THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz Featured on Cover of Literary Magazine


7:04 AM PST, December 1, 2008
Fabulous news,   The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life is featured on the front page of a top literary magazine produced by EDC Creations edited by the founder of the Black Author Network radio, Ella Curry.

Thanks to Ella for also naming THE VISION BOARD one of the top 20 books for 2008! We look forward to an upcoming radio show with Ella and her crew!

Pamela Moss Featured Artist THE VISION BOARD WORKSHOP LEADER @ 58th Univ of NY @ Courtland Recreation Conference

By Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD: The secret to an Extraordinary life". It's a pleasure to provide this guest blog by Pamela Moss, one of the featured artists in my book THE VISION BOARD, the #1 Spiritual Bestseller on (go to to see 20 pages free) and to order the book.


Shown above back and front cover of THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz, Harper Collins Publishing, Colilns Design, #1 Spiritual bestseller on To browse see: 


guest post by Pamela Moss,


THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz features artist Pamela Moss work. Pamela not only led a recent workshop but she reports on it in this blog post. Thanks for sharing Pamela:

The Vision Board book featured artist Pamela Moss led a vision board "mini vision board workshop" this past weekend at the 58th Annual State University of New York at Cortland Recreation Conference in Cortland NY.

This academic presentation/workshop explored the use of vision boards in the field of recreation and leisure education (yes, you can become a tenured Professor of Recreation and Leisure!).


Educators, directors of nursing homes, camp counselors, recreation therapists -- all new to vision boards -- get inspired to use this powerful, fun tool with their diverse clients

"Wow, it's a universal tool! Anyone can benefit from making a vision board!" raved Conference participants, talking about creating vision boards with incarcerated teens, seniors, kids at summer camp, patients with strokes and dementia, college students, abused children....

"People who can't express themselves easily in words, like stroke victims and abused kids, can use images to communicate what matters to them. Vision boards will be wonderful for them."

"We can use this process for whatever our clients need -- they can create vision boards for friendship, or group cooperation, or personal goals, or to discover new interests..."


Searching for images to express your  “power words” and what lights you up


The process of looking for images often clarifies and deepens your vision -- sometimes in unexpected ways, especially if you allow images to "call to you"


“Hey, we could do vision boards with our staff, to develop new programs!”

“Or to envision how we want to improve our organizations...”

The vision board comes together -- an experience of concentration and flow


The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life made a splash at the 58th Annual State University of New York at Cortland Recreation Conference – workshop participants were excited to buy copies, and to take the vision board concept back to their clients and organizations.


ABOUT GUEST BLOGGER PAMELA MOSS: When she's not leading vision board workshops, featured Vision Board artist Pamela Moss paints "Possibility Portraits" for people who want to remember who they really are and what's possible. See


ATTENTION COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES --for quantity orders and educational discounts on THE VISION BOARD:Coverbooklowrez , please contact Harper Collins Publishing directly by emailing the publisher directily at Collins Design, Or by contacting the author: Joyce Schwarz:


Wow, still more pictures flowing in for   The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life by Joyce Schwarz by Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design. In case you haven't seen it yet-- you can see inside the book --20 free pages on now! Go to:

Thanks to Dr. Susan Block for these pix -- so glad that everyone had a good time and we even raised some money for charity!
That's Dr. Susan block, contributor to THE VISION BOARD book by Joyce Schwarz testing out one of the silent auction items a motorized scooter. Thanks for being at our celebrity/charity auction Dr. Susan and the rest of your entourage. See inside THE VISION BOARD BOOK at
Wow what a view-- see the ferris wheel all lit up. That's what you missed if you were not at THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz celebrity/charity signing so we're glad to share our vision that night & beyond. Go to to see 20 free pages.

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GRATITUDE --an attitude of gatitude can change your mind and your life: The Vision Board By Joyce Schwarz Featured in More Blogs!

GRATITUDE....develop an attitude of gratitude starting with yourself is how I began writing Chapter 6 in   The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life . That's why I'm so thrilled that bloggers and readers are really appreciating this chapter in my book published by Harper Collins Publishing,Collins Design.Lee Brower, is one of the big proponents of Gratitude, you may remember him and his tale of the Gratitude rocks in the acclaimed movie "THE SECRET" Brower's story is featured in   The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life  
HOW IMPORTANT IS GRATITUDE IN YOUR LIFE?   The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life I explain my system called G-R-A-B-S which explains how life's creation process begins with gratitude and comes full circle with sharing.  
Take a look at what this blogger and teacher has to say about   The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life , here is the link to that one Renee's blog on vox  Thanks!
The Vision Board - Vox
50 minutes ago by Renee/ The PR  
As an educator, writer, lover, artist & social activist, I truly appreciated the genius of The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life (Harper Collins, 2008) by Joyce Schwarz. What is most telling about my experience with the ...
Renee/ The PR -
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Extraordinary Author with Vision -- Check out Jon Samsel's Blog post on THE VISION BOARD

 Amazing how life comes full circle, blogger and digital media exec Jon Samsel and Joyce Schwarz met about 15 years ago when the Internet was just launching to the people. Now Jon took time to ask author Joyce Schwarz   The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life some insightful questions.

Gotta love the headline: Extraordinary author with a vision!

 And it's my pleasure to share a link   to that article here and to encourage you to keep up with Jon's blog. Thanks for remembering Jon! And I love the headline on the article! Let me know what you readers think.

The pix is a live grab from one of the contributor's Jina Bacarr's youtube video she produced on location at the celebrity/charity book signing at Digital Hollywood so that's why Joyce is so excited! Link is

The Vision Board #1 Spiritual Bestseller Amazon Attracts $250,000 Promo in 30 days!

Great news a report just came into our office that documents that   The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life garnered $1/4 MILLION in promotional value in October alone through electronic and print interviews and events online and offline.

$250,000 IN ADVERTISING FOR THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz in October, 2008 alone: What does that $1/4 Million figure mean? It means that the more than 25 major interviews and articles about THE VISION BOARD is equivalent in value to $250,000 in advertising!

This is the first of a 2-part blog showing the outstanding promotion and publicity that THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz is getting online and offline. Thanks to the media for all of their support. Thanks to Harper Collins Publishing and Collins Design for their continued support.
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for THE VISION BOARD to date:

FoxBusiness News column focusing on author Joyce Schwarz & The Vision Board
CHICAGO SUN TIMES article connecting Joyce Schwarz & The Vision Board with Oprah & the Olympians podcast and introduction to Joyce Schwarz and THE VISION BOARD book (1 hour podcast)

KABC TV San Francisco interviewed The Vision Board featured artist Jennifer Lee on their show, the hosts are shown holding up THE VISION BOARD for the audience to see.
Tx again Jennifer Lee, picked up on the OBAMA vision board originally created for THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz and featured a page 1 article on the book and Obama's digital board created by contributor Nick Thorch using his Ultimate Vision Board app from

New Pix from Celebrity/Charity Booksigning for The Vision Board by Joyce Schwarz

Great news-- we have some fabulous new pictures from the Celebrity Charity booksigning for The Vision Board by Joyce Schwarz @ the benefit reception held in connection with Digital Hollywood. Enjoy!

Joycelisajenniferbooksigning  Left, Lisa Osborne, contributor to The Vision Board book by (center, author Joyce Schwarz, right Jennifer Perry-Haught, artist/contributor to the book. To see more celebs and VIP's involved with the book go to

Joycelisabooksigning  Left Joyce Schwarz, author The Vision Board by Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design and right, Lisa Osborne, Goddess of Destiny, featured in chapter 3 of the book who is also creator of both shown at the celebrity/charity booksigning October 28, 2008 @fall Digital Hollywood  To keep track of what's new with THE VISION BOARD, be sure to sign up for the newsletter at

Joycejenniferbooksigning  Shown left Joyce Schwaz, author THE VISION BOARD now #1 Spiritual Bestseller on and right Jennifer Perry-Haught, featured artist in chapter 7 in the Wellness section, p 157. Thanks for all the support and totally grateful for all the artists who are involved. To browse inside the book, go to courtesy of Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design.


Act Your Shoe Size This Weekend, advises Joyce Schwarz, author, The Vision Board

Wow, during a recent online radio show with host Limor Schafman,, called DigIn ( I realized how serious all of us have gotten because of the economy. So my suggestion for all of you (and me) is act the age of your shoe size.

IF YOU WEAR SIZE 9 -- become a 9 year old for 30 minutes....

So following my own advice -- I thought hmm what can I do to 'act' my shoe size which is 9 this weekend. DUH...what does a 9 year old like to do? Uhhh I had forgotten. So thanks to the internet I went to this site -- Child Development - The Nine Year Old at Play Activities and Interests

How did I find that site? - I put into google search engine bar these words "activites for 9 year old" and my answer is in that link above-- here's a brief preview. Thanks to Kimberly Keith, the guide at for having this info available for myself and my readers:

Nine year olds are absorbed in their play interests and will spend hours at their chosen activities. Children's interests begin to follow personal styles of introversion and extraversion. Many enjoy solitary play - video games, tv, reading, dolls, construction sets, or crafts. Other nine-year-old boys and girls love sports, especially soccer, baseball, football, and basketball. Most kids at nine enjoy bicycling, skating, swimming, and other forms of independent, active play; though they are not as proficient at them as they will be at ten.

HMM so what else would put me in a 9 year old's state of mind-- the right shoes of course - hmm first thing comes to mind is red sparkle shoes-- Wizard of oz but what else is there..Then I spotted this pix on Google images -- why settle for one pair of shoes-- I could wear a lot of different shoes this weekend and here is a pix of girls shoes reminding me of that!


SO HAVE FUN AND DON't listen to anyone who says ACT YOUR AGE_- or do if you act your shoe size.

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Vision Board Creators Share your Vision Win $25 Amex Gift Card On


1:27 PM PST, November 5, 2008

Excerpted from --here is the link to that post:
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