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March 2011

Giants Baseball Player Pablo Sandoval Uses Vision Board --see what bestselling author Joyce Schwarz,The Vision Board book likes about his vision and Vision Board !

.....see another example proving that Vision Boards DO work....here is Pablo Sandoval, Giants baseball player who is using a vision board as inspiration to transform his life and bring his goals into focus....

and what Joyce Schwarz, author of THE VISION BOARD book Joycebook1
(www.ihavevision.org) calls a defining image:

Giant's baseball player Pablo Sandoval's "DEFINING IMAGE" :

...(excerpted from the 3/30/11 ESPEN article by Molly Knight (see end of blog post for link to full article)  on Sandoval with added notes from blogger Joyce Schwarz at www.visionboard.info) teammate Miguel Tejada encouraged (Pablo Sandoval who used be called Panda) ...to think like a different animal -- a racehorse in a mask.

To reinforce this new image, in the ESPN article ,"Sandoval makes two circles around his eyes with his hands to help explain the analogy. "This way, they can't look from side to side," he says. "And they can't look back, only forward," he explains in the article. So notes author Schwarz....that way he is not only reinfocing the image but he is using the power of touch to prompt himself to remember the new image.

Here is a screengrab of Giant's baseball player Pablo Sandoval's Vision Board as seen in ESPN magazine online.

HOW DID GIANT'S PLAYER SANDOVAL GET INTO VISION BOARDS? ....the ESPEN article explains: Sandoval recognized that if he truly wanted to move forward, he also needed to shed some emotional baggage. So he took the off-season to look inward. He picked up the 2006 best-selling self-help book The Secret, and even cobbled together a vision board (a re-creation of which opened this article) to help bring his goals into focus.

 "Nice career" is one such aspiration, tacked onto the board next to pictures of current and former players he admires, including Barry Bonds, Albert Pujols, countrymen Omar Vizquel and Carlos Gonzalez, and his own personal idol, Tony Gwynn. To Sandoval, a nice career would be hitting .330 every year, with 30 home runs, 100 RBI, 10 bunt singles, 20 stolen bases and a Gold Glove. (That stuff is on the vision board too.)

GOOD GOING! says bestselling author Joyce Schwarz, notice how many of our tips for creating a great Vision Board that Sandoval is following:

1) Sandoval puts a picture of himself in the center of the Vision Board --Sand1 
that immerses him into the vision which is NOW (not tomorrow
) also if he wanted to since he is losing weight and getting into shape he could have someone help him photoshop that pix into the ideal version of how he wants to look and feel..just a thought Sandoval!

2) The Giant's player reinforces his BIG vision for his board with a new defining image that he takes beyond the board -- of now being a racehorse in a mask!

3) He even has a gestural prompt (something that involves touch) that supports that image by forming his hands into circles that then prompt him to realize that he does not have to look to the sides or back...but to what is now and move forward.

4) On his Vision Board Sandoval intersperses images of stuff (a private jet Sandjet
that for him may actually symbolize POWER, not just an acquisition) with such goals as

*330 batting average 

 *Hall of Fame  Halloffame

*Nice career"Sandcareer

*Good Pretty Woman" Sandwoman
*GOD Sandgod
Joyce suggests that he put his God power word closer to his picture in the center to symbolize to him and remind him that he is co-creating his life with GOD not alone...if you're not religous you can use a picture of the sun symbolizing the universe or your higher power or a symbol of your own beliefs.

FREE CHAPTER OF THE VISION BOARD BOOK FOR YOU: If Sandoval or any of the Giants players -- or okay the DODGERS too...LA Dodgers versus the Giants today at the season opener so I better be loyal to my home team too) you can see a free chapter of THE VISION BOARD book on life visioning at http://tinyurl.com/seeinsidebook

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THE FUTURE OF WORK Interview WEWS CLEVELAND with Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author and business coach

What is the future of work? Is work an out-dated term? As an expert who combines both high tech and high touch in my international coaching and speaking services, I realized it was time to go back and look at some of the interviews I did when I was promoting my book SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING: When Just Another Job is not enough

Careercds SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING is now available as a course in a box from JCOM Markeitng and New Media, for more information email: joyceschwarz@gmail.com

In digitizing the video and looking at it with fresh eyes,I thought that there was still a lot of value in sharing these videos with you. So this is the second in a series of blog posts about VISIONING THE FUTURE OF JOBS AND WORK.

SEE THIS INTERVIEW WITH JOYCE SCHWARZ that appeared on WEWS Cleveland's Morning Exhchange TV show...what do you think about hte future of work? Do you want to retire or will you be working until you're 90? Let's discuss that in a future teleworkshop. But first take a look at this video and enjoy it: 

Visioning the future of work by Joyce Schwarz, Author The Vision Board and Career Transition Coach

What does the future of work hold for you? Will your work be entrepreneurial (more than 70 percent of all income streams are already) or will you be the owner of a small business? Chances are you're still pondering what your future is -- no matter what your age. That's because we will all change careers at least 7-8 times in our lives. Not just jobs -- but careers.

Joycesd Left Joyce Schwarz, Career Transition Coach and bestselling author of SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING and THE VISION BOARD book discusses the big vision for the career and business outlook on the anchor desk at San Diego TV newsroom. Schwarz company is called JCOM Marketing & Business Development, www.joycecom.com


Joyce Schwarz, Amazing Woman's Day Los Angeles Honoree at Amazing Woman's Day 10th Anniversary Celebration

 by Joyce Schwarz, best-selling author THE VISION BOARD, public speaker and career and business coach blogging at www.visionboard.info


What a great pleasure it was to be present to help Marsh Engle, founder Amazing Woman's Day celebrate the 10th Anniverary at the Skirball Center in Los Angeles recently.

 Here was my Facebook post and digital greeting card congratulating Marsh on the 10th Anniversary of Amazing Woman's Day: 

Amazinga(left) Marsh Engle,( right) Joyce Schwarz showing off the beautiful award Marsh gave her as Amazing Woman, Los Angeles, 2011,



Overview picture of Amazing Woman's Day 10th Anniversary Red Carpet preview event prior to the celebration in the theatre at Skirball Center.  

Joyce1a2 Joyce Schwarz getting ready to mingle with other Red Carpet event attendees at the Amazing Woman's Day 10th Anniversary event at Skirball Cener. Joyce is in the purple in center back.

Joyce1stage Left Marsh Engle, founder Amazing Woman's Day delivers the finale for Amazing Woman's Day 10th Anniversary surrounded by some of the amazing women who supported the event on stage. Yes, that's Joyce Schwarz far right in the purple gown feeling like royalty on stage with a wondeful group of powerful women!

Joyce1ab Renee Piane (left) one of the celebrity interviewers on the Red Carpet for Amazing Woman's Day 10th Anniversary, (right) Joyce Schwarz getting ready for interview about what else-- being an Amazing Woman and all the amazing women at the event !
Joycegroup2 A better panorama picture of all the amazing women joined together on stage at the finale of Amazing Woman's Day 10th Anniversary to honor Marsh Engle and give tribute to a wonderful group of amazing women including Ricky Byers Beckwith (not pictured above). Joyce Schwarz, author of THE VISION BOARD book is third from right side. Thanks Marsh Engle for a great evening!

OTHER JOYCE SCHWARZ pix from the event (just for archival purposes of of course:

Joycepurple2a (Left) Renee Piane Certified Vision Board Coach in training and right Joyce Schwarz author THE VISION BOARD the secret to an extraordinary life. Renee is probably best known as the founder of RAPID DATING and the author of LOVE MECHANICS. He is also featured in THE VISION BOARD book. Renee ROCKS! Thanks for all Renee....

Joyceperfect Joyce Schwarz (left) getting ready for the Royal Wedding (oops no I mean Amazing Woman's Day 10th Anniversary ! 

Thanks again Marsh Engle!  


Vision Board Tribute to International Women's Day Created by bestselling author Joyce Schwarz

by Joyce Schwarz, blogging at www.visionboard.info   The challenge was to create a Vision Board Tribute to International Women's Day March 9 and at the same time have the pictures on the Vision Board representattive of women around the globe.

   Since I had no time to collect photos, drawings and more from other women around the world, I went to Google.com and simply put in the words (without quote marks) International Women's Day Vision Board and found what came up.

    Since I was using this simply as a symbol and not for mass reproduction I was not concerned that much about getting rights and permissions from all of the photographers and artists.  To see the artists pictures who are in the Vision Board below go to:

www.google.com and click on images and then put in the words International Women's Day Vision Board just like I did and then you can click on the individual images that also appear in the Tribute Vision Board that Joyce Schwarz, best-selling author of THE Vision Board book, www.visionboardinstitute.com created to honor women around the globe on March 9, 2011.

Tribute Vision Board created by Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author The Vision Board for International Women's Day, 2011, for more info refer to: www.visionboard.info the official blog for THE VISION BOARD book

      HOW DID I SELECT THE RIGHT PICTURES? Good question I picked colorful pictures that represented images from around the globe. I clicked through to the original image to see what exactly it did represent and how it might fit together with the them this year of opportunities for work which was one of the initiatives of International Women's Day 2011.

PLUS -- I found a DEFINING IMAGE -- which is the two working hands with paint or colored clay on them meaning women working together -- at least to me!

Handsimage Defining image as positioned on the International Women's Day Vision Board created by Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author THE VISION BOARD book.

Then once I had the pictures in a design that was pleasing to me and seemed to represent International Women's Day 2011 in my mind and intention, I added some embellishments. I added pink balloons to several pictures because I felt the Vision Board I was creating was too somber. I wanted my Vision Board to be a celebration and the best way I know how to do that is to add balloons. At first I was concerned that someone might think I was taking this too lightheartedly but then I thought what an amazing celebration of personal liberty -- if you could carry a balloon anywhere and it symbolized your 'lightness of being' and freedom to be who you are really meant to be!

So therefore the pink balloons....check them out.

Not all the pictures I selected could fit into the Vision Board so that I could do a screengrab of it and share it with my facebook audience and YOU. So what I did was take a special screengrab of this poignant picture I found on Google images:

Womenburkina]One of the most poignant images to turn up from a Google search for International Women's Day 2011 vision board search. How amazing is this picture!  And if you can't read the info on the right side -- here it is again. This girl dreams of becoming 

PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD --- what more can we say except GO GIRL!


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