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May 2011

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Vision Board Fans Read Transcript of 1st Radio Interview Joyce Schwarz, Best-selling Author The Vision Board did On Vision Boards

By Joyce Schwarz, blogging at www.visionboard.info   

The Vision Board Institute, www.visionboardinstitute.com celebrates 2nd anniverary on May 25, 2011

Always fun to look back to the future. In celebration of the second anniversary of the Vision Board Institute which was established in Spring, 2009 and graduated the very first Certified Vision Board Coaches on May 25, 2009, Joyce Schwarz has posted a transcript of the first radio interview she ever did on vision board creation.


That interview was done in June, 2007 even before the best-selling book THE VISION BOARD was sold to Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design.

We've posted the transcript on Slideshare where you can download and enjoy it and pass it on. 

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Designer Inspiration Boards How do they fit with Vision Boards? The Vision Board book author and speaker Joyce Schwarz Explains What you Can Learn from Major Designers Inspiration Boards at www.visonboard.info

by Joyce Schwarz blogging at www.visionboard.info

Many of the people in my audience and those following me on Facebook often ask --what is an Inspiration Board and how is it different from a Vision Board? Also why do fashion designers and other designers always call their boards Inspiration Boards versus Dream Board or Treasure Map or Vision Board?

So I thought the best way to explain this was to start showing some major Designer Inspiration Boards so you can see what these look like:

Marchesa is a fascinating fashion brand inspired by the 19th Century aristocrat of the same name. Here's part of  what NY Magazine says about the designers:With nineteenth-century eccentric aristocrat Marchesa Casiti as their muse, designers Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig brought to life the icon’s grandiose vision of being a living work of art. In 2004, Marchesa was officially established, and quickly exploded as a favorite among celebrities and critics alike.  Marchesa's 2011 Spring Inspiration board is titled Orientalist . See more about Marchesa at wikipedia.org also  Look at their 2011 Spring line and see how the Orientalist Inspiration board was an influencer for what they created: springmarchesa Marchesa
WHAT IS A FASHION OR DESIGNER INSPIRATION BOARD? It basically is a collection of pictures, designs, words or images that tie in with how the designer wants to depict their new line for spring, summer, winter or fall of that year. Or in the case where the designer is someone like Rachel Ray (yes, she has an inpiration board, see it below) it can be a look or representation to tie together the projects that she is working on for that season. Often called MOOD boards the idea for a major designer is to tie together or to form a theme or even what we in the self growth business might call a MANTRA -- an overview that shows that pictures, images or power themes speak louder than words.

Here is Rachael Ray's Inspiration board for 2011 Spring:

 Do you see how the colors mesh together and contrast at the same time -- it kind of looks COSMIC doesn't it? Maybe with a lot of sun thrown in...see how she interpreted that in her spatula line...yes no matter what it is --your Inspiration board should truly INSPIRE by color by feel by look etc. Rae 
 Johnson Here's designer Betsey Johnson's Inspiration boad for 2011 spring --it's called Skreech -- and truly does have a sense of live action -- almost comic book as in Skreech!

Here's some pix from Betsey Johnson's Spring 2011 collection as pictured on Google -- just look at the one with her signature-- it seems to directly reflect the Spring Inspiration board -- not comic book in style but in SCREECHING colors! What do you think.

Once again how does this tie in with a Vision Board? In the Vision Board Institute course on how to become a Certified Vision Board Coach, we go into how you can use anything around you for inspiration -- it doesn't have to be a photo or an image or a word or an affirmation. The idea is to create a virtual campaign that will allow you to experience your vision as soon as possible -- hopefully now...so by settling on one theme or mantra or power word for each season -- you too can see your vision become REAL ! '

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Happy Cinco de Mayo Make your Vision Board this weekend in English or Espanol says The Vision Board book auhor Joyce Schwarz

Happy May 5, by Joyce Schwarz blogging at www.visionboard.info  This is a great weekend to continue to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and make your vision board or dream board in English or Spanish or even both. 

To get inspired see this video on Youtube created by Joyce Schwarz founder THE VIISON BOARD INSTITUTE : 

Google Doodle Contest Gives Kids a Chance to Picture Their Vision says Joyce Schwarz, author The Vision Board book

by Joyce Schwarz, blogging at www.visionboard.info  

I LOVE the Google doodle annual contest for kids -- it gives them a chance to picture their vision for good in the world and their own lives using the Google Doodle as the template to start from. It's a great opportunity to introduce kids of all ages to the idea of visual life and career planning and using a vision board as a visual map to living your vision.

Here are my favorite finalists for the Google Doodle Contest which you can see more at -- see link below: 









Vision Board Institute www.visionboardinstitute.com Featured in TPE Blog on How to Say Thanks Via Tribute Vision Board or Video

by Joyce Schwarz blogging at www.visionboardinstitute.com 

How do you say thanks to your colleagues and your commu8nity? One of the best ways we at the www.visionboardinstitute.com believe and practice is to create a Thank You Video or Vision Board or what we call a TRIBUTE board for your colleagues, family or community.  Here's the screengrab of Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author of THE VISION BOARD book and founder THE VISION BOARD INSTITUTE actual contribution to the TIPE blog: 

To see the whole TPE blog on thank you suggestions go tohttp://tinyurl.com/43pp3o6

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To get more information about becoming a Certified Vision Board Coach, email: joyceschwarz(at)gmail.com and put INFO CVBC in your subject and Joyce will send you the info on upcoming 4 week tele-class and the 8 week home study program (you can complete at your leisure).