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TOMORROW GPS Pepsi Grand Prize Short Video by Abe Forsythe May Make You Cry While Showing You Why you MUST LIVE YOUR VISION

by Joyce Schwarz, blogging at 

YES, as many of you know I say that a Vision Board is a GPS to your best possible life. BUT how to prove that? How to show that to you so u really get it.  Joycevision3

Caption: Bestselling author Joyce Schwarz, THE VISION BOARD says that a vision board is your GPS to your best possible life see why at

TOMORROW GPS VIDEO best 1 minute video ever? 

Well to use my terms -- along comes the WHO OF THE HOW in Australian actor and filmmaker Abe Forsythe see credits IMDB who is the grand prize winner of the Pepsi Short Film Video Competition. Scroll down to see his "Tomorrow GPS" award winning video on Youtube embedded here. note Vision Board fans I have emails and tweets into Abe to see if I can get him for a podcast for you! MEANWHILE enjoy this excerpt from the blog about Abe and his video TOMORROW GPS 

Comments excerpted from the blog: 

Pepsi Short Film Video Competition

Brief: Tomorrow

Winner: Abe Forsythe, Australia

Video: ‘GPS’

Why it was chosen: 
It’s really apparent from this short that Abe is a seasoned filmmaker. The production quality is first class, it’s perfectly paced and the idea is strong and uplifting.

About Abe Forsythe: 
Abe is a director who has been making films since he was 16. He both directed and acted in the 2003 Australian production ‘Ned’. Last year he was a finalist in the ‘Tropfest’ short film festival, which had an audience of 120,000 people across Australia.

Abe said:
“I’m trying to move into commercials so I loved the challenge of making a short film to a specific brief. I really like the idea of cramming as much storytelling into a short amount of time as possible and still making you feel something. It was filmed in a day – I just wanted to see what would happen if I went out there with the camera and did it.”

The Pepsi Short Film winner has been awarded $10,000 and the chance to make an film with Avatar producer Jon Landau.  excerpted from: blog

Message from Joyce Schwarz: I challenge all of you reading this to take your shoes off today and walk in the grass or on the beach and remember to take the right turn! 



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