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November 2011

Registration Still Open for 11 Week LIVE YOUR VISION BOARD Bootcamp Teleclass With Bestselling Author Joyce Schwarz and VIP Experts/Coaches & Authors

YES YOU CAN STILL register for the LIVE YOUR VISION bootcamp by going to: http://ongoingvbbootcamp.eventbrite.com

Or better yet -- use this registration form here to register for the bootcamp:


BLACK FRIDAY DEAL Live Your Vision Board 11 wk teleclass for only $19.95

SPECIAL BLACK FRIDAY DEAL  $19.95 for first 10 people who register LIVE YOUR VISION BOARD 11 week course: .http://visionboard2012course.eventbrite.comLive1

LIVE YOUR VISION BOARD 11 week teleclass Features 5 of Teachers of THE SECRET and VIP Experts & Authors To Get You Through Holidays and Prep for Your Best Year Ever Hosted by Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author THE VISION BOARD BOOK

WHAT IF YOU COULD REALLY FOLLOW YOUR HEART and still create abundance and prosperity in your life? WHAT if you could re-invent yourself in 11 weeks? What if this coming year really was your best year ever?

JoyceredShown left THE VISION BOARD book bestseller and author Joyce Schwarz who will be hosting the amazing new LIVE YOUR VISION BOARD 11 week teleclass with top experts, authors and VIPs to guide you to LIVE YOUR VISION BOARD. Program stars November 28 @ 5 pm PST/8pmEST, http://visionboard2012.eventbrite.com

 WE CHALLENGE YOU TO LIVE YOUR VISION BOARD with the help, assistance and advice from the world's top experts and the support that an 11 week teleclass beginning November 28 at 5 pm PST/8pm EST will provide.

Look at just some of the VIP's you'll get to hear and see interviews, podcasts and tips from including 6 of the teachers of THE SECRET such as Marie Diamond, Bob Proctor, Lee Brower and Jack Canfield!  

BUT first you have to get through the stress of the holidays and and wrap up this next 6 weeks and release any regrets about 2011 and the past right!

 And we'll help you release any regrets from 2012 with advice from our Follow Your Heart (HEART OF SUCCESS upcoming bestseller book) and such VIP podcasts as: Aras Baskauskas,winner of SURVIVOR $1million, Beth Greer, Supernatural Mom, Renee Piane, founder Rapid dating and more!

 OKAY we've organized the best Vision Board Bootcamp ever -- an 11 week teleclass (yes, it will be audio'd if you can't attend every week.

 Now we will virtually hold your hand -- or if necessary hold you up (YES, for some it's been a very tough year) through the next 11 weeks from Monday November 28, 2011 to January 30, 2012.

 Find out how to vision health and wealth from such VIPs as Marisa Petrero, NBC Deal or No Deal Model and spokesperson for the Sarcoma Foundation and Millionaire mom Jen who reveals how your family can live their vision of millionaire lifestyle.


Cynthia Kersey, UNSTOPPABLE author, Fox's Maria Bamford, comedy star and Mark Chasan founder emusic.com and AWE (Amazement, Wonder and Enlightenment will offer bonus interviews, tips and audios on how to look at your life from the direction of post-divorce, adding humor and music and truly being in awe of life!

 YOU WILL GET to attend A WEEKLY TELEWORKSHOP and a chance to ask questions even personal ones (which will be answered privately via phone or email if you wish) 

 More than 100 coaches, trainers, teachers and small business owners, authors and speakers LOVED our 2010 Vision Board bootcamp so we are back better then ever before! Starts November 28 at 5 pm PST/8pm EST for 45 minutes each week (30 minutes info/15 minute questions).

 IN 11 Weeks  you will discover:  

****How to make a vision board for your life and  business (Plus how to create new income streams for 2012)

****How to tap into the next-generation of networking just in time for holiday parties and get-togethers

***How to use visioning and vision boards to create LOVE IN YOUR LIFE for this holiday season and beyond

***How to vision wellness and overcome physical disorders using a vision board and other systems

****HOW TO OVERCOME FEAR and how to live your vision despite your past upbringing, life crisis or even personal tragedy!

****HOW TO REDESIGN YOUR LIFE -- despite cancer, despite divorce and TRIUMPH at any age! 

***How TO VISION opportunities even when doors are closing in your face.

****HOW TO VISION STARTING YOUR OWN SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS -- what are the four pillars you need to know about? 

***HOW TO LIVE OUT A BURNING DESIRE even if your whole world is changing, even if you think you don't have the cash! 

**How to resolve challenging relationships and find love and romance in 2012 & beyond.

 ***How to change your job and even your career despite the economy.

***How to build a team for your company, direct sales program or MLM

 ***PLUS you'll find out why vision boards don't work some of the time! And what are the three mistakes most people and vision board class teachers MAKE and how to avoid them.

 If you have questions, please email: joyceschwarz@gmail.com or call 310-822-3119 to sign up via phone with your credit card. thank you.  

Become a Certified Vision Board Coach in 4 week Teleclass Start Tues Nov 22 Create Prosperity While Making Dreams Come True With Bestselling Author Joyce Schwarz, The Vision Board book bestseller

Join more than 170 Certified Vision Board coaches around the globe by making money by making dreams come true -- a great gift too. Plus you get a $100 Gift certificate to keep or to give as a gift when you sign up for this course. Study with Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author via 4 week teleclass from anywhere in the world. Miss a class? that's okay because all four classes are recorded and you get to KEEP the recordings at no additional cost. See all the fabulous bonuses included in the course and sign up here now! 

Refer People to Become a Certified Vision Board Coach and EARN up to $100 For each Referral Sign Up Today No charge to Sign up

Yes, you can become an affiliate of the famous Certified Visoin Board Coach program founded by bestselling author Joyce Schwarz also founder of THE VISION BOARD Institute, www.visionboardinstitute.com 

To sign up to be an affiliate go to this link at no charge and just send the link to your list. 

All you have to say in your letter or email to your pals/list is BECOME A CERTIFIED VISION BOARD COACH in 4 weeks find out more at Eventbrite and then put in your affiliate code _____________

So go over to : 


For more information about the Vision Board Coach program go to www.visionboardinstitute.com or email: thevisionboard@aol.com or call Joyce Schwarz directly at 310-822-3119

The November 22 class is a 4 week live teleconference course limited to 6 people max-- small one-to one coaching is given each week with lots of personal attention. 

To see a free chapter of THE VISOIN BOARD book bestseller go to http://tinyurl.com/seeinsidebook and enjoy. Book is available online at Amazon.com and Bn.com and in all Barnes & Noble stores and in Costo in Canada. FOr an autographed gift copy of THE VISION BOARD book email: joyceschwarz@gmail.com