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What should go in the Center of Your Vision Board for 2012 ? The Vision Board book author Joyce Schwarz tells you in this LA radio interview


What should you place in the center of your Vision Board? Bestselling author Joyce Schwarz, The Vision Board who is also a top business motivational speaker tells you the answer in this radio interview which has now been posted on Youtube.

In the video above, The Vision Board book author Joyce Schwarz explains what to put at the center of your Vision Board for 2012.


Why do only 1` in 4 people keep thier New Year's Resolutions? One of the ways you can be part of that lucky 25 percent who do is to add images and power words to remind yourself of the WHY of your intentions, explains Schwarz. 

WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT? For example if you want to lose weight this year -- think of it as releasing the weight (if you lose it --you might fine it again -- semantics are important says Schwarz. Plus see yourself in your mind's eye or picture it on a visoin board by showing a scale that tells you the reason why instead of your weight i.e. to be healthy, to show love to myself, to be proud, to be strong. 

Living is active and you want to get into action as soon as possible so be sure to use verbs instead of nouns in your declarations for the New Year. 

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But people around the world love vision boards and are exploring how to use them  in different inspirational ways throughout the year not just in January or for a special occasion or event like a birthday or anniversary. So in response to the many requests we have received, Joyce Schwarz is pleased to announce the new VISION BOARD CLUB.

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HOW DO YOU MAKE NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS THAT WORK? Career expert, keynote speaker and bestselling author Joyce Schwarz, THE VISION BOARD book offers five tips to help you make those resolutions work better: 

 Discover the top five tips for making your New Year's Resolutions work for your life and business from Career Strategist and motivational speaker Joyce Schwarz, author of six books including "Successful Recareering" and her latest, The Vision Board book from Harper Collins which has sold 75,000 copies and is in 6000 bookstores and on Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com and at Target stores nationally. 

DIGITAL VERSIONS: THE VISION BOARD book is now available via Kindle, Nook, Google Book and iPAD versions too. The digital version sells for $9.99 and includes more than 100 color pictures of vision boards and celebrities and VIP thought leaders including 8 of the teachers of THE SECRET blockbuster movie. .

Joyce Schwarz is a Hollywood career strategist and new company and product launch advisor who heads JCOM an emerging media and entertainment consulting firm in Marina Del Rey, California. She is the bestselling author of the book THE VISION BOARD which has sold more than 75,000 copies around the world. Schwarz advises entrepreneurs and business owners to create a Business Vision Board to support their New Year's Resolutions for 2012.

Do you know the best way to turn your life career and business New Year resolutions into reality? Create a visual map for 2012 for your business by designing your own vision board as seen on Oprah and Larry King.

BUSINESSES USING VISION BOARDS: Businesses around the globe are doing it from Lululemon to Boeing to Lindora Weight Loss to Diane Von Furstenberg Designs all use visionboards. 

TV SHOWS FEATURING VISION BOARDS: In tribute to the increasing popularity of Vision Boards as part of our popular culture, you may have seen that during the past year Vision Boards have started popping up in TV Sitcoms and Reality shows including: “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, “2 Broke Girls”,  “Housewives of New Jersey”, “Jersylicious”, VH1’s “Why Are You Still Single” and “Happy Endings”. 

CELEBRITIES WITH VISION BOARDS: Celebrities recently featured in press interviews talking about their vision boards include: Courtney Love, Christina Aguilera and even rapper Yelawulf who is now being mentored by Eminem. Other celebrities featured in THE VISION BOARD book include Marisa Petroro, NBC “Deal or No Deal briefcase model and actress on Showtime’s Dexter and Aras Baskauskas, $1 Million winner CBS SURVIVOR show. 

Yes, a vision board enables you how to picture your success instead of just dreaming about it. YOUR VISION BOARD PLUS THESE NEW TIPS FROM JOYCE SCHWARZ CAN HELP YOU: • To make 2012 the best year ever, despite the economy.

For a free chapter of THE VISION BOARD book go to: http://tinyurl.com/vbbookamazon


1) VISION IT ! Spend some time with your team execs and staff
visioning your success. 

2) TALK THE WALK AND WALK THE TALK do you dream of being
ranked #1 in your field then tout something that you are #1
at already -- maybe customer service maybe one -to-one CRM
Then promo that on your website. Make a pledge to your
clients that you are their #1 resource.

-- yes, immerse yourself into your resolution. Want to speak
at more conferences. Then start listing yourself as a
speaker on your corporate website, register for National
Speakers Association or at least join Toastmasters.

4) USE POSITIVE SELF TALK: cut out the negatives Be as specific
as possible with your own self-talk and also what you say
to others on your team. Congratulate them for every tiny
step they make and acknowledge that you are NOW on the right
path to realizing that resolution you missed in '10.

Focus closely on that one goal. Say it's to get a social
media program launched, Start by registering a twitter name,
getting your company page up on facebook and Linked in and
then delegate to team members to populate those three social
media outreach groups. Once you have a base you can delve
into a fancy new 2011 campaign. But if you have no followers
it's tough to convince thousands of others to join you in
2011. A base will give you a launching pad.

poet and a friend of Oprah's says, "Tell life" I am with
you kid" and take it by the lapels and just GO!

Author's Bio Joyce Schwarz is the author of the best-selling book THE VISION BOARD: the secret to an extraordinary life by Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design. 

The Vision Board book was the top Spiritual best-seller on Amazon.com for 27 weeks last year  and is now in a updated new version that was issued o and now is featured in more than 4000 bookstores across the USA. To sign up for a free vision board newsletter go tohttp://www.visionboard.info and register on the sign in on the left side of the page. 

Schwarz is an internationally known keynote speaker and a recognized consultant and launch advisor to 75 venture funded companies from emusic.com to Primesense (inside Xbox kinect. She has worked with more than 50 major brands ranging from Revlon to Sheraton Hotels to Disney.

TO FIND A CERTIFIED VISION BOARD COACH IN YOUR REGION GO TO:http://www.visionboardinstitute.com The Vision Board Institute was established by Joyce Schwarz in 2007 to promote the use of vision boards as life and business planning tools around the world . 

More than 150 Certified Vision Board Coaches around the globe are offering vision board classes, workshops and one to one coaching using Joyce Schwarz proven success formula method called GRABS.

Phone 310-822-3119 joyceschwarz@gmail.com, Marina
Del Rey, California

For media interviews contact: Joyceschwarz@gmail.com or call Joyce directly at 310-822-3119

The Vision Board book was the top Spiritual best-seller on Amazon.com for 27 weeks and is now in a updated new version is featured in more than 4000 bookstores across the USA. To sign up for a free vision board newsletter go to www.visionboard.info and register on the sign in on the left side of the page. 

Schwarz is an internationally known keynote speaker and a recognized consultant and launch advisor to 75 venture funded companies from emusic.com to Primesense (inside Xbox kinect. She has worked with more than 50 major brands ranging from Revlon to Sheraton Hotels to Disney. Joyce is probably best known for launching the MISSING KIDS ON THE MILK CARTON CAMPAIGN for Ralph's Supermarket chain exactly 25 years ago this year!


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****Why do you need to  three things on your vision board to activate it? And just what are those 3 things? 

****How do you find out what your POWER WORDS for 2012 are? 

****How can you use your vision board to help you keep your 2012 New year's Resolutions? 

***Why does Vision Board Expert Joyce Schwarz say you will be more successful in 2012 when you create your own visoin board?

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***June = Summer Vision Board or Father's Day Vision Board

***July = Entrepreneur's Vision Board or Independence Day Board



***October = 2012 RE-VISION BOARD



For more information about becoming a Certified Vision Board Coach and making money while you help make dreams come true, email: joyceschwarz(at)gmail.com

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In a recent interview on KFWB NEWS RADIO Los Angeles, Career Expert Joyce Schwarz talks about how baby boomers are ahead of the game now in launching new start-up businesses that will fuel the economy as we head into 2012 and beyond. 

Kfwblogo  JoyceschwarzHear Career Expert and Startup Advisor, Joyce Schwarz founder www.startup50plus.com on KFWB radio news talk 980 explaining why boomers are driving the next generation of startup businesses in the USA & beyond. 


Younger entrepreneurs may hog the spotlight, but baby boomers are becoming business owners faster than anyone. Schwarz who is also the bestselling author of six books including SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING WHEN JUST ANOTHER JOB IS NOT ENOUGH, 

From 2007 to 2008--the latest data available--new businesses launched by 55- to 64-year-olds grew 16 percent, faster than any other group, according to the Kaufman Foundation, a nonprofit group that studies U.S. business startups. Schwarz explains that , "All told, boomers in that age group started approximately 10,000 new businesses a month."

What's fascinating, Schwarz notes is that the trend is so strong that the Kauffman Foundation predicts a sustained  not in spite of the country's aging workforce, but because of it.

With 10,000 people retiring in the USA every day now for the next 19 years (yes, 10,000 new retirees daily) and $500 million in retirement funds turning over annually, Schwarz sees opportuniteis for what she terms the mix of "Gray Hairs and Peach Fuzz". 

"You're never too young and you can't be too old to start your own business," assures author and start-up advisor Schwarz. She knows what she''s talking about because in the past decade or so, her firm JCOM www.joycecom.com has advised more than 75 early stage venture funded businesses in go-to-market strategies  ranging from emusic.com to Primesense.com (the guts of Xbox kinect. 


The real opportunity explains Schwarz is in focusing in on your strengths, talents and personality type no matter what your age. "After all you're not starting over, you're starting better" Schwarz notes.

For some people may prefer to just re-craft their current career. One example Schwarz gives is an accountant for a Big TEN  consulting firm who retired early and is now putting those number skills together with a lifelong passion for Opera by doing development and fund raising for a national nonprofit Opera association. 


Schwarz, the Career Expert and author who launched AOL's WORKPLACE OF THE FUTURE FORUM says that you
 don't have ot invest in an expensive franchise or commit to a law degree program or go back to a  pricey trade school to do that.

You can follow these three tips

1) GET ON THE JOB TRAINING:  Love to cook but no formal training-- consider tying up with a caterer in your area and get in the kitchen training before you head to Culinary School -- that's how Martha Stewart got started and changed form stockbroker to, well, Martha Stewart.
2) Volunteering is a great way to test a new career and even tiptoe into your own business-- want to go from banker to starting your own remodeling houses  business. Get some on-the-job experience seeign what it takes to build a houe by joining Habitat for Humanity on the weekends Who knows you may meet your next business partner as you hammer out a new career or even design a new business. 
Rather then getting into long term debt by borrowing $50K to go to get an MBA at age 40 -- consider working freelance using your computer skills at a new start-up coompany working nights and weekends while you transition out of yoru day job.

Many offer sweat equity shares. Who knows you may end up starting your own business it's never too late and you don't need an adevance degree to do that. In fact baby boomers in the 55-64 age group start 10,000 new businesses a month according to the Kauffman foundation.
Along the way you may want to consult with a RECAREERING COACH Schwarz says and that's why she's launching a new program for training coaches with the skills she uses in her Center for Successful Recareering based in Marina Del Rey, California. For more info see: 
To discover and launch the next generation of start-up companies where one of the founders is 50 years old or over, Career Expert and Start up Advisor to more than 75 early stage companies who have launched successfully, Schwarz is gathering a top team of experts and introducing www.startup50plus.com as a business accellerator in 2012.
For more information, email: joyceschwarz@gmail.com 
Joyce Schwarz is the author of the bestselling book SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING When Just Another Job is not enough and has coached more than 5,000 people on changing careers and launching their own businesses.
She is also the founder of Startup50plus.com




It's starting to look a lot like Christmas but if you didn't get a tree yet or yes, can't really afford the expense OR just want another decoration to share with holiday guests and family a GENEROSITREE is perfect says Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author THE VISION BOARD and creator of the GRABS SUCCESS FORMULA.

See above a sample of a GENEROSITREE(tm) from Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author of THE VISION BOARD book. Use sticky notes to create the triangle tree design or use a Star format if you wish. Add strong, powrful one syllable words with press on lettering or print out some fun computer typestyle. You can create a virtual tree online with virtual sticky notes or a real one to display on a wall. Use the virtual one as a screensaver or as mobile wallpaper. Just remember it all starts with Generosity reminds Joyce Schwarz. For more info email: thevisionboard@aol.com 

"It all starts with Gratitude and of course comes full circle with sharing. A GENEROSITREE (tm) is a perfect addition to a home, office or even a public space like an apartment building lobby or recreation center or church hall or even your town't public square" explains Schwarz. 


Here's a picture of a very simple Generositree we made online using virtual sticky notes and adding one word holiday greetings in a fun typestyle. Of course you can make yours using real sticky notes and adding decorations or even a chain of good wishes made by your children or kids in the neighborhood. 

1) START BY MAKING AN OUTLINE OF A SIMPLE TRIANGLE SHAPED TREE on a large posterboard or with erasable market on a wall. 

2) GET AN ASSORTMENT OF STICKY NOTES in one color (we used standard yellow) but they come in all kinds of colors too. Don't have sticky notes-- cut up white squares and let kids color them green or red or yellow. Or use kraft paper in colors.

3) PRINT IN LARGE LETTERS so that the words can be seen across the room some fun Holiday wishes like: HAPPY, LAUGH, LIVE, LOVE, LIFE etc. We used a colorful Hollywood lights typestyle but you can use press on letters or marker to print your wishes.

4) ARRANGE IN A TRIANGLE with a point on the top and a trunk to make a tree trunk too. 

5) WE like to arrange the tree in advance and then have people add decorations or stickers or glitter or ribbons from gifts to the tree to decorate even more. 

6) Having a holiday event-- you can end the affair by giving people their choice of a sticker to go home with. They can add it to their holiday apparel or put it on a handbag or stick it on an index card you have to give them. 

7) TO ADD A CHAIN OF GOOD WISHES -- make strips of any kind of paper even wrapping paper and have kids and family members write good wishes on the strips and then glue into circles and make a paper chain and then pin it or glue or tape it onto your GENEROSITREE(tm) 

This works for any event-- birthday, party, anniversary or yes, even New Year's Eve. For New Year's be sure to add some red coloring so that you're adding an Asian touch of good fortune to your tree.

WANT TO USE THIS AS A CHARITY FUND RAISER? use envelopes instead of sticky notes and have people put a donation in an envelope of $1.00 or $10 or even a $100 cash or gift cards. Then you can gather the total and drop or send to your favorite charity-- what a wonderful way to celebrate the upcoming new year with GENEROSITY of course! 

To see a free chapter of THE VISION BOARD book go to: http://tinyurl.com/seeinsidebook. 

To sign up for the free Vision Board newsletter stop by the blog with more than 500 posts at www.visonboard.info.

To find a Certified Vision Board Coach in your area go to: www.visionboardinstitute.com 

FREE HOW TO MAKE YOUR 2012 VISION BOARD TELECLASS 12/22/11 @5 pm Hosted by bestselling author Joyce Schwarz, THE VISION BOARD book bestseller

VbexpertPLEASE JOIN US FOR THE FREE TELECLASS on Thursday, December 22 on HOW TO MAKIE A 2012 VISION BOARD hosted by Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author THE VISION BOARD book.

You'll find out:

***How to discover your power words for 


***What are the secrets of making a vision board work for YOU

***What are the 5 things you MUST put on your board!

***WHAT is the biggest mistake most Vision Board teachers make in teaching people how to make a visoin board.

***Why do Vision boards work better then New Year's Resolutions in helping you make your dreams come true for 2012. 


Bestselling author of THE VISION BOARD book Gives Courtney Love's Vision Board a 2012 MAKEOVER To Make it More Powerful

December 16, 2011


VbexpertBY JOYCE SCHWARZ blogging atwww.hollywood2020.net. More and more celebrities are coming out with their Vision Boards (collages of visuals that serve as inspirational maps for living your best possible life and include defining images, power words, affirmations and more according to the bestselling book THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz from Harper Collins Publishing) See a free chapter at: http://tinyurl.com/vbbookamazon  (click on see inside).


At the Vision Board Institute, www.visionboardinstitute.comwe know the names of dozens and dozens of celebs who believe in Vision Boards and use them to co-create their lives, careers and the best in their relationships. Among the celebrities we've featured before are Christina Aguilara, Marisa Petroro, NBC's Deal or No Deal Briefcase model and actress now appearing in DEXTER on SHOWTIME and Aras Baskaskas, the CBS Winner of SURVIVOR.

That's why we were so interested when we spotted a version of Celebrity Courtney Love's Vision Board for 2012 at jezebel.com. Here's a picture of her board (really just a white board with lettering on it) so it's more like Manifesto or a combo Vision-Mission Statement.

Here's an overview of Celebrity Courtney Love's 2012 Vision Board/White board that includes a mission statement and her top 4 goals for 2012 along with some affirmations. Bestselling author of THE VISION BOARD BOOK, Joyce Schwarz comments, "Courtney's Vision for 2012 would be 1000 percent stronger and more vivid by adding defining images - pictures that jump out at her and guide her like GPS signs to keep on track. www.hollywood2020.net

CourtneylovevisionboardOver at the Vision Board Institute, www.visionboardinstitute.com bestselling author Joyce Schwsarz zoomed in closer on Courtney Love's White Board which is serving as her Vision Board for 2012 and found these four top goals including: 1) Earn $25 Milliion 2) Purchase two properties, 3) Get a great lawyer and 4) get justice for the governance and 4) Get a great movie role. Also on the board but not totally visible is her dream of OSCAR 2013.


AFFIRMATIONSAll of that is accented postively by her great affirmations which are very stron accoding to Vision Board author Schwarz -- she really gets it -- you can see that she is a veteran in visioning as she writes, " I AM FUN, I AM JOY, I AM DETERMINATION, I AM LOVING -- she's not wishy washy and saying I want to be loved etc or am loving more Love is coming to me etc. She takes the personal responsibility and assumes that the future is already in progress which it is by saying I AM DETERMINATION. So her affirmations are top notch.

Above,See Courtney Love's strong affirmations from her Vision Board that would be even more effective if they were pictured with defining images of the goals for her 2013 year says Joyce Schwarz, author of the bestselling book THE VISION BOARD, Harper Collins Publishing,www.visionboardinstitute.com

MAKEOVER OF COURTNEY LOVE'S VISION BOARD because we know how busy Courtney is, Joyce Schwarz founder of the Vision Board Institute did a complimentary makeover for Courtney for her vision board for 2012. Schwarz talks about what she did to turn Courtney's dreams and wishes into true visions for 2012 below the new picture of the MAKEOVER VISION BOARD:

To make celebrity Courtney Love's simple white board with wishes and dreams and goals come to live, The Vision Board book author Joyce Schwarz did the following in creating a strong 4-color Vision Board that looks like what else -- a large flat screen so appropriate for a celebrity. Here are the steps that Joyce Schwarz took to make Courtney Love's Vision Board stronger:

Courtneya1. Placed a picture of Courtney in the Center of the Vision Board with a Star around her -- so she'd stand out and realize she is a star no matter what the media says. "Everyone should do this explains, author Schwarz because a) it helps you OWN your vision board and b) you are immersed virtually into your vision! THIS IS A BIG difference from the way most people simply cut and paste pictures onto poster boards and only really design collages.

2) Search for what Schwarz calls "DEFINING IMAGES" pictures that will jump out and strike Courtney's eye when she sees them throughout the day and night. Schwarz explains that by focusing in on 6-8 strong images or photos, your mind's eye absorbs the power of the colors and design and integrates them into your psyche. Sure you can do an overview board with a hundred or so images but do that to get all that stuff off your mind so you can zero in and focus on 4 key visions or goals.

TwentyficveMULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME: In Courtney Love's makeover, Schwarz chose a $25 Million dollar bill to envision Courtney's goal of earning $25 Million in 2012.  Schwarz reminds Courtney and the rest of us that there's no need to put the word "EARN" in there because we're sure that Courtney would be thrilled to "WIN" the money or have it "given" to her.

Property The Vision Board book author Joyce Schwsarz reminds you "Don't limit your financial goals/dreams to earning -- multiple streams of income are better then just one for all of us whether we're celebrities or not." Who knows maybe Courtney is able to barter a new house or property with a real estate company in turn for doing some commercials -- that already takes care of par to fone of her other dreams of buying two properties

Oscar13ACADEMY AWARD: Since Courtney Love wrote on her white board the words "Oscar 2013", in doing Love's MADEOVER VISION BOARD, Joyce added the year 2013 and Courtney Love's name to the base of the Oscar and surrounded it with glitter and glam befitting Love's style. 



MovieIf you're in the movie biz or watch TV chances are you've seen a film placard like this used by directors during production. In making over Courtney Love's Vision Board so it comes to life and isn't just a plain White Board with letter, Bestselling author Joyce Schwarz added Director sign like this but then personalized it with the phrase "STARRING COURTNEY LOVE" now we can't guarantee Courtney a "GREAT" movie that's up to her and the script but it sure is fun for her to see her name in lights!

AttorneykiHARD TO PICTURE GOALS? Some goals like Courtney Love's desire to find a great lawyer are often hard for people creating Visoin Boards to find pictures of or it seems to unglamorous so that they leave off these important GOALS or what Joyce Schwarz calls stepping stones to her vision. To picture the lawyer rather than choosing a picture of a famous law firm, Schwrz chose the dictionary excerpt about attorney. It's strong and it's a reminder that Courtney Love can find a lawyer that will be on her side in good and bad.

ADD YOUR AFFIRMATIONS -- although Schwarz explains that affirmations don't have to be affixed to your Vision Board they can be something you read off of an index card or have embedded in your mobile phone text messages, some affirmations like Courtney Love's are so powerful it's fun to put them in a sparkly Hollywood font and add them to the VISION BOARD. They provide a focus for your eye and they add glimmer and glam to the board.

ADD EMBELLISHMENTS -- to really add a POW! look to the Vision Board for Courtney Love, Schwarz topped it off with a dusting of shiny white stars, and swirls of color. Tasteful and fun (one of Courtney's affirmations) and of course COLORFUL which fits Courtney Love's personality.

ATTENTION OTHER CELEBRITIES: We hope that Courtney Love enjoys her Vision Board Makeover and we're delighted to do the same for any celebrity or VIP that tweets us @visionboard on twitter.com pending time availability.

For the rest of you, be sure to check outwww.visionboardinstitute.com to find the name and email for one of our more than 150 Certified Vision Board Coaches around the globe. Make sure that your Vision Board class instructor or coach is Certified after all you wouldn't go to a Yoga instructor or chiropractor who had no training would you?

VISION BOARD PRESS INTERVIEWS with author Joyce Schwarz, THE VISION BOARD book -- to set up an interview with Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author of THE VISION BOARD book which has almost 100,000 copies, email her at: thevisionboard@aol.com or call her office directly at 310-822-3119

Joyce Schwarz does interviews and presentations (workshops and keynotes) on such topics as:

***Why Vison Boards  are much stronger to use then New Year's Resolutins

***Why Celebriteis love vision boards and who has the best ones

***How to create a vision statement versus a Mission Statement and what is the difference.

***What is Visioning and why is it the crucial first step in the Vision Board creation process

***What do you do after you've made your vision board to activate it?

***What is the LAW OF ATTRACTION and is it just hocus pocus or is there science behind it


To see and listen to more than 30 hours of free videos, radio shows and podcasts on visioning and living an extraordinary life, go to www.visionboardinstitute.comTo see more than 300 articles and podcasts on vision board creation go to the official blog atwww.visonboard.info 

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Alia Rasheed Filmmaker Leads the Way To Hollywood For Country of Oman With Film SHATTERED



  Debut Film producer Alia Rasheed whose movie SHATTERED was featured recently in Tropfest 2011,  is leading an ambitious breed of movie makers establishing a new culture of film production in the country of Oman despite the fact that they are based more than 13620.6 Kilometers (8463.4 miles) from Hollywood. 

The challenge is a major one for Rasheed and the crew because as Wikipiedia reports the Cinema background of Oman is very small.

    Only  major Omani film Al-Boom (2006) that has been produced  to date and a few Bollywood movies that have been filmed partially in the area.


"It's time to open the doors to Hollywood for the country of Oman," Rasheed explains. Oman as some of you may know is actually called the  Sultanate of Oman and is an Arab state in Southwest Asia on the southwest coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It is bordered by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to the northwest, Saudi Arabia to the west and Yemen to the southwest.

Ancient history buffs may know that the geographic area dates back to the stone age.   In November, 2010, the United Nationsl Development Programme (UNDP) Listed Oman as the most improved nationa over the last 40 years from among 135 countries worldwide.


 Yet, only 1 percent of the land in Oman is cultivated and the country today is better know for sport than for creative endeavors.


To gain awareness of the burgeoning creative talent in her area, Rasheed  set her sight on premiering SHATTERED her new short film at TropFest fall, 2011.

  Rasheed co-wrote a the film’s script and partnered with director Sami Jaffer to create a professional crew including cameraman, Eddie Juma, Make-up: Nisreen Mohammad Al-Balushi  music by Jassim Jaffer.

  Rasheed’s film SHATTERED focuses on the classic contrast of the old Oman and the new developed country. “In our movie, a woman is forced on a symbolic journey through a world where she has become a stranger”. Rasheed explains.


It’s a fascinating story of how illness forces a woman on a journey through a rapidly changing landscape. In her weakened state, offers of help become threatening to her. Her self-judgement and insecurities of being a stranger in a strange land force her to move onward on her own and fending for herself just as she has since her husband’s death and her son’s relocated thousands of kilometers away from the family home.

 Specific to Oman and it’s culture, the project reflects of course, the universality of how age and time disrupt the basic tenets of family and the traditional roles of women around the globe. To shoot the drama on location, Rasheed’s team is using a Canon XL H1a and of course the project is digital.

 SHORT SHORT FILM LIMITED TO 7 MINUTES Featured at Tropfest 2011

Probably the most amazing part of Rasheed’s effort is that SHATTERED is what’s called a short, short film so when finished with editing and ready for screening at TropFest the film will be limited to 7 minutes. Now that’s maybe the biggest challenge of all – how to show the evolution of character in only 7 minutes.

The creative team led by Rasheed would be delighted to expand the project to theatrical length with the proper resources and feel that the exposure at TropFest  will clear the way for further opportunities for the whole crew.

 For more information about Alia Rasheed you can email rasheedalia@gmail.com  Or in the USA contact her representative Joyce Schwarz, joyceschwarz@gmail.com, 310-822-3119