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January 2011

Vision Board Instritute Celebrates Graduation of More than 100 Certified Vision Board Coaches Globally

Vision Board Institute www.visionboardinstitute.com headquartered in Marina Del Rey, California is pleased to announce that Joyce Schwarz, founder is celebrating the graduation of more than 100 Certified Vision Board Coaches worldwide.

CVBC Accreditation Only Offered at Vision Board Institute 

The CVBC Accreditation is only offered around the globe through Vision Board Institute courses which are offered via tele-workshop, home study and live classes in Los Angeles. Graduates of the Institute earn the CVBC designation which they can use after their name along with the CVBC logo to identify them as a Vision Board Coach who has completed more than 40 hours of  classes in the areas of life and work visioning, Vision Board creation, creativity coaching and the new areas of visual life and work planning.

 CVBC Coaches from China to UK and across USA and Canada:

 CVBC grad locations span the globe from Mainland China to the country of Jordan to South Africa and across the USA and Canada. There are also CVBC grads in such locations as Singapore, UK, and other countries and cities. 

"It's so exciting to see that around the world, our Certified Vision Board Coaches are now available to conduct one-to-one coaching, Vision Board workshops, group classes, small business visioning and corporate seminars on Vision Boards for such purposes as team building", explains VBI founder, Joyce Schwarz who serves as Executive Director of the Vision Board Institute.

Joyceandbooknew Left, Joyce Schwarz, founder, Vision Board Institute, www.visoinboardinstitute.com and right The Vision Board: the secret to an extraordinary life published by Harper Collns Publishing, Collins Design. Schwarz recently announced graduation fo more than 100 Certified Vision Board Coaches worldwide. For more info about becoming a Certified Vision Board Coach email: thevisionboard@aol.com

Schwarz is the best-selling author of The Vision Board: the secret to an extraordinary life published by arper Collins Publishing, Collins Design which is used as the primary text for Vision Board Certification along with more than 20 hours of in-class instruction, downloadable audio MP3s.

Find a Certified Vision Board Coach In Your Region 

To Locate a Certified Vision Board Coach in your region or country go to www.visionboardinstitute.com and click on the tab labeled List of Coaches and then click on your country, state and city. Or if you would like a personal referral to a coach in your location, please call Joyce Schwarz directly at 310-822-3119.

CVBC Training Features more than 40 Hours of instruction:

 Coaches in training also have access to more than a dozen hours of bonus tele-workshops with such inspirational leaders as Marie Diamond, Lee Brower and Hale Dwoskin, teachers from the blockbuster movie The Secret. Schwarz herself was spotlighted in the best-selling DVD "Beyond the Secret" where she introduced the VBI to more than 300,000 DVD viewers around the globe.

 THE VISION BOARD INSTITUTE was established in 2007 to provide an international resource for continuing education and accreditation on such valuable personal development topics as: 

 Life Visioning

 Vision Board Creation and Design,

 Businesses Vision and Strategy



Customer Relations,

Social Networking

Life Vision Path Design

Success and Goal Realization

 Certified Vision Board Coach Totals Up 30 Percent in Past 3 Months

 Schwarz explains that the VBI Certified Vision Board Coach total increased more than 30 percent in the past three months alone. "More and more corporations like Boeing, Lindora Weight Loss Centers, Lululemon, Mary Kay and other companies are realizing the value of using life and work visioning in strategic planning and team building programs. In addition, our Certified Vision Board Coaches are called on for more one-to-one life and work visioning guidance and local, regional and online classes in Vision Board Creation for small businesses, entrepreneurs, families and individuals.

 VBI Continues to Expand: 

The Vision Board Institute has expanded training in the past year to not only  Training for CVBC Certified Vision Board accreditation  Workshops and classes but also to Training for AVR Accredited Vision Card Reader Courses and Classes. Vision Board Summer (Virtual) Bootcamp and upcoming: Master Coach in Life & Business Visioning accreditation and  Personal Development Certificates in Life and Business Visioning.

 VBI Staff Added: 

 During the past year the VBI also announced the addition of an Assistant Director post now filled by Marian Brown who is also a CVBC grad. Brown is located at the VBI regional location near Seattle. Brown is dedicated to the mission of  helping to expand the VBI and to serve as additional liaison to VBI Coaches and VBI Coaches in Training. For more info on Brown, go to: www.visionboardinstitute.com and click on the VB News tab. 

Helena Trangata, also a CVBC grad has assumed the role of VBI New Membership Director and will be working with providing additional membership information and benefit background to potential CVBC trainees around the globe. Trangata is located in Tampa, Florida area which also serves as one of the new VBI regional locations. To find out more about Trangata, click on the VBI news tab on www.visionboardinstitute.com

CVBC Coach Training Endorsements:  

To see endorsements for the VBI Coaching program go to www.visoinboardinstitute.com and click on the endorsements tab.

 Upcoming CVBC Coach Training Courses: 

CVBC Coach training courses start the beginning of each month. To find our more about upcoming live tele-workshop 4 week courses and home-study training, please email: thevisoinboard@aol.com or call 310-822-3119


•Keynote Speeches on Visioning & the Power of Vision Boards for business

•Vision Board workshops (for groups, organizations, corporate and small businesses

•Book Signings at conferences and for charity fundraisers

•Life Visioning Coaching for companies and individuals.

•Blog posts and articles on how to create vision boards and upgrade your life visioning processes at www.visionboard.info

•Corporate retreats (on-site and off-site) including planning, production and workshops/panels etc

•Personal appearances by Joyce Schwarz, best-selling author & Visioning Strategist

•Radio & TV interviews and podcasts by Joyce Schwarz & Certified Vision Board Coaches in your regional location

•Visioning Campaigns for nonprofit organizations and tie-ins with cause-related marketing such as  SAVE THE LIBRARY.org

•Economic Development & Tourism Visioning for destinations, states, regions, travel & hospitality industry (based on more than 20 years of experience

•Teen visioning workshops  **In-class and school visioning for educators and parents

•College Orientation Workshops (to launch the new semester, inter-session & pre-freshman events

•Custom tailored talks, inspirational outreach programs and actual vision board creation projects with you and your team, organization or company.

CvbccoachlogoLeft, see the CVBC circular logo which guarantees that when you see this symbol, your Certified Visoin Board Coach is certified by The Vision Board Institute and has completed moret han 40 hours of course study on life and work visioning, creativity coaching and visual strategy and planning. www.visionboardinstitute.com

The CVBC logo is your assurance that your counselor and instructor is certified by The Vision Board Institute and has completed more than 50 hours of study in the areas of: personal development, life design, vision board creation, life visioning & goal realization. In addition many of the CVBC accredited counselors also have an extensive background in NLP, counseling and management consulting

 CVBC Coach Training Featured in National Media 

The Certified Vision Board Coach training and the Vision Board Institute have been featured on such national media outlets as CBS Radio, Fox National TV News, AOL.com  Selfgrowth.com and at such regional and national events as South By Southwest SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas and at Body, Mind & Spirit Expos in Pasadena, Portland, San Diego and at ICF (International Coaching Federation) programs in Los Angeles.

 Social Media:Follow Joyce Schwarz and the VBI at www.twitter.com/visionboard and on the official Facebook Vision Board group.

  For more details on earning the CVBC designation in an 8 week via home study or a 4 week Teleclass,  please email: joyceschwarz@gmail.com


Make 2011 Your Best Year Ever Five things you need to know to make 2011 Your Best Year Ever from best-selling author Joyce Schwarz, The VIsion Board book

What do you really need to do to make 2011 your best year ever? During a special 1 hour free tele-conference, Joyce Schwarz, The Vision Board: the secret to an extraordinary life reveals her call on the give things that will empower you to live your vision this year!

Joyceandbooknew Joyce Schwarz, bestelling author THE VISION BOARD book also heads www.visionboardinstitute.com which accredits Certified Vision Board Coaches, for more info about becoming a CVBC, email: joyceschwarz@gmail.com

What are the 5 things that you need to do to make 2011 your best year ever?  Here is a link to the 1 hour conference call that you can listen to now or after you read the tips below:

According to bestselling author Joyce Schwarz, The Vision Board book, www.ihaveavision.org explains that you should follow this advice:

#1 Create a shared vision for 2011 for your life and for your work. You may want to arrange for a buddy to tag-team with you or to even create a support group a support group to encourage you to live your vision! Remember to place your picture in the center of your vision board to remind you that you are co-creating your life along with your God, Creative Source or Higher power.

#2 Take some time to craft your tagline or what we call your vision statement for 2011. Remember to make it brief -- consider using just a few power words like Change or for example mine is "LIVE THE POSSIBLE DREAM" and tying in your power words and vision statement with the next thing:

#3 Choose a DEFINING IMAGE for the year! One of my clients picked a pink Martini glass as a symbol of having more fun in 2011 and her power word is GIDDY -- remember to have some fun. Living should be exciting and fascinating not same old!

#4 Create a Gratitude Journal or Calendar for the year by using visuals not just words. Online calendar sites like mixbook.com and other online printers like iPrint.com or Kodakgallery.com let you choose to include pictures is you create your calendar. Or you can take pictures with your mobile phone and then print them out and paste them to a standard calendar you get or buy at the 99 cent store !

#5 Build a Legacy -- okay maybe you can't build a whole legacy in one year but you can create something of value that you can share with others today and leave behind for your family or grandchildren (even if you're a teen now) such as a recipe book or a bird house or a quilt or even a ceramic pot that you design yourself. By doing something with your hands and actually creating this object yourself you'll tie together your left and right brain and expertise in being not only logical but also intuitive and feel a great sense of accomplishment. Go outside of your comfort zone!

The Vision Board book best-selling author Joyce Schwarz Honored as Amazing Woman on Amazing Woman's Day Los Angeles

Best-selling author Joyce Schwarz, The VIsion Board: the secret to an extraordinary life and 4 other published books including SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING: WHEN JUST ANOTHER JOB IS NOT ENOUGH was honored for her lifetime achievements as an Amazing Womaqn at Marsh Engle's Amazing Woman's Day Los Angeles at Shutters Hotel, Santa Monica.

Marshjoyceah Left Marsh Engle, founder Amazing Woman's Day and right best-selling author and speaker Joyce Schwarz is on stage discussing Joyce's lifetime achievements indcluding the acclaimed Missing Kids on the Milk Carton Campaign that Schwarz organized and produced for Ralph's Grocery Chain almost 25 years ago. Photo Courtesy www.visionboard.info

     In awarding Joyce Schwarz the Amazing Woman certificate, Engle said:  "It is with great honor that we recognize you with a 2011 Amazing Woman's Award; the Amazing Woman Awards were created to honor the most compelling voices in feminine leadership, Our mission is to raise the profile and honor women who are transforming humanity through vital contributions in business, media , education,  health , welfare and culture across the nation and around the world, "

        As noted Joyce Schwarz is probably best known for designing the Missing Kids on the Milk Carton Campaign for Ralphs Rocery Company, but her background spans the areas of publishing, new media, education, community outreach and business development. Schwarz is one of the nation's top women new media pioneers and has written more than 200 articles on new media, the Internet and wireless. She was AOL.com's FUTURE OR WORK section creator which featured more than scores of articles and interviews on the workplace of the future.

     Her firm JCOM (Joyce Communications) Marketing and New Media consulting has served as a resource for old and new Hollywood projects and company and content launches. As an advisor, Schwarz has worked iwth 75 venture funded companies ranging from emusic.com to Primesense.com to launch these firms and their producs into the marketplace.

    As a speaker, Schwarz tackles such topics as Workplae of the Future, The Glass Basement, Life and Busienss Visioning, Immersive Training and Social Entrepreneurism.

    For more information about The VIsion Boiard Institute go to http://www.visionboardinstitute.com where you can see details about the more than 110 Certified VIsion Board Coaches (and coaches in training) around the globe.

   To see a free chapter of THE VISION BOARD book go to http://tinyurl.com/thevisionboard

   To sign up for a free vision board newsletter go to: http://www.visionboard.info

Wise Women Do Radio Show Hosted by Bonnie Peterson Features Interview with Joyce Schwarz, The Vision Board book author on How VIsioning Can Help You To Reach Your Goals in 2011 and beyond on Saturday, January 15


Bonnie2 Joyceandbooknew Left Bonnie Peterson, host Wise Women Do Radio Show will interview centerJoyce Schwarz, author of The VIsion Board Book (right) and founder of the Vision Board Institute, www.visionboardinstitute.com on visioning 2011 and beyond on Saturday, January 15, 2011. 

           Listen in as Bonnie Peterson interviews Joyce Schwarz, Author, of The Vision Board Book and Life and work Visioning Coach,and much more on Saturday, January 15, 2011 How can you vision 2011 as your best year ever? What are the 5 secrets to success that Joyce and her Certified VIsion Board Coaches around the globe share with their clients? Find out the answers to why some vision boards DON'T WORK and why you can use a Vision Board WITH your New Year's Resolution to insure success.


TO SEE A FREE CHAPTER OF THE VISION BOARD book on life visioning go to http://tinyurl.com/thevisionboard and click on look inside.

   To find out more information about becoming a Certified Vision Board Coach email: joyceschwarz@gmail.com

   To follow Joyce Schwarz and The Vision Board book on twitter www.twitter.com/visionboard



Nancy T in the OC To Interview Joyce Schwarz, The Vision Board book best selling author on How to Vision 2011 as your best year ever Monday,8:30 am PST, January 3

How can you vision 2011 as your best year ever? What are the 5 secrets to success that Joyce and her Certified VIsion Board Coaches around the globe share with their clients? Find out the answers to why some vision boards DON'T WORK and why you can use a Vision Board WITH your New Year's Resolution to insure success.

NOTE INTERVIE#W STARTS at 8:30 am call lines open at 9 am To call in live to the show or listen live: For your questions call in at 9:00 a.m. PST at 347-994-1292 ~ www.blogtalkradio.com/nancytferrari

For more info: joyceschwarz@gmail.com Yes, there will be an audio for the show. To sign up to get the audio reply at joyceschwarz@gmail.com or sign up on the FACEBOOK EVENTS page at: click here

Real Housewife of New Jersey Caroline Manzo Uses Vision Board for 2011 New Year Instead of Resolutions AND New Jersey Newspaper Turns to The Vision Board book author Joyce Schwarz for Tips for Vision Board creation for 2011

Joyceandbooknew by Joyce Schwarz, Hollywood career strategist and master life and work vision coach, joyceschwarz@gmaqil.com on January 1, 2011.

            Recently the Real Housewife of New Jersey TV show personality  Caroline Manzo reported in her weekly column on MSN that she doesn't make resolutions because they are "too easy to renege on."Realhousewives 

       Manzo's  comments caught the eye of the editor for her local newspaper the Franklin Lakes New Jersey Patch who turned to bestselling author Joyce Schwarz for 6 tips on how to make a vision board instead of New Year's Resolutions. 

   SIX TIPS FOR MAKING A 2011 VISION BOARD instead of New Years Resolutions:

 And we want to thank THE PATCH for the terrific article they did here:Six tips for 2011 Vision Board Creation 

   FREE CHAPTER THE VISION BOARD BOOK: Plus we want to offer THE PATCH and other readers of this blog www.visionboard.info a free chapter from THE VISION BOARD book on the ancient art of visioning which is one of the key steps to take before creating a vision board. You can see that chapter here at see inside The Vision Board book

   FREE NEWSLETTER to sign up for a free newsletter go to www.visionboard.info and fill out the form to get monthly tips on visio board creation and life and work visioning.

   TO HEAR 25 HOURS OF FREE AUDIO PROGRAMS on life and work visioning go to: www.visionboardinstitute.com where you can also find the location of the nearest Certified Vision Board Coach for your area.

  GET INFO ABOUT BECOMING A CERTIFIED VISION BOARD COACH via home study and registger at: http://homestudy.eventbrite.com