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September 2011

Heart of Success VIP Authors Panel Pasadena Body Mind Spirit Expo 9/25/11 Features Lisa Cianci, Heart of Redesigning Your Life, Julie Thong, Heart of F.E.A.R. and Joyce Schwarz, Heart of A Vision Board

You are invited to a keynote panel at the Pasadena Body Mind Spirit Expo on Sunday, September 25, 2011 at 2 pm which will feature Co-authors of the upcoming media series HEART OF SUCCESS. 

The event will be at the Masonic Lodge in Pasadena. There is no charge for the Heart of Success Panel but there is a $10 fee for entrance to the expo (for both days). 

FEATURED SPEAKERS will include: 

Lisacianci Lisa Cianci, www.lisacianci.com who will speak on HEART OF REDESIGNING YOUR LIFE. 

Juliethong Julie Thong, www.juliethong.com who will speak on HEART OF F.E.A.R. 

and  Joyceschwarz Joyce Schwarz who will speak on HEART OF A VISION BOARD all are featured in the upcoming series HEART OF SUCCESS which will preview this fall in print, audio CD, videos & more. 

You can follow us on www.twitter.com/heartofsuccess 

For more information about the series and to see the other authors featured in HEART OF SUCCESS go to: www.theartofsuccessbook.com 

Or email: joyceschwarz(at)gmail.com 

For press passes to the HEART OF SUCCESS panel please contact Joyce Schwarz at the above email too. Or tweet her at www.twitter.com/visionboard 

HOW TO MAKE A PEACE VISION BOARD TO HONOR 9/11/11 By Joyce Schwarz, keynote speaker and betstselling author THE VISION BOARD book

by Joyce Schwarz, keyote speaker and best-selling author THE VISION BOARD book, www.visionboard.info. 


This is the perfect weekend (or any time you're reading this to make a PEACE VISION BOARD. Here are some basic steps that you and your family and friends will enjoy doing. It's also a great experience to do yourself if you have just an hour or two you can do this easily.


1) VISIONING -- take some time to envision peace and what it means to you -- is it peace of mind ? Is it freedom? Is it being an American or a faithful citizen to your country of choice?

You can see a free chapter on the ancient art of visioning at: http://tinyurl.com/seeinsidebook

2) REVIEW the GRABS success formula which is featured in Joyce Schwarz book THE VISION BOARD (www.visionboard.info)

G= Gratitude (be grateful for your life

R = Receive -- be ready to receive the best right now and to RELEASE the past

A= Take some action (even if they are what Joyce Schwarz calls LA La actions (little actions) Acknowledge your life for the past 10 years since 9/11/0, ASK for peace for your family and the world.

B = Be authentic -- ask your family to give up arguing and bickering for just this weekend and see if you can add a new sence of peace just for 48 hours. Believe that peace IS possible (or if you can't believe at least suspend your disbelief)

S= Share your sence of peace -- invite people over or just do it with your family and yourself on 9/11 light some candles and say a prayer or just use the word Peace as a mantra

3) Little actions -- as mentioned light a candle on 9/11, put out your American Flag and display it proudly. 

4) Gather pictures from the past decade that show your family as peaceful and happy. Or go out to the beach (if there is one nearby) or even a baseball diamond area and inscribe the word PEACE in the sand. Or walk around your neighborhood or nearby park on 9/11 and take pictures of the American flags flying 

5) Celebrate your Vision Board -- if you wish you can frame it or you can display it proudly on the mantle. If you have service members in your family -- be sure to call and email them and send them a picture of your PEACE VISION BOARD

6) Take a picture of the PEACE board and carry it with you to remind yourself that you can create a sense of peace and peace of mind whenever you want. 

7) ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND -- slow down, hug your kids, kiss your loved ones and most of all be grateful to our American Heroes around the round the globe and to all the heroes of 9/11. 



For more information about becoming a Certified Vision Board Coach go to www.visionboardinstitute.com or email: joyceschwarz@gmail.com To tweet Joyce Schwarz contact her at www.twitter.com/visionboard. 

Free Teleclass MP3 Audio 2 hrs Get A Life Not Just a Job With Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author, THE VISION BOARD book

YES, you can get a life not just a job and you can find out how to do that in this 2 hour teleclass audio offered by Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author of THE VISION BOARD book published by Harper Collins and the founder of The Center for Successful Recareering and The Vision Board Institute, www.visionboardinstitute.com:

Here is the link to download the free teleclass:  http://tinyurl.com/freegetalifenotjobvclass

Recareering2Joyce Schwarz, founder of the Center for Successful Recareering is shown at the National Cable Television Conference as a spokesperson for CAREER TV. Check out www.successfulrecareering.com

LINKS TO REGISTER FOR CLASSES featured in the Labor Day tele-class include:

BECOME AN ACCREDITED VISION CARD READER class (two 90 minute sessions 9/15 and 9/22 at 5 pm PST register and find more info at:  http://visioncard.eventbrite.com   


BECOME A CERTIFIED VISION BOARD COACH IN WEEKS: REGISTRATION AND INFO:  http://visionboardcoachjsept13.eventbrite.com


GetalifeSign up for the GET A LIFE NOT JUST A JOB 8 week course at: http://bestsecrets.eventbrite.com and discover how to live like a millionaire with little or no cash! 

OR to register for any of the classes, email: joyceschwarz@gmail.com  THANKS


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Free Infoclass Labor Day Sept 5 at 6-8 pm PST on HOW TO GET A LIFE NOT JUST A JOB with Career Expert and bestselling author Joyce Schwarz, THE VISION BOARD book and special guests co-authors HEART OF SUCCESS book and media series