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Vote for THE BEST SHOW on Oprah: http://tinyurl.com/2g3x3z2 The Vision Board Author Joyce Schwarz comments on THE BEST SHOW ON OPRAH

Go ahead and vote for THE BEST SHOW ON OPRAH -- here the link to vote for THE BEST SHOW!






    CASTING STARTS FOR THE BEST SHOW WEEK OF JULY 5, for more information comment here or on the comments page at:



Inside an Oprah Audtion http://tinyurl.com/2g3x3z2 with best-selling author THE VISION BOARD book Joyce Schwarz creator of THE BEST SHOW





THE BEST SHOW produced by best-selling author Joyce Schswarz THE VISION BOARD BOOK offers all of you an opportunity to live your dreams the BEST way -- by barter/borrow/exchange, share & trade -- join us at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1fkZXoQiyM

This is an opening segment of THE BEST SHOW trailer which is now posted at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1fkZXoQiyM produced by Joyce Schwarz, THE VISION BOARD book best-selling author

WANT TO BE PART OF THE SHOW -- http://tinyurl.com/2g3x3z2   

email: joyceschwarz@gmail.com

Ophotography VIDEOGRAPHERS and reporters wanted from around the world for THE BEST SHOW -- produced by best-selling author JOYCE SCHWARZ, THE VISION BOARd -- we're starting the show NOW -- join us -- all you need is a cell phone camera or even a phone -- we'll show you how to submit podcasts! http://tinyurl.com/2g3x3z2   

Dance your dance sing your song -- be part of our production team on THE BEST SHOW -- how to barter, exchange, share & trade to make your dream come true, comment here to get more info! http://tinyurl.com/2g3x3z2   


 Or contact joyceschwarz@gmail.com 

Exchange some baby clothes for a week in Aspen Colorado -- LIVE THE BEST life as guided by THE BEST show produced by Joyce Schwarz-- join us on the production team -- open call now: joyceschwarz@gmail.com

Othanksgiving Don't have a place to go for Thanksgiving -- we'll hook you up with a free dinner in your area -- email: joyceschwarz@gmail.com and see the video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1fkZXoQiyM

Oskateboard Want to meet Tony Hawk or another champion to make your dream of being the king of the skateboard hill -- then go ahead and see more here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1fkZXoQiyM

Let's make news with the BEST SHOW -- here is the link to see the preview:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1fkZXoQiyM

Want to wear a tiara and drive around in a limo or do you want to get new clothes for an upcoming job interview -- the BEST SHOW will hook you up with Joyce Schwarz ssee:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1fkZXoQiyM

VEGAS baby! Paris Maybe -- where would you go if the cost was FREE who would you nominate for a Dream vacation?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1fkZXoQiyM

Joyce Schwarz really did launch the Missing Kids on the Milk Carton campaign for a major national grocery chain -- it's in her book THE VISION BOARD

Onews2 Let's make news with Joyce Schwarz THE BEST SHOW -- see more details at:

How about trading that power mower you never use any more since you moved into a condo for a piano for your kids-- we know it can be done at the BEST Show produced by Joyce Schwarz:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1fkZXoQiyM

Let's make Christmas 2011 the happiest ever with THE BEST SHOW so that every kind around the world is able to help each other live their very best life! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1fkZXoQiyM



VIRTUAL VISION BOARD BOOTCAMP by best-selling author Joyce Schwarz Unveils Secret to Making Your Dreams Come True in 6 Weeks or Less


Best-selling author Joyce Schwarz provides press release info on THE VISION BOARD bootcamp which launches its second semester on August 2 --it's a very low cost & effective way to make your dreams come true in 6 weeks or less $97.00 SIGN UP NOW! :  

Tele-workshop goes beyond “THE SECRET” movie and The Law of Attraction to Empower Attendees from around the globe to walk the talk and live their vision boards and dream boards!


Any questions email joyceschwarz@gmail.com

or call me at 310-822-3119 

What if you could take one of your dreams and make it come true in 6 weeks.

Well, it’s happening now as people around the world from China to the UK and across the USA and Canada are doing just that in the Virtual VISION BOARD BOOTCAMP designed by THE VISION BOARD book best-selling author Joyce Schwarz who is also a well known Hollywood career strategist and new company and product go-to-market advisor.


  To see a free chapter of THE VISION BOARD book go to http://tinyurl.com/thevisionboard 


To see the original website for the book which has sold 75,000 copies go to: www.ihaveavision.org.


The Vision Board bootcamp is one of the services of The Vision Board Institute located in Marina Del Rey, California.



The Vision Board Bootcamp will be offered twice this summer due to overwhelming demand  the first bootcamp started June 21 and will continue until July 28.


THE NEXT Vision Board Bootcamp is set for August 2, 2010 through September 13, 2010. To register for the 8/1 – 9/13 Vision Board bootcamp go to: http://visionboardbootcampaug2tosept13.eventbrite.com

 Schwarz who is based in Marina Del Rey, California organized this Make Your Dreams Come True virtual workshop along with her Assistant Director, Marian Brown who is located in 'Seattle, California


SPEAKERS AND EXPERTS: The theme of Vision Board Bootcamp is “WALK THE TALK” and to encourage and inspire attendees, the group will hear from such reknown speakers, authors and experts as:


The theme of Vision Board Bootcamp is “WALK THE TALK” and to encourage and inspire attendees, the group will be personally coached by Joyce Schwarz who serves as the director of the program plus such reknown speakers, authors and experts as:

Ø Marian Brown, co-director of Vision Board Bootcamp and Editor of Holistic Health News and Certified Vision Board Counselor.

Ø Lisa Osborne, Goddess of Destiny & LA radio talk show host.

Ø Raleigh Pinskey, best-selling author of 101 Ways to Promote Yourself  and star of a one woman off-Broadway show!

Ø Connie Bennett, best-selling author Sugar Shock and host of Gab With The Gurus radio show.

Ø Florence Yaeger,  Top exec major Gold Mine Company and veteran PR & Communications Manager – “How To Leave Your 6 Figure Job To Live Your Vision!”

Ø Valery Satterwhite, Moxie Master  “Teaches You 3 Steps to Express and Achieve Authentic Greatness”

Ø Dr. Susan Block HBO Sexologist, “How To Create Your Best Possible Sex Life” show

Ø Beth Greer, Eco-author and former president of the Learning Annex (see below)

PLUS MANY OTHER TOP VIP NAMES invited pending final scheduling:


Ø Marisa Petroro, actress (Showtime's "Dexter") and briefcase model on NBC’s "Deal or No Deal."(She'll share how she used a vision board to beat sarcoma and why she's raising $1 million for her favorite charity.)

Ø Renee Piane, author Love Mechanics and founder of RAPID DATING: on finding the love of your life

Ø Marie Diamond, Feng Shui master, who appears in The Secret (invited)

Ø Aras Baskauskas, NBC’s $1 million winner of the "Survivor" (He'll share what he learned and what you need to know); and

Ø Jim Stovall, speaker and author of The Ultimate Gift blockbuster book and movie

SINCE THIS IS THE FIRST TIME EVER that anyone has organized a Vision Board Bootcamp, Joyce Schwarz explains, “Living your dream is the right of every person on this planet! You don’t have to know anything about vision boards or dream boards to enroll in this program.


 We’ll guide you on your best possible path to realizing your dreams come true!”


Schwarz notes that the Vision Board Bootcamp group includes people from such varied professions as start-up entrepreneurs, life coaches, corporate executives, direct sales leaders, wellness advisors, real estate agents and managers, other top selling authors and performers

“Your dream can be for you personally, or for launching new income streams or even a new product or business” Schwarz adds.


Assistant director of Vision Board Bootcamp, Marian Brown (add a title or explanation of what you want to be known as) reviews the benefits of attending a six week program where people Declare their Dream publicly and build a support group of advisors and a buddy to encourage them on their path to dream realization.

Brown says, “The course is via tele-workshop and then you get to keep the audios and hundreds and hundreds of dollars of bonuses – which makes it a great way to tap into the creative minds of experts who can inspire you along the way.”


In this Virtual Vision Board Bootcamp, you will learn:

Ø Secrets and strategies to make your dreams come true

Ø The 3 reasons most people’s vision boards don’t work for them.

Ø How to create a vision statement that guides you to achieve your dreams.

Ø How to do the ancient art of visioning.

Ø How to realize your vision even if you have zero or little money in the bank today.

Ø How to travel and live in your dream house and destination even if you've never left your hometown before  and do it for little or no cost.

Ø The top ways to make sure that your dreams thrive and don’t die.

Ø How to realize your vision even if you have zero or little money in the bank today.
How to travel and live in your dream house and destination even if you've never left your hometown before  and do it for little or no cost.

Ø The top ways to make sure that your dreams thrive and don’t die.

PLUS PLUS PLUSWhat Joyce learned from launching the Missing Kids on the Milk Carton campaign that you can do with your product or service that will change your life and better society.

INSIDER SECRETS: In this Virtual Vision Board Bootcamp, you'll hear about many amazing case histories of people, who've successfully used both vision boards and visioning.

You'll find out about:

Ø A woman, who found a piano for the kids to play for free;

Ø A military wife, who started a nonprofit woodworking workshop without spending a dime;

Ø A woman, who now gets free weekly massages (because she put it on her vision board);

Ø Candy Lightner, who turned her own problem into a national crusade -- Mothers Against Drunk Driving;

Ø Harris Faulkner, who went from junior accountant to a Fox News national TV anchor;

Ø The creators of Primesense.com, whose revolutionary technology now powers the new XBOX kinect;

Ø Mark Chasan, who founded the now-popular emusic.com;

Additional bonuses include: A downloadable Dream & Vision Survival Workbook (99 pages) by Joyce Schwarz, A 20-page guide by Joyce to making your dreams come true with little or no cash, A downloadable 15-page list of 150 ways (and links) to find free music and pictures on the Internet legally,Free giveaways every the week

REGISTER NOW AT: http://visionboardbootcampaug2tosept13.eventbrite.com

Email: joyceschwarz@gmail.com for any questions or call 310-822-3119

OPRAH AUDITION TAPE BEHIND THE SCENES with Joyce Schwarz, best-selling author THE VISION BOARD book & Hollywood career strategist & new company and product launch advisor. Joyce REVEALS how she creates your OWN SHOW AUDITION FOR THE BEST SHOW!

Dear Readers,


I wanted to take you behind the scenes of the audition tape production and posting for THE BEST SHOW, the audition I produced for Oprah's OWN NETWORK. So enjoy the step by step


Joyce Schwarz,

 author THE VISION BOARD book and Hollywood Career strategist and advisor to new company and product launches.

 For more info on Joyce's services or classes, contact: joyceschwarz@gmail.com


1) Okay I had the idea a long time ago -- for about 3 years now. My agent in NYC knows that I truly believe this is a great book that I do have in development right now.

Joyce explains of course I added an ON AIR sign to make the show more REAL to me and the audience because it really is OUR OWN show!

Then Joyce Schwarz added a pix that included audience and a small circle view of her at the microphone. The creative concept here is to show that Joyce CAN produce and host the show but that THE BEST SHOW is really of the people by the people for the people -- it's an example in what's called CROWD SOURCING>  

What's more exciting than seeing the name of the Oprah audition SHOW -- THE BEST SHOW on a film strip. It's still a defining and univesal image that says TV/Film & more, that's why Joyce Schwarz featured it early in the audition.  

YES, a ticket to THE BEST SHOW explaining the concept of B=Borrow,E= exchange, S = Sponsor or share & T = Trade. So you can can now discover the BEST way to make your dreams come true and Joyce Schwarz and her crew (ALL OF YOU OUT THERE) can make this more trhan a show -- this is your ticket to change the way we live and even work around the world.

OlimoEveryone deserves to have THE BEST SHOW limo show up at their door. Everyone wants to drive or sit in a limo -- and not just for prom, weddings and funerals either. So Joyce Schwarz says -- let's put a fleet of THE BEST SHOW limos on the road across America and show the USA and the world how to do it the BEST way -- how to barter, borrow, exchange, share/sponsor & trade to make your dream come true!  PS my brother's dream has always been to drive my limo -- so heads up we have someone standing in line for one of those jobs NOW!

 Ocity2 Ocitya Ocitya Above, Joyce Schwarz shows THE BEST SHOW limo already on the road virtually to show people how to barter, exchange, share/sponsor & trade to make thier dreams come true as part of her OPRAH AUDITION for the OWN network show. She wants to turn her show into OUR OWN show -- want to join her in producing the show - all you need is a webcam, mobilecam & be ready for lots of fun! Let's ROLL! 

LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION....Obestexplained
okay Joyce Schwarz' audition for the Oprah OWN Network explains how you can live the life of your dreams -- in fact you can LIVE YOUR VISION BOARD for little or no cost if you know the BEST way!

(TO BE CONTINUED...any questions you'd like to ask? ) post comments here or email: joyceschwarz@gmail.com)

Behind the scenes on the production of THE BEST SHOW with Joyce Schwarz, for Oprah audition for OWN NETWORK show!

Joyce Schwarz, best-selling author THE VISION BOARD & Hollywood Career Strategist Shares Her Oprah Audition Tape for THE BEST SHOW -- how to barter, exechange, share/sponsor & trade to make your dreams come true! Join her in producing our OWN show !

Joyceandbooknew Joyce Schwarz is the best-selling author of THE VISION BOARD book published by Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design, December 22, 2009. The book is in its third printing and has sold more than 75,000 books around the globe in such English speaking countries as: England, UK, Australia, Singapore, USA, Canada, South Africa & more.

        You can see a free chapter of THE VISION BOARD book at http://tinyurl.com/thevisionboard which is on Amazon.com so click on look inside to see your free chapter on the ancient art of visioning. AND you can also order the book at a major discount there on Amazon.com too. 

   Schwarz has established a successful program that features a major opportunity for Vision Board fans, teachers and coaches to make $$ while making dreams come true by becoming Certified Vision Board Counselors. For more details on upcoming Certified Vision Board Counselor programs go to: http://julysatvbcertification.eventbrite.com 

Become A Certified Vision Board Counselor vis 4 week teleworkshop Flex Pay available, Taught by Best-selling author Joyce Schwarz, THE VISION BOARD book

Joyce Schwarz best-selling author THE VISION BOARD book Invites U to Become a Certified Vision Board Counselor/Coach in two 3 hour classes on two Saturdays: July 24 & July 31 -- Act now 1/2 price!

How To attract the Best Place to Live your Best Possible Life by Best-selling author Joyce Schwarz, The Vision Board book


Joyceandbooknew Joyce Schwarz best-selling author of The Vision Board book is originally from Cleveland, Ohio and lives and works in gorgeous Marina Del Rey, California. She has lived in worked around the globe from Honolulu,Hawaii, to New York City, to San Francisco, Calfornia to Paris, France and has given presentations in Guatamala City, Guatamala, Cannes, France, Brazil, Mexico & Colombia & more!
OF COURSE, remember you can create a vision board for any or all of these options. Or go ahead try them out first -- put action ahead of a vision board and then come back with momentoes and put them on a board and center in on your innervoice to make your vision come true!  

What if you could live in sunny Hawaii in winter and cool San Francisco in hot summer!

What if you could live in a mansion when you're now making do in a shared apartment.?

What if you could move to the beach next week when you're working 24/7 in a skyscraper in Tokyo today.

YOU CAN DO IT -- you can create the life of your vision !

Where you live need not be driven by career choice, but by personal decision. With a plan of action, the right technology, a bit of capital and lots of ingenuity, you can choose to live in the mountains, in the city, on both coasts or abroad no matter what profession you want to practice or what kind of income streams you are creating!

 In fact, you may want to choose where you live before you consider what you want to do.


Just what are the best places in America to live? MONEY magazine publishes its new list each summer, comparing about 300 different areas across the country.

Check your library for other reference books or do a search on the Internet. According to the U.S. Office of Management and Budget, the best cities for jobs were (in alphabetical order) Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington 

No wonder so many dot-com alumni moved to the Sunbelt cities.


If youre raising kids, youll want to choose a family oriented community. The organization Zero Population Growth considers 10 factors including population stability, crowding, child health, crime, education, air quality and water resources in determining their top cities.

But you may want to find out where the best hiking trails are our where the best fishing ponds are located so that you can enjoy your favorite hobbies together

Remember, bigger isnt always better. We found a strong correlation between the size of a city or metropolitan area and the overall stress on children.

To find out more about other areas of the country and even job opportunities in Europe or Asia, check with chambers of commerce and online. Many will send you sophisticated packages including fancy DVDs of their town. In fact, some chambers and Economic Development groups will refer you to local recruiters for their area, if you have a skill they need

 Or just head to the area youre interested in for a quick weekend. Recently, while staying at a bed and breakfast in a small rural town, the owner tried to get one of my career clients to change her life and help start a local museum with her.

 All my client had intended to do was visit the area where her grandparents had owned a farm, but the weekend trip turned quickly into a career and life opportunity.

Matching what you want to do with where you want to live can be a creative process. Think about your career and life choices. How could you make them happen in a big city? In a small town? Lets look at these two options with a few different career choices.

1.Want to be a writer/novelist or screenwriter?

Big city: You may choose to be a tech writer at a major computer firm by day and write science fiction tomes by night.

You may want to hit New York and get an old college roommate who lives there to underwrite your off-off Broadway play.

Or look up that college celebrity you went to grade school with and head to Hollywood to see if you can get a gig writing for her new reality show.

Small town: Consider turning your familys Mountain cabin into a writers retreat and bring in some old professors to lead some seminars go ahead, be brave moderate some of the short story workshops yourself.

You can telecommute to your companys headquarters in Denver from your ski chalet in Aspen. Really think outside-the-box, love Yosemite go ahead and set up a regional theatre repertory program on weekends and work as a forest ranger during the week. Who knows one of the highly-stressed tourists you meet may be a Broadway talent agent.

2.Yearn to be a travel tour leader or a river rafting guide?

Big city: You may choose to create arm-chair multimedia adventures for local travel firms
or get a gig with your local cable station and start your own travel show.

Small town: Check out the scores of caverns, caves or other natural resources nearby and become a tour guide for adventure trips. Organize a 21st Century travel blog online linking handicapped travelers together for the adventures of their lifetime.

3.Want to own your own business?

Big city: Are you a great barbecue chef? Consider setting up your own weekend barbecue catering business as fund-raisers for schools and other non-profits.

Small town: Open up a summer-time only open-air barbecue pit near the largest campground in the area. In the winter, find a major food conglomerate to buy your secret barbecue
sauce recipe.

4.Want to sail around the world?

Big city: head to the nearest marina and open up a time-share visit for other would-be sailors who can help finance the boat . Borrow a pals Digital Video camera and document wealthy yacht-owners special occasions. You get to sail for free while you sharpen your film prowess.

Small town: Teach sailing to the scouting troupes in the area or design a seniors only class for everyone who shares your dream.


To challenge you crativity,  consider small-town/big city options for the following careers and lifestyles:

*Making a contribution to the world.

*Preserving local history.

*Share a love of gardening and landscaping.

As you consider your lifestyle choices and where youd like to live, there are other factors you may want to weigh:

*Your family situation. Do you have a spouse? Do you want one? Children? Are you a single parent? Does an ex-spouse have visitation rights? Are you single looking for a new partner? Do you have any family commitments that might keep you in a certain area?

*Your bank account. Do you have at least six-months living expenses to get you started in your new community? Keep in mind that the cost of living varies from community to city. Six months bed and board in a small town might total only $10,000 or less, while in a big metropolitan city that might not even cover moving expenses for a family of four.

*Your hobbies and leisure life. Cant live without a quiet walk in the country each weekend? Do you thrive on theatre and nightlife? Whether its rock climbing or rodeo wrangling, make sure you choose a locale thats compatible with you recreational interests or be prepared to start your own rodeo.

*Your social life. True, you can meet terrific people just about everywhere you go. But you may find that your social life revolves around your church or synagogue. All too often many of my clients depend on work to spark their social activities, and when they change jobs they feel left out. Plan to hook up with local community organizations or your alumni chapters in the new location.

But what if you cant afford to move?

Like many of my clients, you may feel limited by lack of resources the green kind! But dont worry, there are ways to beat the bank.

Consider house-swapping, There are lots of online websites that offer to formally swap homes in the country for skyscraper condos in the city. Be sure to check them out carefully to make sure the one you choose is legit. Ive found that its often easier to just tell someone youd like to swap your apartment for a mountain cabin professional organizations like Women in Film or the manager of your gym may have a pal or relative yearning for just such an opportunity.

Investigate house-sitting in the city of your choice. If youre handy, the absentee owner may even pay you a fee for your assistance in fixing that broken porch or mending the roof.

How about going international?

What if youd love to live in Switzerland or deep sea fish on an island in Micronesia? Its possible even on a budget. Before you jump off the deep-end, consider these options:

1)You may want to take a leave of absence from your teaching gig and live in Barbados for a month before you make the final commitment.

2)You may want to see if you can get a regular gig in the new locale, even if you yearn to buy a franchise in the region or set up your own small biz. Having a job will give you time to check out the region without touching your own capital.

3)You may want to work for an American company internationally that has offices or worksites in the locals you yearn to travel to in the future. Or explore the area first with shorter trips before packing your trunks for a permanent move.

4)You may want to keep a safety net back homesublet your house, get a housemate for your home, keep an emergency nest egg in the bank where you come from.

Before you leap to foreign lands, prep for the trek:

Most of my clients spend more time planning a summer vacation than mapping out their life-plans. Even if youre checking account is minimal, you can get a head-start on your dream for little or no cost by:

1)Studying the language in your spare time (most high schools offer low-cost evening classes).

2)Stopping by the consulate for the country of your choice, make friends with the office staff and see what suggestions they have for you.

3)Check out international trade associations such as the Australian Trade Commission which will be glad to meet with you while youre still living in the U.S. and help you prep for your relocation.

4)Place an inexpensive ad in the English-speaking newspaper in the Mexico City where youre yearning to open a sailing school. You may be able to get students to sign up in advance. At least start a subscription or read the paper in online or at your local library to see what the business climate is like in advance.

Soon you'll be saying Adios to Arizona and bonjour to Paris. Joyce Schwarz, author of SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING and the upcoming book THE VISION BOARD knows that this can be done. Watch for an excerpt of the best-seller THE VISION BOARD about how the Shroyer family is living their vision today on a 40 foot sailboat in the Gulf of Texas because they took Joyce's advice!

Author's Bio

Joyce A. Schwarz is the best-selling author of several books including SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING When Just Another Job Is Not Enough and the upcomign book, THE VISION BOARD: Unlock the Secret to An Extraordinary Life. For more info, email her at thevisionboard@aol.com or go to www.joycecom.com or to www.ihaveavision.org and sign up for her free newsletter. For consulting and speaking, contact her directly at 310-822-3119

How to make a Father's Day Vision Board step by step provided by Joyce Schwarz, best-selling author THE VISION BOARD book

This article will show you how to create in easy steps, a Father's Day Vision Board that really enhances your relationship with your father no matter what is happening in his or your life or even if he has passed on!

Father's Day is coming up and for many fathers and sons it is a time of joy and great fun and wonder to share the day with their dad and their offspring.

For other men and boys and girls Father's Day can be a challenging day because a) their relationship with their father is not up to par or their father has passed on or they are a new dad adn not sure how to form a real bond with their kids.
How to create a Father's Day Vision Board step by step (basic version):

1) Gather together pictures of your dad alone and pictures of you with your dad -- if you have them from past albums or from old shoeboxes full of photos.

2) Get a large poster board or consider putting the pictures into a journal or even scanning them into your computer so you can take advantage of some of the computer vision board creation services.

3) Scan the pictures or sort through and pick out 5-6 pictures that just seem right to you.

4) Take some time and play some home movies or videos of you and your dad if you have them. Or do a short visit with your dad via phone if he's still alive and you are on talking terms. Or if he has passed on take time to go to the cemetary and visit his gravesite.

5) If you are not talking to your dad for some reason or have become estranged, take some time to revisit the good times you had with your dad via the movies in your own memory bank.

6) Make a list of 5 of the BEST times you had with your father, was it at an amusement park, was it playing ball with him, was it on a vacation, was it when he came home from work and scooped you up in his arms each night.

Start with 5 you can add more or if more come to you start circling the best five that you feel warmest about inside you.

7) Make a list of the POWER words that come to mind when you think of your dad. What did he contribute to your life positively? What did he teach you that has helped you be a better person. If you can't think of anything because maybe you're angry with him or you were adopted or you never knew your father, you can do one of two things a) pick a father figure in your life -- a past teacher or a coach or refer to b) your heavenly father or c) put down those power words of great actions you just know your father would have liked to have shown you if he was able to such as LOVE, Warmth, Bravery, Courage, Perseverance, Humor etc.

8) Start in the center of the board by arranging a picture of you and your dad in a happy time. Or if you don't have a picture of your dad, use a picture from another father figure or a picture of you under the guidance of your heavenly father or the Universe which has guided you in the past and will again in the future.

9) Arrange some of the other wonderful reminders of the good times in your life with your father in a circle around the center picture. If you don't have good time pictures then pick some out of a magazine or off of the Internet (be sure to get copyright free photos by looking for the term Creative Commons on photo websites).

10) Add the power words -- either type them up on your computer or add words that are the same out of magazine headlines or add power words that come with your Vision Board software program.

11) Add some embellishments-- add some stickers or add some glitter (yes glitter is fine for men too) or add some momentos from your dad and you -- maybe a ticket from a movie you both went to recently. Or maybe one of his medals from the service or even a note you have from your dad that shows his handwriting.

12) Paste or glue all of this on to your board or if you are making a computerized board scan it into your computer so you can move the pictures around.

13) Affirmations: -- add some affirmations about how you'd like to remember your dad if he's passed or how you'd like to resolve difference or have a better relationship with him. Such as My Dad and I have lots of fun together. My dad gives great insight to me. Speak in the present tense not the future and not the past (even if he has passed on).

14) Place your board in a prominent place where you can see it -- in your office or in front of your computer. If you're shy -- get a scan made of the board and use it as an inspirational picture for a screensaver or wallpaper for your phone. OR make a smaller version to use on a keychain and share it with your dad as a present.

You can also make variations of this MAKE YOUR OWN VISION BOARD with your dad such as a daddy and me board for dads with small children or a parents board for mommy and daddy and me.


Author's Bio
Joyce Schwarz is the author of The Vision Board: the secret to an Extraordinary Life from Harper Collins Publishing and she is also head of JCOM marketing and emerging media consulting service in Marina Del Rey, California. You can see more about Joyce Schwarz at the book's website at
http://www.ihaveavision.orgor go to www.joycecom.com
# # #

The Vision Board Institute was established in 2007 by author and Hollywood coach and srategist Joyce Schwarz to inform and educate the public and to certify vision board counselors with the first accreditation CVBC in the worls that authorizes them to hel you and your groups, organizations and companies createt visioning and vision board products and services

Find out how to make your dreams come true in 6 weeks during Virtual Vision Board & Dream Board Bootcamp with Hollywood Career Strategist & Best-selling Author Joyce Schwarz, The Vision Board book