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November 2010

New AVR Accredited Visiion Card Reader Accreditation Program from www.visionboardinstitute.com Features Bonus Podcast on Feng Shui Colors

Yes, it's time to go beyond Vision Boards and explore the power of our new Vision Cards created by bestelling author Joyce Schwarz, The Vision Board book which is endorsed by Jack Canfield who says "THIS BOOK WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE". 


You can see more about the Accredited Vision Card reader program and register for the next LIVE teleworkshop on December 8 and December 15 (two 90 minute classes) one each night at 5pm PST/which is 8 pm EST at http://visioncardreader.eventbrite.com/

NOTE: you can also take the program via home study -- see the AVR Accreditation Home Study Program in a Kit on sale now at the Vision Board Studio Store on Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/2ew4tmm


BONUS AUDIO ON FENG SHUI & COLORS as part of the AVR accreditation course we review the meaning of colors according to Feng Shui and other sources. Recently Joyce Schwarz was also featured in a new book that covers some fabulous Feng Shui applications (see pix below)

As Joyce Schwarz noted on a recent Facebook status update: 
 Yowza my story of how Feng Shui helped me close the $100K deal for THE VISION BOARD book is now featured in a new ebook: When Smart Business People Need Help, This is One of the Things They Do. http://tinyurl.com/2f76qe7

According to the author of THE FENG SHUI ADVANTAGE, Maureen Calamia 
"My eBook is meant to help people create better workspaces to improve their productivity, satisfaction and success! Thanks for sharing your story!Thanks Joyce! My eBook is meant to help people create better workspaces to improve their productivity, satisfaction and success! Thanks for sharing your story!"

LISTEN TO PART OF THE FREE AUDIO ON COLORS & FENG SHUI from author Maureen Calamia by going to: http://www.audioacrobat.com/sa/W88vSXkx Don't forget to tell your friends that this is a sample bonus that you will get a download of when you become an Accredited Vision Board Reader.

Thanks to Maureen Calamia and our more than 50 other instructors and podcast interviews featured this year as guest VIP's at The Vision Board Institute events, workshops, classes and programs. www.visionboardinstitute.com

Any questions email: joyceschwarz@gmail.com

Go Beyond Your Vision Board! Become an Accredited Vision Card Reader in Two 90 minute classes from best-selling author Joyce Schwarz, The Vision Board book

What if you could go beyond your vision board,dream board and treasure map to discover your power words for the rest of 2010 and for the launch of 2011? Well, now you can!


Vision Cards are a new self-empowerment tool that is being launched by THE VISION BOARD Institute, www.visionboardinstitute.com to enable coaches, trainers, teachers and vision board fans to get accredited as Accredited Vision Card Readers and earn the AVR designation For more information email: joycechwarz@gmail.com or go to: http://visioncardreader.eventbrite.com

WHY VISION CARDS and How can a Vision Card Reader help you?

Here's why you'll want to discover more about Vision Cards and register for the upcoming class which includes two 90 minute sessions with Vision Board Expert Joyce Schwarz at: http://visioncardreader.eventbrite.com  First class starts on 11/17 at 5 pm PST and second class is after Thanksgiving on December 2 at 5 pm PST also. Both are via teleconference. Register for the class at: http://visioncardreader.eventbrite.com and we will send you the call in number and code. NOTE THE CLASSS IS ON SALE for an early preview of only $49 versus $98.

   Benefits of Vision Card Reading include:

a) You can use the Vision Cards as a prompt for determining your power words anywhere at any time.

b) easy to transport -- no glue, no posterboard and fun to do once you learn the basics of vision card reading

c) Internationally recognized symbols so no language translation necessary

d) Works with people of all ages and educational backgrounds from teens to senior citizens.

e) Works with disabled or those that are busy traveling and don't want to carry their vision boards around with them.

f) Augments your vision board by giving you real-time information on how to touch your heart's desires!

For more information email: joyceschwarz@gmail.com or go to: http://visioncardreader.eventbrite.com and register now!


Press Conference and Teleworkshop on Why Vision Boards Work Set for 5 pm PST Thursday, November 11 Featuring Bestselling author Joyce Schwarz, THE VISION BOARD book Revealing new studies from SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN MAGAZINE, PBS & CBS SUNDAY MORNING

What is a vison board? Why do Vision Boards work? Find out the answers to these questions in a Press Conference via tele-workshop on Thursday, November 11 at 5 pm PST which is 8 pm EST, To sign up for the free teleworkshop register at:  http://freevisionboardworkshop.eventbrite.com

WHAT: Joycescience
Press Conference and Tele-workshop on why vision boards work including new scientific studies, reports and findings by such sources as PBS, CBS SUNDAY MORNING and Scientific American magazine.

WHO: Joyce Schwarz, APR, MPW, CBC, CVBC,Joyceandbooknew

 Joyce Schwarz, www.ihaveavision.org, email: joyceschwarz@gmail.com is the best-selling author of THE VISION BOARD book as featured on E Entertainment TV, FOX national News, FOX BUSINESS and more than 100 other media interviews.

The Vision Board book the secret to an extraordinary life published by Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design. To see a free chapter and bio on Joyce Schwarz go to: http:/tinyurl.com/seeinsidebook  To see more than 400 posts on vision board creation go to: http://www.visionboard.info and sign up for the free newsletter.

WHEN: November 11 at 5 pm PST which is 8 pm EST

WHERE: Via teleconference

SIGN UP HERE: http://freevisionboardworkshop.eventbrite.com

For more information or to talk to Joyce Schwarz personally, call her at 310-822-3119 or email her at joyceschwarz@gmail.com

To find out what a vision board is go to the temp website, www.whatisavisionboard.com 

To locate a Certified Vision Board Coach in your geographic area and find out more about getting accredited as a Certified Vison Board Coach, go to http://www.visionboardinstitute.com


HOW TO MAKE A BUTTERFLY VISION TREE TO HONOR VETERANS AND ACTIVE MILITARY FOR VETERANS DAY 2010 by Joyce Schwarz,, business motivational speaker and bestselling author The Vision Board

by Joyce Schwarz, www.ihaveavision.org, email, thevisionboard@aol.com So you want to do something different this Veteran's Day to honor the active military men and women serving out country and of course the Veteran's in our lives or passed on? Well, we at The Vision Board Institute, www.visionboardinstitute.com were inspired by several articles we saw online on how children across the country created red, white and blue butterfly trees to honor Veterans. So we thought we would adapt this concept for something that you and your family -- or your team at work can do that goes a little bit 'beyond the board' as we say instead of the more tradiitonal dream board, vision board or treasure map to envision peace and gratitude to our troops.


1) We started by envisioning the gratitude that we have for our troops for keeping us safe. I personally thought about my dad's proud stories about serving in the air force and how excited he was when the World War II vets finally got a memorial! It was one of the great conversations of our life. And I could almost hear him kind of gruffly say Joyce you're not going to let go of perfectly good butterflies like they do at weddings are you? Nope dad, in this case I created a virtual tree over at www.scrapblog and then took a screengrab. But you could do the same at home with an old faux Christmas tree or with a branch you find in the park nearby. Or even a healthy plant.

  See a typical branch that could be used for your BUTTERFLY VISION TREE:

 TreeBranch to use as a the base for your Butterfly Vision Tree to honor Veterans and active military on Veteran's Day.

2) Next you can get a butterfly template online -- there are lots of free ones. If you have little kids -- you might want to get one of those that you color like this one above which is from freeprintablecoloringimages.com

OR see if you can find some that are red whie and blue online already or go ahead and cut them out of construction paper or if you don't have any construction paper use magazine pictures and a template or go ahead and be daring and cut them out free-hand they don't have to be perfect-- because everyone is different anyway. Image

Butterfly2 3) You can write your visions for peace or for safety or for hope and even your well wishes on any or all of them that you want. Or leave some blank so that as people visit you this week or this weekend, they can add there own visions of happiness and hope for our veterans, our active military and our country.


4) You could also cut print out the words HOPE or PEACE or LOVE and add them to your tree by cutting them up in strips.

5) Traditional wish trees in Asia often use old cloth that is cut into strips where the wishes are written on then tied in a knot on the tree branch --that's a fun way to do it too. And if weather permits is a great thing to do outdoors on the lower branches of a small tree or a bush -- just make sure you have permission from the gardener in your house!


Butterfly Vision Tree Created by bestselling author Joyce Schwarz, THE VISION BOARD book to honor veterans and active military on Veterans Day 2010. PLEASE SHARE THE VISION! for more info: www.visionboard.info

5) Tie a yellow ribbon around the tree -- we tied a virtual one.

6) Add some star decorations or maybe a bit of glitter and

7) Gather together and say your gratitudes (actual say what you ar grateful for) that isn't stuff -- like being an American citizen, like having a roof over your head like having troops that will protect us.

8) If you have pictures of active military or veterans who have served you might want to add them to the table scene you are creating.

9) Don't forget to take pictures along the way or video it so you can share it with the military and their families via the Internet or mail.

THANK YOU TO OUR TROOPS and may you always remember butterflies are FREE and we are too thanks to you !

This is the first in a series of Joyce Schwarz posts about going beyond the vision board to inspire you to realize that it's not about the board,it's really about your visions and the intentions behind and with them! Thank you for sharing the vision!