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March 2012


by Joyce Schwarz blogging at www.visoinboard.info the official blog for the bestselling book THE VISION BOARD from Harper Collins Publishing


Joyce Schwarz, best-selling author THE VISION BOARD welcoming in the Vernal Equinox as the Goddess of Spring www.visionboard.info (official blog THE VISION BOARD book) . 

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall and all the kings horses....okay don't drop the egg rule number 1. But for some real fun -- stand an egg on end on the first day of spring -- it's a legend and ritual from mid-century China (1950's) and shhh no it doesn't have to be the first day of spring but it's fun to do anyway!  

AM I EGGING YOU ON ?? nope -- we even found a video on youtube to reveal the secret of perfect egg balancing! http://coolrain44.wordpress.com/2010/04/20/songs-about-spring-springtime/

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DAFFODIL DELIGHT -- REMINDS ME OF THE WHY OF LIFE says Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author, THE VISION BOARD book

by Joyce Schwarz, blogging at www.visionboard.info (the official blog for the bestselling book THE VISION BOARD, Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design.To see a free chapter go to http://tinyurl.com/visionbaordbookamazon and click on "see inside" . 

DAFFODILIA -- my private Daffodil delight: 

Daffodil delight-- when it's time to bloom....ya just gotta do it says Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author THE VISION BOARD book. 

On Monday, I was at the Von's in the Marina and another shopper and I were looking at some plants outside prior to going into the store. She said out of the blue to me-- Have you seen their daffodils? And I said no. She said she had been chcking out the day before and saw a box of what looked like chives or some kind of green stalks near the registers and wondered what they were. She thought what an odd "IMPULSE" Item to put by the registers. When she picked the stalks up she thought oh -- they are unopened Daffodils.

She said to me "YOU MUST GET SOME NOW ! And I replied that maybe I should get the ones already open a bit -- she said no get the buds and watch them "POP" an odd word for a Daffodil but it made me take notice. Then she assured me -- kind of like a reality show on TV that she was not connected to the store or the garden area -- I had not asked but I got it !  On her word (I am not a great gardener) i bought the three stalks (about 12 -15 buds) for $5.00).

And I took them home and put them in a crystal vase to welcome a guest I had staying with me for a month. Alas the guest arrived hours and hours late and I don't think even looked at the buds! But I did kind of 'praying for their potential"

DAFFODILS THAT "POP" ? The next morning Tuesday they still were buds --you had to look at them very very closely to see what I assumed was yellow (they could be white or ? I did not know their color). 

When I came home that night from a VERY long day in traffic court 'winning my case' for a minor infraction of not having my tags on my license plate last July (during the time that my mom thought she was dying and tags were actually in the mail and not on my car etc).

I looked at the flowers and they seemed almost ready-- but "no pop" yet.

LATER THAT NIGHT My guest arrived home from her Hollywood work-- at my place at 8 pm and proceeded to lecture me about how everything at my gorgeous penthouse was wrong-- clutter, nail and Qtip on the floor in her bed area, thumbprint on the microwave, opened coke cans and junk on the counter (really full coke cans put out for her and nearby my precious video cameras in a basket ready of courst to record the "POP" when it came. No stainless steel appliances, black sequins from the new shower curtain in the tub, Wi-fi still not working (why had the Time Warner failed to show?)  and on and on!

TRYING TO MAKE SOMEONE ELSE HAPPY -- so I went into my childhood mode-- "I'll make it better for you-- I'll make it picture perfect"  I cleaned off the counters-- completely empty, I took down my international collection of porcelain plates. I hid the cameras on a shelf in my office etc Only at 5 am in the early morning did I finally go to bed only after calling the cable company again and this time getting a job order # that could be tracked.

WHEN IT'S TIME TO POP!  believe me I didn't even think about those Daffodils -- the crumbs from my granola bar and the thumbprint on the microwave (okay from my sticky bun heatup earlier) were all I saw looking sternly "from my guest's eye-view". 

At 8:30 this morning I woke to the cleaning lady knocking at the door, soon my guest was yelling at me (in a heated discussion she called it) about where was the cable guy and etc! etc!

THEN -it was like slow motion and MOS(without sound as they say in the film biz)  Out of the corner of my eye -- I saw them-- they had POPPED -- omg -- they looked like a painting, they looked like Spring- the ducks were quacking in the Marina and all I could think of how I am so grateful for my life.

So grateful that I could see past the crumbs and the judgements for that moment. For not "being good enough" for everyone all of the time. For just being! Do I wish I had the camera out to video the pop -- yep but it's okay

 I suspended my disbelief and I was truly grateful.  omg thanks so much! 

Life's lessons are strange but ya gotta remember that the Daffodils DO POP!  Daffodils2

Thanks to the lovely Asian gal in the front of Von's another example of the "WHO OF THE HOW" changing my life for the better! 


My story ties in perfectly with this much longer post about the FIELD OF DAFFODILS -- enjoy it here: 

Several times my daughter had telephoned to say, “Mother, you must come to see the daffodils before they are over.”I wanted to go, but it was a two-hour drive from Laguna to Lake Arrowhead.

“I will come next Tuesday”, I promised a little reluctantly on her third call.

Next Tuesday dawned cold and rainy. Still, I had promised, and reluctantly I drove there. When I finally walked into my daughter Carolyn’s house I was welcomed by the joyful sounds of happy children. I delightedly hugged and greeted my grandchildren.

I told my daughter, “Forget the daffodils, Carolyn! The road is invisible in these clouds and fog, and there is nothing in the world except you and my grandchildren that I want to see right now. I don’t want to drive another inch!”

My daughter smiled calmly and said, “We drive in this weather all the time, mother.”

“Well, you won’t get me back on the road until it clears, and then I’m heading for home!” I assured her.

“But first we’re going to see the daffodils. It’s just a few blocks,” Carolyn said. “I’ll drive. I’m used to this. It’s all right, Mother, I promise. You will never forgive yourself if you miss this experience.”

So we went!

After about twenty minutes, we turned onto a small gravel road and I saw a small church. On the far side of the church, I saw a hand lettered sign with an arrow that read,

“Daffodil Garden —->”

We got out of the car, each of us took a child’s hand, and I followed Carolyn down the path. Then, as we turned a corner, I looked up and gasped.

Before me lay the most glorious sight. It looked as though someone had taken a great vat of gold and poured it over the mountain peak and its surrounding slopes.

The flowers were planted in majestic, swirling patterns, great ribbons and swaths of deep orange, creamy white, lemon yellow, salmon pink, and saffron and butter yellow.

Each different-coloured variety was planted in large groups so that it swirled and flowed like its own river with its own unique hue.

There were five acres of flowers!


“Who did this?” I asked Carolyn.

“Just one woman,” Carolyn answered. “She lives on the property. That’s her home.”

Carolyn pointed to a well-kept A-frame house, small and modestly sitting in the midst of all that glory.

We walked up to the house. On the patio, we saw a poster.

“Answers to the Questions I Know You Are Asking” was the headline.

The first answer was a simple one. “50,000 bulbs,” it read.

The second answer was, “One at a time, by one woman. Two hands, two feet, and one brain.”

The third answer was, “Began in 1958.”

For me, that moment was a life-changing experience. I thought of this woman whom I had never met,
who, more than forty years before, had begun, one bulb at a time, to bring her vision
of beauty and joy to an obscure mountaintop.

Planting one bulb at a time, year after year, this unknown woman had forever changed the world in which she lived.


Hear Audio From International Women's Day Free Infocall on Vision Board Creation for Women and Girls With Joyce Schwarz, The Vision Board book author and Certified Vision Board Coaches

by Joyce Schwarz, blogging at www.visionboard.info (the official blog for The Vision Board book bestseller). 


We are so thrilled that more than 100 people responded to our free infocall for Interntaional Women's Day on how women and girls can use vision boards to live out their dreams and make the world more positive for all. 

LINK TO HEAR THE WOMEN'S DAY INFOCALL: Here is the free link to hear the Vision Board infocall: http://tinyurl.com/womensdayvb

SEE PICTURE OF OUR VISION BOARD created to honor 2012 International Women's Day: 

Iwd2Left csee image of vision board ceated by bestselling author Joyce Schwarz, The Vision Board Book to honor International Women's Day 2012. For more info on vision board creation go to www.visoinboard.info and sign up fo rour free vision board quarterly newsletter. And read the blog with more than 500 posts on vision boards and vision board creation. 

TOPICS discussed in the call included: 

***What was life like 100 years ago for women around the globe

***What is a vision board

***How to make vision boards when there are no supplies like paper, markers and poster board around for developing countries

***How ot use items surrounding you to "jump-start" your vision board with our famous PICK THREE exercise shared by Phyllis Riggs, Certified Vision Board Coach from St. Louis,Mo

***How ot use a vision board for love and romance, shared by Renee Piane, Certified Vision Board Coach from Los Angele area

***How to use a visoin board for moms and kids -- shared by Kristen Peoples, Certified Vision Board Coach from Cincinnati, Ohoi 

***How to use a vision board for a teaching experience with middles school boys and girls, shared by Cheryl Planert, Certified Vision Board Coach from North Dakota

***How to become a Certified Vision Board Coach and join us in our upcoming 4 week course starting on the first day of Spring, March 20 -- see link: http://vbcertificationcourse.eventbrite.com

TO GET THE DOWNLOAD VERSION OF THIS CALL -- join our VISION BOARD A MONTH CLUB (only our Club members and our CVBC's get the download version for free). http://vbclubdeal.eventbrite.com 

TO SEE and hear more than 30 hours of free audios and videos on visioning and vision board creation go to: www.visionboardinstitute.com 

See Video Celebrating International Women's Day Make a Vision Board FREE workshop for women and girls around the globe by Joyce Schwsarz

Here is a video Joyce Schswarz made honoring the day - -enjoy and remember to join us a 5 pm PT Thursday, March 8, 2012 for our free infocall sign up here: 

To register for the call go to:  http://intlwomensdayvisionboard.eventbrite.com



Free Info Call on How Women and Girls Can Vision A Better Life using a Vision Board With Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author THE VISION BOARD BOOK

How exciting -- we are now approved as an official event for the International Women's Day programming in the USA says Joyce Schwarz, founder of the Vision Board Institute, www.visionboardinstitute.com and bestselling author of THE VISION BOARD book bestseller. 

JtwitterSchwarz is also  a Hollywood career and business strategist and in her other business JCOM, www.joycecom.com has served as an advisor for the launch of 75 early stage venture funded companies ranging from emusic.com to Primesense.com (Xbox kinnect). 

"Vision Boards are one of the no cost -- literally they cost nothing to make since they are composed of -- leftover magazines pages and some paper or they can be put on backs of old letters, or painted on to buildings as murals or they can be virtual boards using symbols from the world around us such as ocean, beach, stars, sky or more. 

     Vision Boards can be adapted to any culture where posterboards or cardboard boxes are available girls and women can create them using those as the place to glue or paste their pictures. If they have no glue they can make it from flour and water or even use MUD Schwarz says. 

    If they have no magazines they can color the pictures with natures inks -- berries, leaves, mud, and various rocks that will serve as natural chalk. In developed countries they can use scissors to cut out pictures and where no scissors are available they can tear out pictures where they have old catalogs or old magazines. 

JOIN THE EVENT LIVE at 5 pm Pacific time Thursday March 8 and you get a free colorful ebook entitled " Seven Ways Women and Girls Can Use Vision Boards to empower their lives" from Schwarz and her Vision Board Institute. If you can't attend live you can sign up and get the audio sent to you after the call.

Schwarz is probably best known as the consultant who organized the Missing Kids on the Milk Carton campaign for Ralphs Grocery Stores that then went national. She is the author of 6 books on such topics as the future of media, changing careers and of course The Vision Board the secret to an extraordinary life .

You can see a free chapter of THE VISION BOARD at http://tinyurl.com/visionboardbookamazon 

See the registration below: 

See Inside The Vision Board Book bestseller by Joyce Schwarz from Harper Collins Publishing

So many of you have written to me that you'd love me to feature more of the pages from my bestselling book THE VISION BOARD by Harper Colins Publishing so here you are: 

To see a full chapter of Joyce Schwarz THE VISION BOARD book for free go to: http:/tinyurl.com/visionboardbookamazon 

Here is the opening spread of THE VISION BOARD book by Joyce Schwaz in the opening chapter called VISIONING your life. To see a free chapter of the book go to: http://tinyurl.com/visionboardbookamazon  and enjoy

This is a sample of a Vision Board called YES made from sticky notes or 3m notes that appears in THE VISION BOARD book by Joyce Schwarz, to see a free chapter of THE VISION BOARD book go to http://tinyurl.com/visionboardbookamazon 

We will be adding these pictures to our new Vision Board section on Pinterest called VisionBoardhere FYI

For more information about becoming a Certified Vision Board Coach go to www.visionboardinstitute.com or email: joyceschwarz(at)gmail.com