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November 2013

How To Make a Gratitude Shadow Box to Share Thanks for Giving this Thanksgiving Week In Five Easy Steps by Joyce Schwarz bestselling author of THE VISION BOARD BOOK

How to Create Your Own Gratitude Shadow Box

to Celebrate the Season of Giving!

Joycebook(joyce schwarz,joyceschwarz(at)gmail.com)
By Joyce Schwarz,internationally known speaker and best-selling author THE VISION BOARD: the secret to an extraordinary life Harper Collins Publishing, Harper Design

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   Develop an attitude of gratitude starting with you --

                                   you are worth it!

Take a moment right now and look at yourself -- your hands,

your feet, and your face -- with the same kind of admiration

you might bestow on one of the most precious sculptures

in the Louvre Museum in Paris

Think about this --you are irreplaceable,

which makes you priceless.


Many of you may already have gratitude journals that you keep daily

or write in weekly.

Some of you are aware of the power of keeping a list of things

you are grateful for, and some vision board creators

even add their updated gratitude lists

to their current vision boards.

That's why Joyce Schwarz says that there is great power

in creating a gratitude board for your life and doing it along

with your family. It's especially appropriate at this time of the year.


Great post-Thanksgiving weekend family activity!

So start now. Create a Thanks FOR GIVING


Bestselling author and founder of The Vision Board Institute, www.visionboardinstitute.com says there is no better way to celebrate

the true meaning of Thanksgiving and counter

the commercialness of Black Friday

and any doldrums of post-Thanksgiving weekend!

Gather the family together for a few quiet hours and create a GRATITUDE SHADOW BOX, a fun variation on a classic vision board!

(See a sample Gratitude Shadow box here (above) as seen

in THE VISION BOARD book by Joyce Schwarz, 

(box created by Renee Troy courtesy of Joyce Schwarz

private collection as seen in THE VISION BOARD book)


1)Begin by locating an old shadowbox in your garage
or one

that you can find on sale at your local craft or picture frame store.

 Clean out the old shadowbox.

 Consider spray painting it with a metallic gold

or silver color if it needs to be freshened up.



If you want to get fancy, you can cut different fabric squares

to fit the background of each section of the box.


Consider velvet for one and gingham for another or

use a bit of colored

wrapping paper in another.


2) Gather up the goodies that remind you of what you have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Maybe a flower from the garden at your new house.

Or a broach from grandma who just passed on this year

but is here with you in spirit.

Go ahead and put that great pix of the Turkey in the center!

Planning a holiday trip to Hawaii, then add a little pink drink umbrella!

Did one of your daughter's hair barrette’s lose a rhinestone,

add it in a square for her.

Add one of dad's tie tacs or even the wishbone from the Turkey :) 


3) Be sure to spice it up with embellishments. 

Add the first holiday stamp to come in the mail. Place a dried flower from that table arrangement in a special corner.



4) Let each family member arrange one of the squares 

in the shadowbox and join together

to craft any extra sections

5) At2
 Last but not least, make a list of what your family is grateful for
 and tape or glue it to the back of your 

Gratitude Shadow box

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