wildest dreams! There really are no coincidences! -- Maui Marcy Koltun-Crilley, Founder, Principal and CFAO (Chief Fun and Abundance Officer) of

This beautiful book should be on the nightstand of everyone who wants to see their vision come to life. Dream it, see it, enjoy it! -- Noah St. John, Author of The Secret Code of Success and Founder of

Visioning has become a lost art for many. Joyce Schwarz's book is a profound re-entry into the ancient process of seeing the mystery before it happens. A great read. -- Lynn V. Andrews, Leader in the Field of Spirituality and Personal Development and Author of the Best Selling Medicine Woman Series


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