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October 2011


by Joyce Schwarz, blogging at www.hollywood2020.net, October 7, 2011...Los Angeles, California....

           It was great to have Barbara Kline, founder of Breakthrucenter.com join our keynote power panel at the Conscious Life Expo at the LAX Hilton last week. Kline who is also the co-author of the upcoming bestseller HEART OF A START-UP can be reached at www.bkline@breakthrucom.com 


Left to right, Joyce Schwarz,bestselling author THE VISION BOARD, www.ihaveavisionl.org moderator and organizer of the keynote panel on success and abundance at the Conscious Life Expo at the LAX Hilton, Center Barbara Kline, author, HEART OF A START-UP and founder, Breakthru Center,www.breakthrucenter.com and  right Trinity Thomas, author of HEART OF AN ORACLE, www.trinitysheathomas.com 


Introduction: Hello, I am Barbara Kline, founder and CEO of Breakthru Center. A website and educational company designed to support and demystify the process of growing a start-up into a sustainable company through the process of second stage growth.  You can reach me at 505-899-8578 or at bkline@breakthrucenter.com.I also host a business radio show called KLINE ONLINE that features business personalities speaking on finance, marketing, results metrics and other issues of relevance to entrepreneurs and business owners.As a marketing and business consultant with more than 25 years of experience, I can assure you that you can’t grow a business by yourself.

ABOUT BREAKTHRUCENTER, WWW.BREAKTHRUCENTER.COM   Every successful entrepreneur has mentors that help them through the rough spots.  Breakthru Center is an outstanding resource and you can become a member, for free, by registering at our website www.breakthrucenter.com.  We are offering a teleseminar called “Breakthru Funding” this November and I invite you to attend.  Get $25 off when you mention the Conscious Life Conference. Just call 505-899-8578.   

Barbaraalone pictured left, Barbara Kline, founder, Breakthru Center, www.breakthrucenter.com and Breakthru Communications www.breakthrucom.com speaking on HEART OF A START-UP and "Breakthru to Funding". 


   "Our country is in love with the startup, but there just isn’t very much material available when it comes to understanding how to grow that company through the 2nd stage – that tricky time when you have 10-100 employees and $1-50 million in revenue, and things have started to change.  Here you were, sprinting across a relatively flat plain, and now, suddenly, you have a climb a mountain – new skills, new partners.  You didn’t need crampons, ropes, pitons and other paraphernalia of management when you were young and free.

My chapter in the Heart of Success is call the Heart of a Startup and it is all about building a successful startup – and then looking ahead.  You can find a preview of my chapter on my website at www.breakthrucenter.com.

There are four pillars of startup success that are necessary for you to build your company – passion, adequate funding, technical savvy, and leadership.  

Without building a base that consists of all four of these pillars, you are likely to stumble on a rock or a gopher hole during your sprint and not even make it to the mountain.

Let’s consider them quickly:  Passion – startups are hard work.  What helps make all the effort and long hours worthwhile, is your passion for what you are doing.  Find people that share that passion to help you out and you have one pillar firmly in place.

Adequate funding may be the most difficult pillar to build.  Venture capitalists and banks have gotten much more conservative – in fact, many VC firms expect you to have product and customers before they will consider investing.  But funding your business on credit cards or mortgaging your home is a risky process – especially these days.  Make sure you have a plan in mind and at least six months of operating expenses in place before you take your plunge – and remember that it almost always costs twice as much as you thought it would!

The third pillar is technical savvy.  Technical savvy works on two levels.  The time to start a business is AFTER you have the credentials to do the work.  Don’t try to start a spa when you are still in massage school, and don’t try to start a software company – no matter how good the idea, unless you already know how to write code.  Beyond the technology of your business – remember to understand the business as well.  Old rule of thumb – if you don’t make time to work on your business, rather that work in it, you won’t have a business to work in!

Finally, leadership means that you have to start building a team – and keeping that team on track.  Steve Jobs said that Apple’s secret to success had less to do with what they did, than with all the things that they turned down – so that they could stay on focus.  Entrepreneurs are not always natural leaders, but to be successful, they need to figure out how to motivate the troops – and keep them focused!

And, just when things are starting to look good, entrepreneurs need to either focus on new skills – in organization development, finance, human resources and other areas – or they need to plan for an orderly transition to a management team that will allow the entrepreneurs to do what they love best – either in the current company or in a new one.  Nurturing second stage companies is one of the key fiscal imperatives of the 21st century.  Second stage companies really begin to provide payoffs for their founders – and they also provide jobs and benefits and start creating real wealth.  Remember, the startup isn’t the endgame – it’s the start of something that can make a difference!

Breakthru Center – www.BreakthruCenter.com – is there to help you understand and grow through the challenges of second stage growth.  Register for a FREE membership – and “Like” us on Facebook and reap the benefits of others who have been there and done that as you grow your company.

Let me know how I can help you.  I can be reached at 505-899-8578 or at bkline@breakthrucom.com.  And don’t forget to sign up for our Breakthru to Funding teleseminar in November is designed to help you with this challenging area – both in the startup stage and as the company grows. 




  Panel1Heart of Success Co-Authors Lisa Cianci, Julie Thong, Joyce Schwarz To Speak Pasadena Expo Sunday, 9/25/11

Three of the top motivational coaches and speakers in Southern California join together on 9/24/11 at Pasadena Body Mind Spirit Expo 2 pm Sunday, September 25 for power panel.




 Heart of Success Panel & Book

PRLog (Press Release) - Sep 18, 2011 - Join us for a free panel featuring three of Southern California's top coaches and motivational speakers including Lisa Cianci, www.lisacianci.com, Julie Thong, www.juliethong.com and Joyce Schwarz, www.visionboardinstitute.com .on Sunday, September 25 at the Masonic Lodge in Pasadena, California at the Body Mind Spirit Expo at 2 pm.

Tap Into Your Heart's Work

The panel discussion titled HEART OF SUCCESS will cover how to tap into you Heart's work and and create abundance, prosperity and  fulfillment in your life as you serve others in the areas of coaching and training. 

Find out how to Vision Your Best Possible Life and use a vision board as your GPS to living your dreams and making others visions come true from best-selling author Joyce Schwarz who will moderate the three part panel on Sunday, September 25. 

Meet Lisa Cianci, the "New Age Martha Stewart" 

Lisa Cianci, from Topanga Canyon, who is known by many as the "New Age Martha Stewart" will talk about how you can REDESIGN YOUR LIFE.WITH HEART.  Cianci whose website is www;lisacianci.com. Her biography here previews a bit of what you'll hear discussed on Sunday, September 25:

Lisa was born in NYC to first and second generation American parents of Irish, Italian, Puerto Rican, French and Native American descent.  She considers herself a true “American”.  At the peak of her career while working for Gensler, the world’s largest architectural and interior design firm for 13 years Lisa appeared to be living the ultimate “American Dream”. 

She traveled all over the country and world, as she designed shell and cores and interiors for Rolls Royce’s, corporate jets, a private airplane hanger at Van Nuys Airport, multi-million dollar corporate campus’ and headquarters domestically and internationally for such prestigious clients as Rand,Warner Bros and Herbalife.
By the age 38, Lisa had been traveling for close to 10 years.  “I made more money than I had ever dreamed ,” recalls Lisa. “However, I worked 7 days and 80 hours a week for more than a decade. “Basically, I was living a “man’s life”.  Denying my feminine power.  I needed to reconnect with Mother Earth, my husband, our son & the Spirit of God”.  My true Self —the woman, daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, and spiritual being—was withering away. 

Like a flower I was longing for sunlight and thirsting for water. I felt suffocated. I had  ‘everything’, yet I had nothing of true significance.”  Lisa’s wake-up call came when she discovered a lump in her breast “at the exact same age as my mother when she experienced her first malignant breast cancer. Be sure to go to www.lisacianci.com to read more about Lisa and her upcoming events. 

Meet Julie Thong,, MBA, PhD, The Courage and Wellness Coach

Second on the agenda for this blockbuster panel is Torrance resident Julie Thong who is well known as being a survivor of the Cambodian Camps. Thong will speak on the Heart of F.E.A.R. explaining how to overcome all kinds of obstacles in life from health issues to dealing with your own personal fears. Be inspired by Julie's acronym of Face Everything And Rejoice.   

Dr. Julie Thong is a dynamic speaker, inspirational author, heartfelt philanthropist, successful entrepreneur, life-changing consultant and corporate health and wellness coach. She teaches how the same strategies she used in a daring escape from Cambodian communist regime helped her achieve great health, time, freedom, and other amazing opportunities. She shares how anyone can overcome stress, obstacles, hardship and fear through psychoneurology and aromatherapy. Julie was recently featured on the local version of CNN forcusing on her Aromatherapy practice. 

Dr Julie is the author of "Khanteya: My Quest for Love and Freedom and The Power of FEAR: Face Everything and Rejoice." She co-authored. "The Living Proof", with Lisa Nichols. She is the founder of Amazing Mission International for H.E.A.R.T (Humanity, Ecology, Art, Recreaction) to support the CambodiaWeCare.org and other projects around the world.  

Connect with Dr. Julie thong via www.JulieThong.com and email to info@JulieThong.com

Meet Joyce Schwarz joyceschwarz@gmail.com  310-822-3119

Panel moderator and creator and producer for the Heart of Success media series which will include print books, ebooks, audio CDs and DVDs is Joyce Schwarz, a Hollywood career and business strrategist who is well known for her bestselling book THE VISION BOARD from Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design which has sold more than 100,000 copies.

Schwarz is probably best known as the organizer for the Missing Kids on the Milk Carton Campaign for Ralph's Grocery Chain in California which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Joyce is also the author of 5 other books including SUCCESSFUL RECARERING WHEN JUST ANOTHER JOB IS NOT ENOUGH.

Schwarz not only produces media series but also is a recognized life and career coach for VIP's celebrities, entrepreneurs, speakers and even other coaches. She has appeared on Fox News TV, ABC, CBC News, NPR, and in such major publications as WALL STREET JOURNAL, LA TIMES, DAILY NEWS and on more than 200 radio shows and blogs. 

Joyce maintains an active public relations and marketing practice in Marina Del Rey, CA where she works and lives. See www.joycecom.com for details on her consulting and email her at joyceschwarz@gmail.com for more info on this panel or her services.