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March 2010

Spring blog posts on THE VISION BOARD BOOK by Joyce Schwarz from around the globe check them out !

Every week or so I love to surf the web to see what bloggers and commentators and reader around the world are saying about THE VISION BOARD book. Here are some links to the latest that I've found on the Internet.

If you see more, will you please email me at: thevisionboard@aol.com Thanks Joyce Schwarz, author The Vision Board: the secret to an Extraordinary Life. Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design, December 22, 2009.


Vision Boards

19 Mar 2010 by candyfaceonline  
The book I recommend for this is “The Vision Board” by Joyce Schwarz awesome book, a must read. I will also leave a few links on Law Of Attraction it will help you understand your vision board and it will make things more clear. ...
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Connie Bennett: Fell Off The Diet Wagon? 10 Tips To Pick Yourself Up

12 Mar 2010 by PostMan  
You can learn how to do this by reading The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life by Joyce Schwarz. Look at your vision board every day and make sure when you look at it that you also relish the glorious feelings that your ...
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Visioning Your Desired Self

8 Mar 2010 by ruthtamari  
Joyce Schwarz has written a beautiful book called Vision Boards: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life. You can find out more at her website. Jamie Ridler is a certified life coach whose business focuses on creativity and creatives – she ...
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Words Into Books

Mar 16, 2010 - The Vision Board by Joyce Schwarz- A Review ... Never, that is, until I read Joyce Schwarz's authoritative book, The Vision Board: The Secret to an ...
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Mar 17, 2010 - Limor Schafman Presents: Joyce Schwarz, Author of The Vision Board - Nov 07,2008 ... Author Joyce Schwarz will share with us how, as entrepreneurs, ...
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    St. Mary and St. Thomas' Church of England Primary School Raising ...

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    Mar 18, 2010 - Joyce Schwarz – The Vision Board – The Secret to an Extraordinary Life. You can change your mind and change your life to live the dream you once only ...


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