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January 2012

Vision Board Blog Celebrate WINNIE THE POOH DAY by being as old as your shoe size TODAY! Bring out your INNER CHILD :)

It's WINNIE THE POOH DAY TODAY -- Go ahead and have a play day today -- celebrate your inner child by pretending to be as old as your shoe size today exclaims  bestsellng author Joyce Schwarz, The Visoin Board book.

Schwarz who is a keynote speaker for audiences around the country, explains that by acting like a kid again you can regain a sense of freedom, joyousness and wonder just like Winnie the Pooh and his pals express. 

Go ahead and buy a red balloon and share it with a kid your age (if your shoe size is 9 -- like mine is --act like a 9 year old :) Okay can't do it all day -- do it for an hour -- today's a great day to celebrate the joy of childlike wonder in your own life! 

Celebrate Winnie the Pooh and A.A. Milne's Birthday. He was born on January 18th in 1882.
WHERE DID POOH's Name come from? 


Where Did Pooh Bear Get His Name?

The original, very first, real, honest to goodness Winnie was a black bear cub donated to the London Zoo by a Canadian officer after World War I. Lt. Harry Colebourn had named the cub Winnie, after his adopted hometown in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This Winnie, the black bear cub at the London Zoo, became Christopher's favorite. Young Christopher (Robin) Milne named his toy bear after Winnie. His toy bear had started out with the name Edward, but I think Winnie turned out to be much better, don't you? As for the Pooh part, Pooh was actually a swan they had once met on a vacation. 




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PICK A DEFINING IMAGE AND POWER WORD for every day of your life suggests Business Motivational Speaker Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD book

Wouldn't it be fun if EVERY day was a holiday -- well you can turn an ordinary Thursday into a FUN day by selecting a special image and tying in a powerful word that will inspire you to keep on track to your vision, goals and dreams for 2012 and beyond, explains Joyce Schwarz, business motivational speaker and bestselling author of the Vision Board book. 


To really 'own' your theme for the day find or create a picture of you living your vision. Here's an example of author Joyce Schwarz on location before speaking at the WISE FESTIVAL in Scottsdale, Arizona. She hired a pro photographer to take pix during her talk and then added some pre-lecture photos near the LOVE Sculpture. NOTE that Schwarz made sure to feature her bestselling book THE VISION BOARD too by displaying it as part of the theme. 

    LOVE MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND and with that LOVE THEME --Joyce was visioning that everyone would LOVE her talk and LOVE her book and more! Who says LOVE is just for romance? 

     Be creative, have fun and LIVE THE VISION.

JoyceloveLeft, bestselling author Joyce Schwarz, THE VISION BOARD shows the world lots of love by sharing a free chapter of her book at http://tinyurl.com/vbbookamazon (click on see inside for 30 pages). 

FOR MORE INFORMATION about the Vision Board Institute, go to www.visonboardinstitute.com

To become a Certified Vision Board Coach via home study go to: http://cvbchomestudy1.eventbrite.com 

To find out about the Accredited Vision Card Reader program go to: http://visioncardhomestudy.eventbrite.com 

Twitter: follow bestselling author Joyce Schwarz, The Vision Board @visionboard

Visionary Quote for the Day January 6, 2012 from the Vision Board Institute

The Vision Board Institute www.visoinboardinstitute.com is pleased to provide you with a visionary quote for the day to inspire you to keep on your own vision path and LIVE YOUR VISION BOARD for 2012: 

Here's the quote for January 5, 2012:

In case you can't read our quote easily in the jpeg above it says, "There is beauty and adventure in the commonplace for those who see with eyes beyond". 

FOR MORE INFORMATION about the Vision Board Institute, go to www.visonboardinstitute.com

To become a Certified Vision Board Coach via home study go to: http://cvbchomestudy1.eventbrite.com 

To find out about the Accredited Vision Card Reader program go to: http://visioncardhomestudy.eventbrite.com 

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In this one hour TV show Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author of THE VISION BOARD BOOK and SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING who is a nationally acclaimed keynote speaker and business motivation trainer explains how to discover your power words for 2012 and how to vision your best possible year for business, family and life!  

See link to full show at: http://youtu.be/B7g50EItohM



LIVE TWITTER SESSION IN COMBO With Bestselling Author Joyce Schwarz ON 1hr Online TV Show ON Vision Board Creation by @visionboard on Twitter


TO ADD TO THE FUN and of course give additional info on the 1 hour TV show that aired online and is available on video at www.theselinarayshow.com bestselling author Joyce Schwarz tweeted during the full 1 hour @visionboard about vision board creation and tips she shares on the Internet TV show. 


visionboard Joyce Schwarz 

catch video of 1hr TV show on Vision Board creation now ontheselinarayshow.com pic.twitter.com/QNsDUeIg
SO HERE IT GOES with Tweet #1 and so on: 
visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
@wayshower going to try to tweet the Vision Board show as it playstheselinarayshow.com
Tweet #2 : 
visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
'Selina Ray Show' Season 2 [1 HR] Premiere:is on now!theselinaraysow.com
Tweet #3
visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
Joyce is introducing herself on theselinarayshow.com before she talks about Vision Board creation! wp.me/p1xPr3-eF via
Tweet # 4 visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
Joyce is talking about launching Capri Sun in her advertising life ontheselinarayshow.com
TWEET # 5: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
Joyce is saying she has changed her own career 6 times on
Tweet # 6: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
 was living in Alaska when Joyce did the promo campaign for the 49th state
Tweet #7 visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
ow does launching new companies tie in with creating a vision board 
TWEET #8 visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
what did @joyceschswarz
 do at the GDC Game Developer Conference in 2006? that ties in with following your vision?
TWEET # 9 visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
Why did Joyce Schwarz write the Vision Board book? How did a Christmas Eve work request change her life?
TWEET #10: 
visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
@wayshower of course God & Universe helped heal @visionboard
prior to writing THE VISION BOARD?
TWEET # 11:visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
What did Joyce want to do at 13 and how did her vision come true? Manifesting DOES work!
TWEET # 12: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
Did u know @visionboard blogged the famous Oprah LOA show?
TWEET #13: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
After @joyceschwarz got news about #thevisoinboardbook deal she went on the Bob Proctor cruise!
TWEET # 14:visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
How did 
@joyceschwarz manifest her outside cabin on the Bob Proctor cruise?
TWEET # 15: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
 and @visionboard chuckling about how@joyceschwarz met LOA experts on Bob Proctor Cruise and later interviewed them for THE VISION BOARD book -- synchronicity! 
TWEET #16:visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
 is interviewing @visionboard on WHAT IS A VISION BOARD on 
TWEET #17: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
@wayshower asks about @joyceschwarz GRABS recipe?
TWEET #18 visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
@visionboard explains Vision Board is a visual map of how u want to create ur life on www.theselinarayshow
TWEET# 19: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
 tells @wayshower
 that inspired action is crucial for realizing your vision Board and visions!
TWEET #20: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
@visionboard explains what is a KITCHEN SINK vision board during the 1hr TV show on now 
Tweet # 21: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
Watch for upcoming story on Shoptopia about how to use vision board for changing your style!

 TWEET # 22: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 

Best Vision Statements come from the grass roots up vs ivory tower down!
TWEET # 23
 Joyce Schwarz 
Nike's mission: ” To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world.*”If you have a body, you are an athlete.”
Tweet # 24: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
Oprah's advice "You have to dream bigger".
Tweet # 25: Joyce Schwarz
Joyce Schwarz 
Joyce is explaining GRABS formula -- start with giving and gratitude!
TWEET #26: Joyce Schwarz
visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
R in Joyce's GRABS formula stands for release and receive!
TWEET # 27: 
Joyce Schwarz
visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
A in GRABS stands for Acknowledgement, Ask and Action
TWEET # 28: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
B in the GRABS formula stands for Being authentic, and belief
TWEET # 29: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
 asks how do we know where our vision comes from
TWEET # 30 visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
Most peeps don't do vision board because they don't know what there vision is!
TWEET # 31: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
 wants Peace on Earth but that can also be on r vision board too
TWEET # 31: 
 Joyce Schwarz 
Vision Board goes beyond the poster board -- all pictures and images around us reflect our vision either positive or negative so beware
TWEET # 32: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
Vision comes from the inside out versus outside in!
TWEET # 33: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
Synchronicity is part of visioning and 
@visionboard explains working with Aras CBS Survivor winner!
TWEET # 34: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
How can you use google images to begin to vision your new life for 2012?
TWEET #35: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
@wayshower says we all have a "feeling" of vision which inspires us to move on.
Tweet # 36: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
Check out page 16 & 17 in 
#thevisionboardbook see inside book free
TWEET # 37: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
Visioning is so crucial to creating your vision board!
TWEET # 38: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
Life loves to be taken by the lapels and told I am with you kid let's go...Maya Angelou


 TWEET # 39: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 

theselinarayshow.com is posting info about #thevisionboardbookversus cutting and pasting
TWEET # 40: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
Oprah created Intentions for 2012 and 
 explains u can create an Intentions Board for 2012 if u want
TWEET # 41: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
Vision Path offers directions for where you are going on
TWEET # 42: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
Join the new VISION BOARD CLUB which offers u support in living ur vision for all 12 mos of 2012 visionboardclub.eventbrite.com
TWEET # 43: Joyce Schwarz
visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
U can make your vision board into a Triptych (3-part design).
TWEET # 44: Joyce Schwarz
visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
How did comedian Maria Bamford get a microwave oven in minutes?
Tweet # 45: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
Comedian Maria Bamford has a great riff on Visionboards have u hear it?
TWEET # 46: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
 is talking about how even the Costco magazine was inspiration for her vision!
TWEET # 47: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
talks about using 'stream of consciousness" to create her Passport To Possibility exercise prior to doing vision board
TWEET # 48: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
Certified Vision Board Coaches know how to use "PROMPTS" to help you create your Vision Board and live your vision!
TWEET # 49 visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
@visionboard for link to the page 16 & 17 in 
TWEET # 50: 
 Joyce Schwarz 
u can be a Certified Vision Board Coach in 8 weeks via home study!
TWEET # 51: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
Become an Accredited Vision Card Reader so you can do visioning everywhere 
TWEET # 52: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
we're still live at 
 talking about Passport to Possibility exercise
TWEET # 53: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
Where's Waldo? What does he have to do with creating your vision board?
TWEET # 54: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
 talking about being master of her ship!
TWEET # 55: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
Acknoledge your highlights for 2011 to propel u forward to 2012
TWEET # 56: Joyce Schwarz
visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
Watch for visual cues like road signs to living your vision path!
TWEET # 57: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
If u see the purple cow you may just be in the right place NOW so put the purple on your Vision Board
TWEET # 58: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
Zoom in on the pictures you've picked for your Vision Board?
TWEET # 59: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
Each of the images on your vision board offers visual cues to where you are going in 2012
TWEET # 60:visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
You're looking for synchronicity and road signs and what
 calls the "WHO OF THE HOW"
TWEET # 61: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
Call on the communal universe to move your vision forward
Tweet # 62: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
Put your vision board into action  and be ready to adjust your path like JPL does with our space rockets!
TWEET # 63visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
Adjust your vision path so you can stay on track and move forward!
TWEET # 64: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
Take your life on the road! Take your vision on the road don't just LOOK at your Vision Board.
TWEET # 65: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
 explains that Passport to Possibility is stepping stone to future vision!
TWEET # 66: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
@visoinboard for free 1 hour audio on how to jumpstart your vision board for 2012
TWEET # 67: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
What does talk story mean and how does it tie into your living your Vision Board? theselinarayshow.com
TWEET # 68: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
My story is part of your story and of course your vision may be part of my vision too says 
TWEET # 69: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
 says that its crucial for all of us to share those let go and let God days
TWEET # 70: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
 IS UNIQUE and sharing challenges on social networking is helpful
TWEET # 71: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
 salutes out of the box and beyond the board thinking and action
TWEET # 72: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
 explains what OFF THE LID living is about and how it ties in with living your vision
TWEET # 73: visionboard Joyce Schwarz 
@wayshower u've come such a long way from Kodiak Island in Alaska thanks so much for sharing that with us


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