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THE VISION BOARD the secret to an extraordinary life by Joyce Schwarz, Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design, www.ihaveavision.org

SPIRITUAL Book Review,2010


The Vision Board: The Secret to An Extraordinary Life by Joyce Schwarz is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read. The cover is absolutely gorgeous! Yes, in this case, you absolutely CAN judge a book by it's cover! Throughout the book, there are beautiful images which excite the imagination and lure you into a state of dreaming fantasy. If you don't have a dream, don't know what your dream is, or have been too afraid or too busy to begin the journey to creating your goals, Joyce's solid advice and ultra creative approach will set you on the right path to designing your reality. While reading this book, I was reminded of the character Dorothy in the movie "Jerry McGuire" who said, "You had me at hello." Truly, I was already taken with the book simply by glancing at the beautiful cover. Then as I opened it up, I began to read the very first chapter which talks about visioning. At that moment, I knew I was in LOVE! Visioning is such an amazing place to begin. If you are unfamiliar with visioning and have never taken part in a visioning exercise, this chapter alone is well worth the cost of the book alone. This is what I know for sure: Visioning will change your life and will bring balance and mental clarity as you intuit Spirit's vision for our life. The visioning process is used by economic development groups such as VISTA, the United Nations and The World Bank. Joyce shares illuminations from Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder and spiritual director of the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, California who is credited as being the originator of the visioning process. She also shares the stages of visioning, the process, and secrets that she uses to teach thousands of clients around the world.


Joyce says, “ As you open this book and begin your journey, the most important advice I can share with you is that your time is now. No matter what your circumstance whether you are recently divorced or you just have been laid off from your job, or you are happy in your life but yearn for something more - you can bring positive change in your life”. 


If that's not reason enough to read the book and learn everything you can about vision boards, definitely pursue it to learn how to use visualization to become a millionaire! Along with how to use visualization to manifest goodness in every area of your life, Joyce shares in the book an anecdotal story about actor Jim Carrey who used visualization to amass a fortune in Hollywood. In 1987, when Jim was a struggling actor, he wrote himself a check for $10 million dollars. Today, Jim Carrey is one of the highest earning male actors in Hollywood. He has starred in multiple films such as "Dumber and Dumber", "Bruce Almighty", "A Christmas Carol", and my favorite, "Lemony Snicket". Each of these films have grossed well over $10 million individually. Mr. Carrey has long surpassed his vision of $10 million by simply writing himself a check and using visualization exercises as his secret weapon. So maybe it's not money you'd like to bring into your reality.


 Well, The Quantum Leaps that you will experience while reading this book and utilizing Joyce's special GRABS system are enormous! But you won't get the secret out of me! You'll have to read the book to find out what GRABS means. The unique way Joyce intertwines the GRABS into every possible desire from love to having a family to wellness and world peace. OK, so maybe not world peace, but there is a lot of information on Social Entrepreneurship and how organization's like Ashoka.org and MADD (Mother's Against Drunk Driving) can use visioning to identify resources where people only see problems. If you're looking for love this is a must read! Joyce shares tips from Marie Diamond on "How to Feng Shui Your Visions for Love and Relationships". In each chapter, she also shares real-life stories from everyday people like Linda Boertjens on how to utilize vision boards to bring magic and the ultimate gifts that you've longed for into your reality.


 Joyce has absolutely thought of everything and put it ALL in this book! There is so much in this best-selling book that it is an exemplary work in every way from book design to cover design to writing. Joyce has done a phenomenal job creating this book which by the way is published by HarperCollins. Next time, I talk to Joyce I'll have to ask if she used a vision board to create it! I already know the answer! Yes, she did!


        Joyce Schwarz is the best-selling author of The Vision Board: The Secret to An Extraordinary Life. She has authored a column in The Infinite Field Magazine. She is also a special feature on the DVD of BEYOND THE SECRET movie which also features Bob Proctor and Holli Walker. She offers training and coaching on becoming a certified vision board counselor for those who wish to help others learn how to make their dreams come true. To learn more about Joyce, the book, or her coaching and client programs, visit www.IHAVEAVISION.org. Joyce can also be contacted via email at joyceschwarz@gmail.com.


The Infinite Field Magazine

April 2010




Vision Board Best-selling Vision Board Book Author REVEALS How to take Your Power Words & Defining Images & Turn Into a Vision Board Video

by Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD book www.ihaveavision.org  and www.twitter.com/visionboard and founder THE VISION BOARD INSTITUTE, www.visionboardinstitute.com

During our August, 2010 Vision Board Bootcamp members develop such key life and work visioning skills as:

a) Crafting a Dream Declaration for one aspects of their lives or business.

b) Fashioning the Dream Declaration into a clear Vision Statement that uses their key power words for Fall, 2010.

POWER WORDS & DEFINING IMAGES -- (to find out more about power words and defining images) go to page 16 & 17 of THE VISION BOARD book which is available at: http://tinyurl.com/thevisionboard

OR...you can enroll in our Fall Vision Board bootcamp now -- so that you can master the insider system that is shared in our 6 weekly classes via tele-workshop: http://fallvisionboardbootcamp.eventbrite.com

SO once you truly KNOW your power words and have hand-selected defining images that will serve as sign posts and life-way directions then you can do the following:

1) Create a Passport Vision Board -- that opens the doors to where you want to go and powers the where with your TRUE WHY and your PERSONAL PWANNA and WHO OF THE HOW.  Yes, you can create a vision board with just a few (3-4)defining  images, and of course your power words.

OR you can move directly to a Vision Video Board that you can play daily when your Wanna is waining and your Why is fading and the Who of the How either hasn't shown up yet or is hiding in the near future or your past.

(Note: Who of the How, Personal Wanna and True Why are all proprietary terms of THE VISION BOARD INSTITUTE and it's staff. (www.visionboardinstitute.com

SAMPLE VISION BOARD VIDEO driven by the revealing of:


2) Defining images = Smiling face, ROBOT & Electronic Puzzle

Special thanks to all of the support and input from THE VISION BOARD BOOTCAMP #2 members and to associate director of the Vision Board Bootcamp, Marian Brown.

The Vision Board Institute, Founder, Joyce Schwarz Announces Certified Vision Board Coaches 2010 Graduates

By Joyce Schwarz, best-selling author THE VISION BOARD book and founder, The Vision Board Institute, www.visionboardinstitute.com

2010 Certified Vision Board Coaches Announced by The Vision Board Institute and Founder, Joyce Schwarz:  

It is with great pleasure, that Joyce Schwarz, Founder of THE VISION BOARD Insitute located in Marina Del Rey, California announces the accreditation of new Certified Vision Board Coaches from around the globe.

"To become a Certified Vision Board Coach means that you have completed a course of study on a complete range of topics including life and work visioning, vision board creation, success pattern systems, purpose in life pathing and design, color and next-generation imagery studies explains Schwarz who is the best-selling author of THE VISION BOARD: the secret to an extraordinary life, published by Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design.

To date there are more than 65 graduates of the Certified Vision Board Coach program which is known by the designation of CVBC. The CVBC graduates are located in cities and countries around the world ranging from China to Singapore, to United Kingdom to across Canada and the USA.

NEW 2010 Graduates To Date Include (listed in random order) :

Georgette Cohen,    Carlsbad, CA
7387 Seafarer Place
Carlsbad, CA 90211

Rebecca Zuber,    New York

Jami Yanoski,    Loveland, Colorado
1315 W. 15th Street
Loveland, Colorado 80538


Joyce Glick,    Salt Lake City, Utah &
St. Petersburg, Florida

727-403-2614, St. Petersburg, Florida

Melissa Sampson,   North Hollywood, CA 

 LOA Practitioner & Certified Vision Coach
-Workshops, Coaching and Certificate-Training

Tina Games-Evans, Alexandria, Virginia
Creativity and Life Purpose Coach
Journaling Workshop Facilitator
   Author of the book,"Journaling by the Moonlight:
   A Mother's Path to Self-Discovery

Valerie Johnson CLC, MBA,    Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, FL 32222

Louise Umeki, Sacramento, California

Fatima Kola ,   South Africa
 +27 82 449 9082
C110 Oriental Plaza, Fordsburg, 2092
South Africa

Trinity Thomas, Fair Oaks, CA (west of Lake Tahoe)
trinity@visionyourworld.com www.visionyourworld.com
Intuition and creativity coach, nonprofit development consultant, writer/editor, transformational counselor, published author  

Cheryl Stieneke    Clayton, NC
(919) 215-7353


Cindy L. Gould   Loma, Colorado 

Life Coach, Spiritual Aromatherapist, Spiritual Counselor, Meditation
Coach/Instructor, Holistic Health Practitioner Certified Vision Board Counselor.

Dr. Jane A Fitch,   Charlotte, North Carolina
710 Mable Ave
Kannapolis, NC  28083

Novayen Olson,    San Francisco/East Bay Area California,
 Life and Relationship Coach, 
Spiritual Practitioner, MBA

Connie Bennett, CHHC,   New York City
Certied Life Coach, Certified Health Counselor,
radio talk show host, best-seling author "Sugar Shock",

Raleigh Pinsky,    Los Angeles, California

Kathy Gerstorff, Indiana
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Mikki St. Germain ,   Southern California

Diane Kerness,   San Fernando Valley, California

Kim Armstrong    Succasunna, NJ

Rafael Diaz-Ganaim,   Houston Texas

Helena Trangata, Tampa Bay, Florida 

Carol Dodsley     United Kingdom

Kelly Williams,    Davenport, Florida

Vanessa Chamberlin Houssels,     Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas Wellness Center

2009 CVBC Graduates Include:

Doreen Roman, Manitoba, Canada
 59 Green Street Flin Flon, MB
     R8A 0G3  
  204-687-5791 OR 204-687-0836
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
Reiki Level II ,Educational Assistant

       Dueva Frasier, New York duewacreates@yahoo.com
   P.O. Box 26183  Brooklyn, NY 11202  
   Office 800-796-4369 
Writer, Author,
   Performer & Educator

Leanne Vellacott, Sydney, Australia 

83A Tennyson Rd Gladesville
   NSW,    2111 Australia

address for mail out-
   work: Ultraceuticals suite 2 level 4
436-484 Victoria Rd Gladesville  NSW   2111 Australia home phone number 612 9879 4408  Occupation: Receptionist, study counselling and Soul Collage

Marj Bostock, Cranbrook, BC, CANADA


Box 201 Cranbrook, BC, Can

250 426 9756  Home based business (Healthy Homes, Healthy life and independent Nikken consutant  and part-time driver examiner


    Teri Schulte     TEXAS


1524 Rambler Rd.

Arlington, Texas 76014

682-554-4425    Author, Speaker, Internet Marketer





Address: 801-7400 Sherbrooke West
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H4B 1R8 Cell Phone number: 514-804-3585
Home phone number: 514-369-8142
Occupation: Founder of Divorce Support Plus
Family Relationships Coach


    Cheryl Planert   NORTH DAKOTA

Cherylplanert@pacbell.net or  cplanert@mac.com

PO Box 982, Beach, ND 58621

701-872-2667 Owner, Dakota Lights

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)

Registered Movement Psychotherapist (ADTR)

Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Health Mastery & Life Path Facilitator


Robin Chant, Manitoba, CANADA


616 - 41st Street, Brandon, Manitoba R7B 4E1

204-729-8596  Fire Fighter / Paramedic 
BodyTalk Practitioner


Graham Robertson,   VANCOUVER, CANADA 
The Ritz PO Box 17514 Vancouver, BC
V6E 0B2
Life Coach /  Online Dating Consultant
(now working in Sydney, Australia)


Judith Fine-Sarchielli  , Simi Valley, California
www.visionart@vpweb.com,   sarchiellieditingservices@web.com
6526 Alma St. Simi Valley, CA 93063
ASR Communications Educator, Developmental Editor , Personal Branding Consultant  

  Dr. Sheri A. Wallace, LMHC ,   St. Petersburg, Florida
   2603 NW 13th Street, #309, Gainesville, FL 32609
   OneSource Coaching and Training
   Offices in Gainesville, Starke, St. Petersburg, FL
   Phone: 352.870.8975  FAX: 866.372.0203
   sheri@drsheri.com http://www.Dr.sheriwallace.com  

Brenda Molyneaux   PENTICTON, BC Canada
903 Dynes Ave,
Penticton BC
Canada V2A 1E7

Laura B. (Dusty) Friesen ,Alberta Canada
7041 Gray Drive
  Red Deer, Alberta. T4P 
403 343 3774


    Direct: 720-318-4404

    Facsimile:  303-327-8491




   10234 West Wesley Drive,
    Lakewood, CO 80227

  Rae Hight,  Washington State
  RN, MA, LMHC; Certified Journaling Facilitator
  PO Box 82;  Burley, Washington 98322
  (360) 895-3148

Roxanne Thomas, Vancouver, Canada
Personalization Consultant for:
  Phone: 403.980.1487 

Marian Brown, Washington State

 Office: 360-886-0174
Trainer, Writer & Youth Leader

Donna Satchell, Atlanta, Georgia
 Achievement & Business Speaker, 

 Success Skills Trainer, Life Coach & Author

Katy Taylor, St. Paul, Minnesota
www.katytaylor.com   katy@katytaylor.com 
651-291-8551, Interfaith Ministry, Enneagram
Workshops/Consultations, Life Practices

Linda Beal, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Vision Board Strategies, 330-283-0463

Evelyn Lim,   Singapore
Lynn Oucharek,    Canada 

Florence Yaeger, Colorado (Boulder-Denver)
www.visionyourworld.com, www.visionboardcounselor.com
PR specialist, business & life coach, writer/editor, nonprofit
development consultant, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner 

  • NOTE: There are now more than a dozen CVBC trainees at the Vision Board Institute with more beginning classes in August and September. For info on becoming a CVBC go to: www.visionboardinstitute.comor email: joyceschwarz@gmail.com



    National Wiggle Your Toes Day Prompts Awareness of www.wiggleyourtoes.com by The Vision Board book bestselling author Joyce Schwarz

    By Joyce Schwraz, best-selling author THE VISION BOARD book,

    What started as a fun little post on my Facebook profile became a good reason to highlight a nonprofit that was doing great work in the area of the topic.

    When : August 6th Wiggle Your Toes Day encourages you to give your little piggy toes some exercise. 

    I had posted on my Facebook Profile www.facebook.com/joyceschwarz that August 6 WAS Wiggle Your Toes Day and then I realized there were so many comments about how fun that was and was it a real day that I could be doing more than just posting  fun pix of toes wiggling on the beach -- almost a virtual vision board of toes wiggling. So I did some quick Internet surfing and found a wonderful nonprofit group called www.wiggleyourtoes.org that works with people who have had challenges or disabilities with their bodies. The video on the site by the founder is very moving -- be sure to look at it.

    Then I decided to post this blog even though it's a bit after the fact because this group (which incidentally has nothing really to do with National Wiggle Your Toes Day -- is one that works in this life-saving area every day of the year. Congrats to you for your hard work WE ARE GRATEFUL

    Wigglefoundation www.wiggleyourtoes.org

    One post -- many people -- 300 million Facebook who says we can't do something for someone every day of our lives. Thanks for my many followers and all of you who reach out and touch someone today and tomorrow!


    The Vision Board Author Joyce Schwarz Appears As Featured Lecturer On Journaling Moms Program & Offers 5 tips for using a vision board with your personal journal or diary

    By Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD creator of The Certified Vision Board Coach program and founder of THE VISION BOARD Institute, www.visionboardinstitute.com.

    As many of you know a journal is one of the best ways to document your progress on your path to your vision. In THE VISION BOARD book I talk about how a journal can be a key to revealing your inner visions and by capturing your thoughts and feelings via writing or in a picture format or even by doodling you can value and progress toward your true VISIONS!. *to see two free chapters of THE VISION BOARD book go to: http://tinyurl.com/2e5rdvu and click on shttp://tinyurl.com/2e5rdvuee inside.

    JOURNALINGMOMS.COM Journalingmoms

    That's why I was so pleased to serve as a guest featured lecturer for the special course that Certified Vision Board Coach Tina M. Games was conducting this summer. (see www.journalingmoms.comfor all of Tina's offerings including her beautiful book).

    BUT rather than me telling you about my appearance, I thought it would be fun for you the hear the actual audio of the event, so I'm posting it here for my Vision Board blog fans to hear first.

    In the audio interview I explain the value of keeping a journal and using your vision board to manifest your best possible life. And I do a proprietary exercise called PASSPORT TO OPPORTUNITY which is an amazing experience-- here the gal in the audio talking about her vision of becoming a best-selling writer.


    1) If you're keeping a daily or even weekly GRATITUDE JOURNAL -- be sure to create a Gratitude Vison Board to visually picture those things, experiences and people you are grateful for.

    2) Travel Journal keepers will benefit by designing a 7 Wonders Vision Board which allows them to explore not only the locations and travel experiences they have done but to look at their own 7 wonders. See chapter 6 of THE VISION BOARD book for examples.

    3) FITNESS JOURNAL OR DIARY --are you using a journal or diary to monitor or record your fitness or healthy eating growing habits and accomplishments, well a HEALTH AND WELL BEING Vision board is a great complement. Want to start a fitness journal or diary -- sometimes it's even easier to start with the VISION BOARD and add pictures of those visions of health and wellness you have and to picture your WHY you are on this path to a healthier life!

    4) FAMILY VISION BOARD : DIARY OR FAMILY SCRAPBOOK -- some scrapbookers use their scrapbooks as diaries or journals. A great way to involve the whole family is to actually sit down and create a FAMILY VISION BOARD and even a FAMILY VISION STATEMENT so that you can share the happiness and gratitude for being a family and create even stronger family bonds.

    5) WEDDING VISION BOARD: it's increasingly popular for engaged couples to keep a pre-wedding journal as part of their relationship coaching or preparation for marriage. Many clergy and relationship coaches advise you to keep these diaries together. I remember reading where Jimmy and Rosyln Carter actually wrote a book together and it strengthened their bond. Many couples my Certified Vision Board coaches and I work with design their future lifestyle together by creating a Wedding Vision Board that visions not only the ceremeony, the clothes and the theme of the wedding but the wedding vows and the common bond they are creating as a couple for eternity.

    Joycevbjournaling Left Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author of center The Vision Board Book and right Tina A. Games, founder of www.journalingmoms.com and a Certified Vision Board Coach

    Browse Inside The Vision Board Book by Joyce Schwarz with preface by Bob Proctor and afterword by Jack Canfield

    Here is a great way to attract more visitors to your website -- add a widget to your website or blog that allows you to people to browse inside the best selling book THE VISION BOARD like this:

    To get your own widget go to: The Vision Board see inside widget code

    Browse Inside this book
    Get this for your site

    How to make an Eat Pray Love Vision Board by Best-selling author Joyce Schwarz

    So this weekend everyone is talking, seeing and saying EAT PRAY LOVE based on the new movie with Julia Roberts. BUT what about you -- what do you envision in your life?

    One of the easiest ways to "Let Yourself Go" is to create a vision board based on the basic movie theme of Eat Pray Love. PS the movie website is actually called www.letyourselfgo.com

    Make Your EAT PRAY LOVE VISION BOARD in 5 easy steps:

    1) VISION YOUR OWN EAT PRAY LOVE journey ...Prior to going to see the movie -- get in a quiet space and envision how you'd like to literally 'let yourself go' .

    As questions like:  

    a) Do I need permission to nourish myself?  b) Do I need more balance in my life? c) Why is spirituality and/or religion important to me? d) What do I feel inside when I think of love?  Jot down some quick notes.

    2) Make time to see the movie EAT PRAY LOVE --or at least go to the website at www.letyourselfgo.com and click on some of the gorgeous pictures from the movie's locations in Italy, (eat), India (pray) Bali (love) YES I give you permission to go alone -- you don't have to go with all the gals down the hall and don't take your boyfriend or husband --this is time for YOU!

    At the movie theatre follow these tips to get the most out of the experience:

    a) Just enjoy the movie's as an adventure

    b) suspend your disbelief and any judgement you may have for the character, the actors and the writers

     c) be sure to really see the vivid colors from around the globe

     d) when she is riding a bike-- imagine riding a bicycle again, when she's slurping up spaghetti think of you doing that as a kid, when she's meditation go ahead and laugh and chuckle-- after all it's a movie !

     Savor the experience.

    3) After the movie, take time to have a cup of tea or a cappucino and replay the movie scenes in your mind and add some of the memories of your own great trips in life (virtual or real).PS(save the wine for later!)

    a) If you want you can jot any free-floating thoughts into a notebook you bring with you.

    b) Especially be aware of images that your mind is floating back to from the film or your own life journey!

    c) What helped whet your appetite for life -- was it the innkeeper you met?

    d) Was it the bus driver who let you sneak on his bus for free? Was it the steak and pomme frits you had in Paris?

    For example even before seeing the film (and yes, I did read the book several years ago), I was thinking of a wonderful trip I took to Newfoundland called Earth to Human.

    4) Find your power word and select your defining image! When you get home go to www.letyourselfgo.comand click on the scrapbook to see some of the scenes again. Then go ahead and create your own postcard using their quick and easy system that lets you pick your own "power word" and upload your own "defining image". Joycebalance

    Above see screengrab of the postcard I created. The quote from the movie I chose is "Right here is perfect harmony: right at the meeting of heaven and earth. 

    Be sure to choose a 'power word" -- mine was PLEASURE!

    POWER WORD = an inspirational word that helps you express what's most important to you at this moment in time. You can also select a power word for each week, month and season.

    DEFINING IMAGE =a defining image is one picture or at most 3 that used as a unit express the vision of what your power word means to you. Either pictures from your past journeys in life or a picture that symbolizes your future opportunity to in this case 'let yourself go'

    5) Create Your Eat Pray Love Vision Board adding your defining image (mine is  picture of me showing a reflection in a church window from that Newfoundland trip.

    a) Go ahead and add the postcard that you just made and other pictures and sayings that remind you of how you enjoy

    b) You can also select pictures from your own Facebook album or browse for images on Flickr or Google using the words "eat pray love"

    c) (be sure to choose the Creative Commons' choise on rights so that you don't violate copyrights.

    d) Add some embellishments and other key photos that will open the doorway to your own visions for letting yourself go.

    Joyce Schwarz, EAT PRAY LOVE vision board inspired by the movie and the book of the same name.And featured in her blog
    www.visionboard.infowhich is the official blog for the best-selling book THE VISION BOARD book.

    Note I added a picture fo the Taj Mahal, a picture of The Vision Board Book, some stickers that show passports and airline tickets and a Yoga girl pix to symbolize all those readers of this blog and my book who are inspired to let themselves go when creating a Vision Board.

    TO SEE A free chapter from THE VISION BOARD book go to http://tinyurl.com/thevisionboard

    To find out more about becoming a Certified Vision Board Coach, email: joyceschwarz@gmail.comor go to www.visionboardinsitute.com

    Follow Joyce Schwarz @visionboard on www.twitter.com/visionboard

    What's new with vision boards August 2010 by Joyce Schwarz, best-selling author THE VISION BOARD book

    So what's new with vision boards? Every now and then, I like to look online and see a) how The Vision Board book (to see a free chapter go to http://tinyurl.com/thevisionboard  )is being used for classes or to inspire new vision board creators to delve into their own visioning process and b) to see what google has found in it's image searches for Joyce Schwarz and vision boards.

    Joyceandbooknew To reach Joyce Schwarz about her upcoming courses or to find a Certified Vision Board Coach in your area, email her at: thevisionboard(at)aol.com


    Here are links to that promised round up of what's new with vision boards and who's creating one based on a google search on August 1, 2010, ENJOY! 

     VISION BOARD BLOGJoyce Schwarz, VIP Coach and Hollywood and Silicon Valley dealmaker (see ww.joycecom.com is organizing the course ...www.visionboard.info/

    Collaging Your Dreams: Vision Board Workshop & Student Spotlight ... Among the information I uncovered was Joyce Schwarz's book: The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life. In it Schwarz leaves no stone unturned in discussions and other creative possibilities related to the vision boa

    "Gratitude Week" on Gab with the Gurus (Press Release) - SUGAR ...

    Jul 19, 2010 by Connie Bennett, CHHC, CPC, ACC
    ... for its dramatic results on physical, mental and emotional well being, especially with the release of the movie, “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, and such books as The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life by Joyce Schwarz.http://www.sugarshockblog.com/ -
    Beyond the Secret Live with Bob Proctor and Joyce Schwarz

    21 Jul 2010 Bob Proctor and Joyce Schwarz with Joyce Chow of MBN and newsvideoweb at UCLA Royce Hall presents Beyond the Secret Live. www.beyondthesecretdvd.com, www.ihaveavision.org, www.montebubbles.net.I http://www.iselfdevelop.com/

    How to use dreams, visioning & vision boards to be more creative ...

    17 Jul 2010 by News Writers  DISCOVERING THE POWER OF DEFINING IMAGES : by Joyce Schwarz While delving into the writing of my book THE VISION BOARD: the secret to an extraordinary life, Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design,12/22/09, I became even more ...

    Top 100 Multiple Income Streams Women - Part III

    31 Jul 2010 by Milana  
    Joyce Schwarz, http://www.ihaveavision.org. Joyce A. Schawrz author, columnist, futurist heads JCOM, an emerging entertainment & technology consulting firm in Marina Del Rey, California. She is a social entrepreneur and founder of the ...
    MILANA . LESHINSKY - http://milana.com/newblog/ - References

    AND FROM HOLLAND -- where THE VISION BOARD book has been translated into DUTCH come these blog posts:

    De weg van wens naar werkelijkheid | GezondheidsKrant - [ Translate this page ]

    9 Aug 2010 by Kosmos Uitgevers  
    In het boek Ontwerp je eigen visionboard van Joyce Schwarz wordt uitlegd hoe visionboards werken, maar het geeft ook alle instructies om er zelf mee aan de slag te gaan. Het bevat prachtige visionboards van anderen ter inspiratie. ...
    GezOntwerp je eigen visionboard » Miss Lipgloss - [ Translate this page ]

    Six Steps to Take Next: by Jack Canfield

    3 Jul 2010 by nejah  
    I got thiz from a great book called, "The Vision Board The Secret to An Extraordinary life" by Joyce Schwarz. I will be sharing little tidbits from her book from time to time. However, thiz iz something she got from Jack Canfield ...Collaging Your Life - http://nejahlovediva.blogspot.com/

    ME$$AGE TO 2010 Grads: GET A LIFE NOT JUST A JOB: By Hollywood ... - [ Translate this page ]

    12 Jul 2010 by niramol  
    ME$$AGE TO 2010 Grads: GET A LIFE NOT JUST A JOB: By Hollywood Career Strategist and New Company Launch Advisor Joyce Schwarz who is also best-selling author of The Vision Board book. GET A LIFE NOT JUST A JOB is a chapter in my .

    Coaches, Authors & Speakers Increas Your Revenues by up to 150 ...

    29 Jul 2010 by News Writers  
    Read the Entire Article. What if you knew how to combine the law of attraction and vision board creation with the same business and deal-making skills that Silicon Valley and Hollywood dealmakers use to bring in their milliions? ...

    Author and Motivational Speaker Joyce Schwarz, The Vision Board ...

    1 Aug 2010
    Joyce Schwarz, author of THE VISION BOARD which hit the #1 spiritual bestseller spot on Amazon.com will be conducting a special presentation for the Digital Creative community at SXSW.com (South By Southwest Festival) in Austin, ...
    flowrider price sheet - http://lifestyletom.com/path/rao10925686361ros/

    Joyce Schwarz (visionboard) on Twitter -

    Jul 22, 2010 - Bestselling author The Vision Board book, speaker,ask about next vision board certification course,#LOA thevisionboard@aol.com.
    twitter.com/visionboard - Cached - Similar
    Watch Best-selling Author Joyce Schwarz, The Vision Board Book on ...
    Jul 20, 2010 - Is it time to 're-vision' your dreams for 2010? Were your New Year's Resolutiosn broken a long time ago? We'll you're in luck! You'll get another chance to ...

      Jul 22, 2010 - updated 7/22/2010 by Joyce Schwarz and now listed in random order. .... UPDATED 7/22/10 by Joyce Schwarz, founder, The Vision Board Institute, ...
      visionboardinstitute.com/LIST_OF_COUNSELORS.html - Cached
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    Vision Board BetterTV | Creative Vision Boards
    Aug 2, 2010 - So that all those interviewed are also in my best-sselling book THE VISION BOARD: the secret to an extraordinary life. I am a BIG believer in sharing your ...
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