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September 2010

HAPPY POLKA VISION BOARD VIDEO FROM JOYCE SCHWARZ bestselling author and keynote speaker and workshop facilitator for visioning and vision board creation

Some people march to a different drummer – and some people polka.” Unknown source Polka4

 Enjoy this Vision Board Polka Video -- the reason that Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author THE VISION BOARD book put the theme music to the pix from her workshop at the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Pasadena is that almost everyone attending wanted to share their vision for happiness in the future.

Polka5 Polks2

SO BE HAPPY -- have fun watching this video and learning about Joyce Schwarz GRABS success formula:


Peek Into a Real Vision Board Workshop with Joyce Schwarz, best-selling author THE VISION BOARD book

Joyceandbooknew by Joyce Schwarz, best-selling author THE VISION BOARD book. More than 100 attendees turned out for The Vision Board workshops by Joyce Schwarz at the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Pasadena, California.

Here are some pictures from those workshops for you to enjoy. To learn more about upcoming workshops click here for the home study program to become a Certified Vision Board workshop coach http://vbhomestudy.eventbrite.com

Also check out the HAPPY POLKA Vision Board video here: http://youtu.be/E2XmRVHsUkk

The reason for the song that goes along with the video is that almost everyone attending The Vision Board workshops in Pasadena wanted to create happiness as one of their visions for the future ! So go ahead and BE HAPPY! http://youtu.be/E2XmRVHsUkk

And for info on our upcoming course called POWER UP for fall, 2010 click here: http://powerupyourvision.eventbrite.com

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If you've never attended one of our Vision Board Workshops offered by Joyce Schwarz or one of our Certified Vision Board Coaches across the nation (www.visionboardinstitute.com to find a coach in your geographic area, you may enjoy seeing some of these pictures and looking at the fun video that Joyce posted on You tube.

J8 Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author THE VISION BOARD book shares her GRABS success formula with more than 100 attendees to the VISION BOARD workshop at the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Pasadena.

J3 Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author THE VISION BOARD book is shown guiding workshop attendees in finding their power words for fall, 2010.

J13The Vision Board book by Joyce Schwarz is in more than 6000 bookstores across the USA including Barnes & Noble and Borders or you can purchase the book at http://tinyurl.com/thevisionboard from Amazon.com  




For more information and to see the original video for THE VISION BOARD book by Joyce Schwarz, go to www.ihaveavision.org

K8 Do you know what your power words or defining images are for 2010 -- if not check out this upcoming course on POWER UPS for fall:
www.ihaveavision.org PS Thanks to all of the people from the Body Mind Spirit expo, www.bmse.net for their assistance in organizing the event and for helping make THE VISION BOARD book workshops possible, joyceschwarz@gmail.com


Joyceandbooknew by Joyce Schwarz online & offline marketing expert and best-selling author of THE VISION BOARD and six other books and more than 200 article on marketing, advertising & the future of media. joyceschwarz@gmail.com www.joycecom.com



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What you will learn:

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 ****how to determine what people's power words are

***How to guide anyone (including you) in finding your defining image


****How to interpret the defining images so that they can be adapted for:



a) Logos b) new products c) getting new clients 

***How to help people find their "WHO OF THE HOW" with of the smart game WHO'S WHO?

To teach people (including YOU) to BE THEIR OWN SUPERHERO and tap into their own "SUPER-Powers" (really).


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     THIS IS NOT TAROT card reading, this is NOT Ouija board or Crazy 8 ball stuff -- this is based on the ancient system of symbology and draws from Greek myths, ancient Norse and Middle Ages word derivations & more.

      We are only taking 10 people in our first class.

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Bestselling author Joyce Schwarz asks Are Your Footsteps Conscous? How to Find Spirit in Every Day Matters In Astrologer Practical Mystic Dianne Eppler Adams' Book & GET $175 Bonus Audio Class From THE VISION BOARD !

by Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD book

Joyceandbooknew Joyce Schwarz, www.visionboard.info

Dear readers, as you know I am always extemely careful in recommending a book or product to you. I want to make sure you get excellent value with everything that THE VISION BOARD INSTITUTE offers or recommends.

One of my favorite books in the world is spiritual writer Thomas Moore's CARE OF THE SOUL written back in 1992. That's why when was introduced to CONSCOUS FOOTSTEPS by Dianne Eppler Adams http://bit.ly/CFbook I thought it was a good complement to that book and an interesting complement to some of the work we have been doing in our VISION BOARD BOOTCAMP on the difference between fate & destiny. In paging through Conscious Footsteps http://bit.ly/CFbook I found this passage which is especially intriguing:

Conscious Conscious Footsteps http://bit.ly/CFbook is an interesting complement to some of the work that we do in visioning -- in order to begin to hold sacred and find spirit in everything we do every day.

PLUS when you order CONSCIOUS FOOTSTEPS today -- there are some great bonuses from some of the top inspirational leaders of our time -- including of course Joyce Schwarz who is offering a free $175 audio workshop (1 hour) on how to make $100K using THE VISION BOARD to guide you. When you buy 3 books you even get a reading by Dianne.

(Note we are not being compensated in any way by the sale of this book -- we get no $$ by being involved so you can be assured we are not just promoting it to make $$)

Here is a peek at our $175 bonus you get when you select CONSCIOUS FOOTSTEPS at Amazon.com by clicking on this link: http://bit.ly/CFbook


Every day life matters and finding spirit in every moment is not only a gift but a habit you CAN hone! ENJOY

Any questions, email me at: thevisionboard@aol.com

Best-selling author & inspirational speaker Joyce Schwarz, The Vision Board book, To Be Featured Speaker at Pasadena Body Mind Spirit Expo on September 19 & 20, 2010

Pasadenapix Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author of THE VISION BOARD the secret to an extraordinary life, www.ihaveavision.org will be a featured speaker at the Pasadena Body Mind Spirit Expo on Saturday and Sunday in Pasadena, California.


Joyce will be speaking from 11 - 12 noon Saturday, September 18

and SUNDAY -- from 12 noon to 1 pm on September 19.


Secrets of Using a Vision Board by Joyce Schwarz

Find out the 5 secrets to making your dreams for 2010 STILL come true using a Vision Board (visual map) as seen in THE SECRET on LARRY KING & OPRAH with best-selling author Joyce Schwarz.

*****Get advice and hints from 75 wisdom leaders Joyce features in her program like Marie Diamond, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor & Olympic athletes.

*****See how you can become a Vision Board Coach too.

Joyce Schwarz is the award-winning keynote speaker and best-selling author who attracted a $100K deal for The Vision Board Book, Harper Collins Publishing. She has consulted with authors, speakers, psychics, filmmakers and social entrepreneurs in launching more than 75 new companies and more than 100 products and services. Joyce has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, TV GUIDE, ABC TV, NBC TV, and on KFMB and KGTV, San Diego. She can show you how to embrace success in the conscious business world and beyond!

Joyce Schwarz

The Vision Board

Marina Del Rey, CA



Show Special: $50 gift card off of all Vision Board courses

lecture schedule for Joyce Schwarz

Day: Saturday

time: 11:00 am

Room: 1

Presenter Logo

Don't miss the lecture by:Joyce Schwarz
email: joyceschwarz@gmail.com


As seen on Oprah, Larry King and in the movie THE SECRET, Joyce Schwarz, the nation's Vision Board Expert shows you how to make your dreams STILL come true for 2010 & make more money before the end of the year! YOU WILL DISCOVER: how to change careers or get a job, how to sell your book or products, how to get national TV for her practice and why the law of attraction works. See why Fox News & E Entertainment interviewd best-selling author Joyce Schwarz about her secret system. Joyce is the best-selling author of THE VISION BOARD book from Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design. PLUS you get a $50 gift card for attending this lecture good for any of the classes. .

lecture schedule

Day: Sunday

time: 12:00 pm

Room: 2


From LA: Pasadena Fwy to Arroyo Pkwy. Right on Cordova to Hall. From 210 & 134 Fwy: Exit at Lake Ave South. Right on Cordova to Hall. Facility's Website: http://www.pasadenamasonic.org

FOR MORE INFO about the Body Mind Spirit expo in Pasadena go to www.bmse.net

FOR MORE INFO about Joyce Schwarz and THE VISION BOARD book email: joyceschwarz@gmail.com

FOR info about becoming a Certified Vision Board Coach-- www.visionboardinsitute.com




Joyceandbooknew by Joyce Schwarz in www.visionboard.info on 9/17/10, email: thevisionboard@aol.com, www.ihaveavision.org

It's so thrilling to see THE VISION BOARD the secret to an extraordinary life traveling around the world and spreading the word that you can live your best possible life!
LATEST INTERNATIONAL POSTCreative1 FROM SUNBURY, AUSTRALIA where we hear from  Suzana Djilas-Gaalthe Creative Therapies Consultant at Natural Health Sunbury, and editor of the Creative Therapies blog.  She is a professional artist, writer and teacher.

 Blogger note: Sunbury, Australia is 41km (approx 25 miles northwest of Melbourne, Australia) so it's terrific to hear from Suzanna with her review and endorsement for THE VISION BOARD book.

We were intrigued by the gorgeous shop and classes and consultations that Natural Health store in Sunbury offers. Scroll down to see some of the pix from their website.

EXCERPT FIRST: BUT first here is an excerpt from Suzanna's review of THE VISION BOARD book: Creating a Vision Board is a fairly straightforward process, and information about how to create one is readily and freely available via the internet.  However, The Vision Board by Joyce Schwarz is an excellent resource for anyone who is interested in a deeper understanding of the power of the Visioning process and more detailed suggestions on how to create and activate your Vision Boards. It also describes how Vision Boards can be fashioned for specific areas of our lives (Relationships, Gratitude, Wealth and Wellbeing), and different types of Vision Boards.  It contains many colour photographs of Vision Boards submitted from all over the world in various forms – it’s just gorgeous to look at – and a rich tapestry of accompanying stories from the people who created them...

Here are some pix from Suzanna's gorgeous blog which you can now follow at: Creative Therapies - http://creativetherapies.wordpress.com/

Thanks to Suzana for embedding the original video for THE VISION BOARD in her blog. If you'd like to embed any of our more than 50 videos in your blog -- please feel free to go to: http://youtube.com/infojcom and choose which video fits your topic.Creative1 


Look at the inside of the pretty interior of Natural Health Sunbury. Wow we hope we can visit there someday & sign books and introduce some of our new products including YES -- Vision Cards -- so amazing because Suzana actually mentions the need for those in her blog. Plus of course we will have our new children's line including the whole series on " BE YOUR OWN SUPERHERO!" (more on that later).


Thanks again to Suzana from Sunbury, Australia for letting us know what's 'up' with THE VISION BOARD book 'down under'. If you've seen THE VISION BOARD book anywhere in the world or have it in your store inside or outside of the USA and want to review it or feature it in your blog -- let us know! Of course if you don't have it in your store and want a review copy -- let us know too and we'll have our wonderful publisher Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design send you a review copy! Email me at: thevisionboard@aol.com

And 'like' our new fan page on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/joyceschwarz#!/pages/Joyce-Schwarz-Bestselling-Author-Speaker/113331365370112?ref=ts





Joyceandbooknew by Joyce Schwarz, best-selling author of THE VISION BOARD book and inspirational speaker for people of all ages. "LIVE YOUR VISION"

Watch for the upcoming post on how to BE YOUR OWN SUPERHERO and how to show kids of all ages to LIVE THEIR VISIONS and "BE THE VISION" for others!

Besuperhero copyright Joyce Schwarz

Conteact Joyce Schwarz for more info on how to order BE YOUR OWN SUPERHERO...the tales of how kids, teens and people of all ages can dare to live their vision!

And find out what inspired action steps they can take to BE THE VISION for others around the globe! www.ihaveavision.org, and our blog is www.visionboard.info.

You can email: joyceschwarz@gmail.com or thevisionboard@aol.com

PLUS you can see more about our outreach program to take visioning & vision board creation to nonprofit groups, schools, colleges & corporate events for brands at www.amazingvisions.net which is the temp website for this division of The Vision Board Institute, www.visionboardinstitute.com


Barbara Kline, Serial Entrepreneur and Founder Breakthru Center Located In Corralles, New Mexico Guest Speaker At Vision Board Bootcamp Podcast Monday, Sept 13, 2010

Joyceandbooknew by Joyce Schwarz, best-selling author THE VISION BOARD book and founder of The Vision Board Institute, www.visionboardinstitute.com email: thevisionboard@aol.com

It's my pleasure to announce that Barbara Kline, serial entrepreneur and founder of Breakthru Center in Corralles, New Mexico is our featured speaker today, Monday, Sept 13 at 12 noon PST .

Kline Shown left, Barbara Kline, serial entrepreneur and founder of Breakthru Center in Corralles, New Mexico.

The topic for September 13 tele-workshop is:

   Moving Beyond the Launch stage for your business

  Mini-preview of Kline's presentation: “ Moving beyond the fledgling stage of getting the company organized and the first infusions of capital in place is a challenge for many founders. Continuing to nurture the four pillars of entrepreneurial success including passion, technical competence, leadership, and adequate funding is critical. However without the ability to develop policies, procedures and a management team, any business will flounder”, said Kline.

Kline’s background includes extensive experience in helping companies, including six that she founded or co-founded, develop into growing concerns.  Her inspiration in founding the Breakthru Center came from conversations she has had with angel investors, venture capitalists, and frustrated entrepreneurs in California and New Mexico.

ABOUT: Breakthru Center

located in Corrales New Mexico was founded in 2010 with the guiding vision to serve as a centralized resource for advanced entrepreneurial training and advisory services for up-scaling emerging companies from the start-up phase to sustainable ongoing enterprises. 

 KEY INITIATIVES: Barbara Kline, founder and director of Breakthru Center explains that one of the key initiatives of Breakthru Center will be in guiding funded start-ups through their initial development phase and providing 21st Century systems to thrive not just survive despite economic fluctuations.

She explains that while many organizations today focus on the “start up”, entrepreneurs are, for the most part, left on their own once they get the company organized and the first infusions of capital in place. 


*  Go to this link http://www.facebook.com/pages/Breakthru-Center/101120016619554?ref=search   on Facebook and 'like' the center to join the official page for Breakthru Center on fb.

  Or email: bkline@breakthrucom.com

Thanks to Barbara Kline and the rest of our VIP slate of speakers who were so kind to share their wisdom with our Vision Board Bootcampers this summer. For more info on Vision Board Bootcamp 100 Day Until End of Year course starting on September 22, email: joyceschwarz@gmail.com Thanks.

 LISTEN TO THE PODCAST FROM THIS EVENT -- click on the yellow button to hear the full hour free of charge.

Be sure to listen to the part where Joyce Schwarz guides Marian Brown on the selection of her power word and defining image for your small business -- you can discover how this is done in our upcoming 90 day bootcamp starting later this month. email: joyceschwarz@gmail.com for an invitation to the bootcamp!

 Listen to the podcast from the Vision Board Bootcamp on entrepreneur tips and accellerating your own business. Find out what power words are and how you too can discover your DEFINING IMAGES!

How to make an Earth Day Vision Board & Go Greener by Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author THE VISION BOARD book

Bookbh By Joyce Schwarz, keynote speaker, best-selling author THE VISION BOARD book, www.visionboard.info

One of the most eco-friendly ways to celebrate Earth Day with your family, office mates and school class is to create a Vision Board.

 You’ve heard of Vision Boards right? Maybe you’ve heard them called dream boards or wish boards or inspiration boards or even a wheel of life etc.
Okay, now here is the surprise-- all vision boards are really green and eco-friendly because they are really recycling magazines


A vision board is a visual map that you design to create virtual touchstones leading to living your best possible life according to THE VISION BOARD author Joyce Schwarz.

The simplest form of a vision board is made by tearing or cutting pictures out of magazines and then pasting them to a poster board. Then you can add what’s called affirmations (positive sayings to enourage you and embellishments like stickers, glitter, or even dried leaves or flowers.  

Author Joyce Schwarz suggests on her blog www.visionboard.info and in her book THE VISION BOARD (www.ihaveavision.org) that you create vision boards for important events in your life like graduation, wedding, birthdays and anniversaries and also design vision boards for key holidays like EARTH DAY to encourage your family to go green.


Schwarz believes that just cutting and pasting the pictures and adding quotes or motivational words is NOT enough.

She suggests that you begin your vision board creation exercise with a session on visioning (a cross between brainstorming, meditation and improv) so that your vision board can reflect the key or power words that come from your inner voice that part of you that is totally authentic.

“Too many people creating vision boards or teaching vision board design focus on the housekeeping details like what glue to use, how to find your pictures, what size board to put your design on and how to make a pretty collage,” explains Joyce Schwarz

After reviewing more than 1000 vision boards that were submitted for inclusion in my book THE VISION BOARD, Schwarz says, “ I determined that what really matters is including a visioning process so that you feel the essence of why you’re designing the board, not just the step by step details of how to cut and paste pictures and words.”

The #2 error is that people make an EVERYTHING board and include all kinds of pictures for every aspect of their life they can think of even the kitchen sink they want to buy when redesigning their kitchen in 2012.


Joyce Schwarz believes that the number one error people make in creating a vision board is to rush to the cut and paste part of the exercise. She adds, “It reminds me a little bit of trying to learn to draw by using a paint by number kit versus expressing your own inner artist in your own style of art whether it is oil colors or pastels or even maybe sculpture or papercrafts.  

The #2 error is that people make an EVERYTHING board and include all kinds of pictures for every aspect of their life they can think of even the kitchen sink they want to buy when redesigning their kitchen in 2012.

So spend some time with your family or team members or take some time to really explore and vision why you want to go greener and what Earth Day means to you personally. Because one person at the time linked together for a common cause,  we can change the world!

Be assured by creating Vision Boards using images from old magazines and other printed material such as direct mail flyers, invitations, posters, wallpaper and even newspaper clippings, you ARE RECYCLING!

There are several regional and national programs organized just to recycle magazines (more on those later, especially the ones from the MPA (Magazine Publishers Assn) and the City of New York.

A) Gather old magazines, newspapers, printed materials including greeting cards, cartoons from newspapers, grocery circulars and catalogs in a large basket.

B) Be sure if you purchase any new background paper or materials that they are recycled too. Recycled posterboard is available but you may want to create your board using such eco-friendly materials as flax or organic cotton fabrics or even the back of old paintings or posters you already have on your wall--continuing the recycling circle.

C) Gather up found objects, paperclips, broken jewelry, ribbons from a birthday party or wedding shower, stamps and stickers from envelopes (you can re-attach with a glue stick later)

D) Be sure any paints or marker pens you use are also eco-friendly. In fact considering buying a whole pack of these and sharing them with your neighbors so that they can create an eco-friendly board too!
Or use natural materials. I've seen vision boards created with charcoal, with waters colored by natural herbs & flowers and almost water-painted onto the board.

Or even consider painting (with eco-friendly paints) a large bolder or old board you find near your garage

E) Consider making your own recycled hand-made paper from old paper --the back of old posters, the back of leftover wallpaper or even on the back of an old awning or window shade!

F) If you're framing your board, be sure to recycle an old frame that you have in your house or garage or to pick one up at a flea market or thrift store in your neighborhood.

Examples include:

I recycle everything I can.

I am recycling my kitchen scraps too now.

I turn off the water when I brush my teeth.

I have a filter for my tap water.

I am simplifying my life.

I buy only what I absolutely need to live.

I make my footsteps on earth as light as they can be.

I recycle for others when I see an opportunity.

I make sure what I buy is carbon-neutral.

Pictures for your eco-board.

One of the fun ways to get the right pictures for your eco board is to make a list of those pix you'd like to see on the board such as: a) a home garden you are planting b) a method of composting you are starting in your group/family c) Past pictures of your family in the outdoors -- climbing or hiking or enjoying the earth at places you've visited --yes, even if they are near and part of your home town area. They don't have to be at an exotic location

TRAVEL -- another option is to gather some travel brochures at your local travel agency or from the travel section of your newspaper or favorite website and put those on the board planning on where you'd like to visit that IS eco-friendly

G) Gather the raw materials together. Spread out an old blanket or tablecloth to cover the creation area (a table or an area of a floor or even do it outside on your patio).

H) Begin by making a list with your group of the Eco affirmations they would like to keep in the next year and for the rest of their lives!

For more information see my other blog at http://www.visionboard.info/ and click on eco-vision board! Thanks or email me at thevisionboard(at)aol.com
See more samples of eco-friendly vision boards and how to use vision boards for helath and wellness in THE VISION BOARD book by Joyce Schwarz www.ihaveavision.org

Author's Bio
Joyce Schwarz is an internationally acclaimed business and career strategist who is also a paid professional speaker and best-selling author of such books as THE VSIION BOARD: the secret to an extraordinary Life which is already published in hard back version (November, 08) and now previewing in paperback form in December, 2009 published by Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design, www.ihaveavision.org. To get a free newsletter on vision board creation and visioning go to http://www.visionboard.info. Follow Joyce Schwarz at www.twitter.com/visionboard Schwarz is originally from Cleveland, Ohio and has lived and worked in New York, San Francisco, Honolulu, Paris, France and now Marina Del Rey, California (near Los Angeles). You can email her directly at  joyceschwarz@gmail.com

Irena Hart at THE MINT in Los Angeles & Buddy Vallante & Harmony4Kidz.org & The Vision Board book

By Joyce Schwarz, author, The Vision Board book, www.ihaveavision.org

What could jazz, rock, punk, funk, rap and Ukranian love songs have to do with The Vision Board book? Well this blog will explain some of that & the pix will say more than I ever could.

Above singer, songwriter & nonprofit group founder Irena Hart with best-selling author Joyce Schwarz, THE VISION BOARD book. See Irena's vision board for her nonprofit Harmony4kids.org on page 137 of THE VISION BOARD book.

 To see a free chapter of the book go to: http://tinyurl.com/thevisionboard

This summer, Irena Harts organized a Harmony4kidz.org charity fundraising tour across the USA and Joyce Schwarz was fortunate to be on hand at THE MINT (a famous LA nightclub) for one of the Los Angeles gigs. At The Mint on August 22, 2010  her stage partner Buddy Valiante and Irena sang their hearts out for  Harmony4kidz.

Here are some of the pictures from that show:

Irenaherself Irenaherself3'

Irenalogo Irenatrio



Irena12 Irenafriend3 

Irena21 Irena20

Harmony4kidz is a 501c3 charitable organization whose mission is to help the homeless and at risk youths through music and the arts.

Irena12 Irena11