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By Joyce Schwarz: YEA, I finally am able to share with you a video on HOW TO BECOME A CERTIFIED VISION BOARD COUNSELOR -- yes now, the 45 minute info call available previously only via teleconference is a VIDEO.


That video is now posted on the right side of this blog at the right hand column of You can click on the video that looks like this picture above. Vbcertcover

OR YOU CAN CLICK THIS LINK and it will send you to a page where you can watch it online: watch certified vision board info video  

Homestudy1 Also ask about the CERTIFIED VISION BOARD COUNSELOR home study course. The next telesminar 8 week class begins the week of July 6 and the home study course will be available on July 6.

A down payment of $100 gets you started in the 8 week course! So please to register.

Don't forget to play the video --it's only 20 minutes long and I think you'll enjoy it. Thanks so much.

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PLEASE JOIN ME -- look at the gorgeous certificate that can be yours in 8 weeks or less! Also take the course from a telephone -- no computer needed. Anywhere in the world and for the first time -- HOME STUDY VERSION TOO!
Free 45 min call on vision board teaching & being a Certified VB Counselor Monday June 13 @ 3 pm EST and 7 pm EST: (605) 475-4810 Code: 781737#

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JOYCECOMBO See The Vision Board book author Joyce Schwarz here with just a few of the Hollywood celebrities she has worked with and some of the wisdom leaders including Bob Proctor (who wrote the foreword for the book, Jack Canfield who wrote the afterword and Holli Walker who is the creator of BEYOND THE SECRET DVD.
For more information about becoming a Certified Vision Board Counselor -- please send an email to: and put MORE INFO in the subject.
TO GET YOUR SPACE in the new class starting the week of July 6-- all classes are via telephone (no computer or travel needed) call in on Monday :
PLEASE JOIN ME -- look at the gorgeous certificate that can be yours in 8 weeks or less! Also take the course from a telephone -- no computer needed. Anywhere in the world and for the first time -- HOME STUDY VERSION TOO!
Free 45 min call on vision board teaching & being a Certified VB Counselor Monday @ 3 pm EST and 7 pm EST: (605) 475-4810 Code: 781737#

Best-selling Author, Hollywood & Silicon Valley New Company Launch Strategist Public Speaker Topics

Many times meeting planners tell me that they would like one source for my information on what it is that Joyce Schwarz speaks on and which topics are the most popular around the country and the world. So I am posting this information here in the blog that is also online.

Joycespeaking Bestselling author & Hollywood strategist & new company launch expert, Joyce Schwarz shown at one of her many paid speaking engagements talking about the future (customized for your group or company.


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JOYCECOMBO Best selling author of 6 books including the acclaimed THE VISION BOARD featured in FOX NEWS and on ABC TV, NBC TV, CBS TV, CW & more is shown with just some of the hundreds of celebrities and VIP's that she has coached and worked with on special events and television shows including Tom Cruise (GOLDEN APPLE AWARDS), MICKEY MOUSE (Disney on Ice) and Bob Proctor who wrote the foreword for her book and Jack Canfield who wrote the afterword.

View Joyce Schwarz's Video Demo here:

 Joyce Schwarz  Speaking topics: Topics: Business Building, Career, Marketing, Personal Development, Women's Issues

Are you ready to finally live your dreams for your business, career and life? Discover an insider system to leap from dreaming to realizing your goals. Find out why 75 venture funded start-up companies and more than 50 major brands like Revlon, Kraft, Disney and pay five-figure consulting fees to author Joyce Schwarz to coach their CEO’s using her proprietary goal realization GRABS program as heard and seen on major TV and radio business interviews.

Uncover how the ancient ritual of Visioning used by Shamans and wisdom leaders worldwide can empower your success. Create a visual map for the future with your own custom vision board as seen on Oprah and Larry King.

Author/consultant Joyce Schwarz has logged more than 50,000 hours of coaching and consulting to entrepreneurs, corporate executives, celebrities, TV personalities, Olympic athletes, and even a presidential candidate.

A master at manifesting her own visions, Joyce offers real-time life and business makeovers to tap into your own insight to create prosperity and abundance. See how you can harness the same energy actor Jim Carrey did to realize a $10 million paycheck.

"Your audience will finally discover how to get a life, not just a job, and future-proof their careers and business − despite the economy," says Schwarz. You'll learn how to use her breakthrough GRABS system for goal realization, revealed for the first time ever in her new book, THE VISION BOARD: Unlock the Secret to an Extraordinary Life (HarperCollins 2008). "You'll get the same advice for which I normally charge CEOs, venture capitalists and celebrities $1000 an hour,” Schwarz promises.

Her presentations include:

Visioning Your Best Year Ever
Tap into the power of creating a vision board and use “defining images” for health, wealth, career, and romance. Sessions in actual vision board creation and vision board workshops are also available.

Get a Life Not Just a Job: It’s never too late to make your dreams come true
Future-proof your career and business despite the economy; work anywhere and create multiple streams of income. How to launch new products & companies

Matchmaking for Business
Learn how to use social networks to launch a new business or product and get endorsements for your brand or service.

Marketing on a Shoestring
Discover how to get $250,000 in free publicity in one month, and how to market and sell your products or services using other people’s money.

Social Entrepreneurism
Explore ways to obtain grants, joint venture and corporate sponsorship and underwriting for your nonprofit or trade organization. You can change the world!

Joyce Schwarz is an award winning Hollywood strategist and celebrity coach, and founder of The Center for Successful Recareering. She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Money Magazine, and has been interviewed on NBC and NPR. In addition to introducing over 100 products to the marketplace and creating the famous Missing Kid on the Milk Carton campaign, she has helped launch 75 venture-funded companies, including, and helped raise more than $200 million in sponsorship and investment funds to launch high-tech firms and fund charities. Her client list includes Revlon, Disney, AT&T, Philips Electronics and other major corporations and dozens of entrepreneurs creating the new economy today! 
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