Amazon Reviewer says THE VISION BOARD book Combines "THE SECRET" with a personal art project!

 Inspirational book that combines "The Secret" with a personal art project., March 24, 2009

By  Bond... James Bond "007.5" (Denver, CO) - 

What you ultimately think of this book may heavily depend on whether you think the book The Secret and the concept of the "Law of Attraction" is a highly credible law of nature, a harmless self-help approach, or a bunch of New Age smoke-and-mirrors sleight-of-hand mind-bending distortions of reality.

The "Law of Attraction" states that if you intentionally and consciously work to attract more of the things you want out of life and less of the things that you do not want, you can co-create your own reality.

 By envisioning your own personal vision of your life and creating a vision board as a visual aid, you help to add to the "good vibes" in your life and expel the "bad vibes" that you have been thinking and attracting. And then, over time, both good vibrations and bad vibrations become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Others have talked about this concept over the past centuries. Sometimes, it is referred to as fate, serendipity, karma. In Deepak Chopra's book, The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence, he writes about synchronicities in life, how to have them work in your favor, and how vibration energy in one's body ties into quantum physics.

And prior to Deepak, there was Zig Ziglar's book See You at the Top: 25th Anniversary Edition, where he espouses weeding out one's own "Stinkin Thinkin" so that one can co-create one's own successes in life.

And before Zig was the whole Positive Mental Attitude craze and its endlessly marketed variations of that one concept.

Perhaps one of the earliest versions of this "ask and you shall receive" concept (of which the Law of Attraction is one of hundreds of corollaries) is a comment the French microbiologist Louis Pasteur, pioneer of the germ theory of disease, once made: "In the fields of observation, chance favors only the prepared mind." (Dans les champs de l'observation le hasard ne favorise que les esprits préparés.) I purposely adapted, with a generous dollop of artistic license, Louis' quote in its interpretation of "chance favors the prepared mind", just as many people have also interpreted the "ask and you shall receive" concept in countless ways.

 Except for Pasteur's quote, which was made in a purely scientific context, I see all of these as one long and varied continuum of interpretations that basically says that one must live life with goals, with vision, with defined values, with hope, with action, and intent. Otherwise, so many of us sleepwalk through large chunks of our lives.

This books helps to inspire, motivate, and instruct the reader in creating their own personal vision board.

As someone who has dozens of books that help me and inspire me to become better at oil/acrylic painting, stained/fused glass, and photography, when I first flipped through this book before proceeding to read it, it reminded me far more of an art instruction book.

In fact, the quality of the book's construction and richly colored photography of both amateur (made by non-artistic types) and professional (made by an artist) vision boards makes it as beautiful as some of my art instruction books.

 Because not everyone can be artistically inclined to create their own vision board by drawing, painting, or rendering their vision using graphics software, the book guides the reader in cutting out words and pictures from magazines to create a vision board that is basically an assemblage of collage, decoupage, and scrapbooking techniques.

 Most of the book focuses on what to include in your vision collage.
My one main complaint with the book is that some of the concepts are overhyped. To me, the book's subtitle of "The Secret To An Extraordinary Life", and the front-cover testimonial by Jack Canfield (also an author on the Law of Attraction) that "This book will change your life." present the material as something far more earthshakingly unique than I am willing to give it credit for.

In my opinion, hundreds of self-help books out there have helped countless numbers of readers just as much as they have been useless to other readers. Also, even though some people like the use of a visual aid to focus their thoughts, I prefer my visions, affirmations, and goals to be mainly in written form, in the format of a personal journal ....continued on www.amazon.com

Comedian Maria Bamford on Why Vision Boards Work by Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD

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See above: partial pix of one of comedian Maria Bamford's vision boards which were photographed by Annie Kaycora for THE VISION BOARD book by Joyce Schwarz.

Some of you have asked what happened with Maria Bamford and her Vision Boards? Are they working? Here is a quick update and an autographed picture that Maria Bamford sent author Joyce Schwarz, THE VISION BOARD book, www.ihaveavision.org.

See below the autographed headshot that stand-up comedian Maria Bamford sent to author Joyce Schwarz to congratulate her on THE VISION BOARD book! Thanks Maria for our support!

BLOG from Hollywood2020.net on Maria Bamford and her vision boards & recent appearances is listed below.

PSSSSSt....we have some news...at Hollywood2020.net and at www.visionboard.fm. Stand-up comedian Maria Bamford is sharing one of her Vision Boards in my upcoming book "THE VISION BOARD" Unlock the Secret to An Extraordinary Life, Harper Collins Publishing Collins Design, by Joyce Schwarz.

click on jpeg to see partial view of one of Maria Bamford's Vision and Prosperity boards she shares in the upcoming book "THE VISION BOARD" by Joyce Schwarz, fall, 2008-- thank you to you Maria!


So we went online to see what Maria's been up to lately and guess what-- lots of great stuff. And we even caught her with PINK HAIR --really PINK HAIR -- look?

In the Pink -- stand-up comedian Maria Bamford shares one of her "Vision Boards" in Joyce Schwarz new book "THE VISION BOARD" set for publication, fall, 2008, by Harper Collins -- THANKS MARIA!

HERE ARE JUST SOME OR THE HEADLINES WE SAW ABOUT MARIA and where she is and what she's up to and yada yada yada. And if we're lucky the censors will be as kind to us at this blogging service as they were for the Minnesota paper who got her to talk about the wonder of her new PROSPERITY VISION BOARDS!
here's the link to that complete article:
Maria Bamford Manifests Her Destiny
Minneapolis City Pages, MN - Jul 15, 2008
Excerpt from article on Maria Bamford in the Minneapolis City pages.
In that article Maria explains she has:

"doing a lot prosperity consciousness. I have five prosperity boards going. Have you heard of that? CP: No, what's a prosperity board?
MB: Oh, my gosh! Oprah does it. Ok, let's say you want to have more trees in your life. You find a picture of a tree and put it on a poster board and put it in a place where you can see it a lot. You then manifest that tree, or maybe you just start noticing trees more.
Maria goes on to explain in the Minneapolis City Pages article (note she's from Duluth originally) "So, here's an example of me manifesting something: I put a microwave on my first vision board. My sister walked by my vision board and said, “You want a fucking microwave?! That's ridiculous. I'll give you a fucking microwave!" Boom! Manifested!
Maybe the important part is showing people your vision boards. (YES MARIA AND THANKS FOR SHARING ONE OF YOUR BOARDS IN MY UPCOMING BOOK, joyce)
Maria goes on to say outrageously:
I went to a vision board weekend up an old nunnery in Montecito, and one old guy was cutting out pictures of hot ladies and guns and stacks of cash. I hope it's working out for him. If you want more pot, why not put a pot plant on a piece of paper? Maybe you'll get more.



3:21 PM PST, February 23, 2009
Great news   The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life is one of the top 10 bestsellers throughout Canada for Harper Collins Publishing. As you may know, THE VISION BOARD also hit the bestseller list for Canada's GLOBE & MAIL last month! Thank you to Canada -- we love you and you love THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz featuring the foreword by Toronto native Bob Proctor, Life Success Productions.

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Notaspringchick on Beyond the Secret Live & video review of THE VISION BOARD on Youtube.com from OFN reporter Joyce Chow. Check it out live coverage from the beaches of Southern California for OFN with comments on UCLA's Royce Hall presents BEYOND THE SECRET & great review/promo for BEYOND THE SECRET DVD www.youtube.com/watch?v=NI8DLP2ip-k -

WOW, THE VISION BOARD book by Joyce Schwarz is really hitting all the hot sports including a feature at the beach with OFN news reporter Joyce Chow -- so much fun. Chow is the star of NOT A SPRING CHICK which is syndicated around the world by OFN and MonteBubbles.net ! They have 12 million links! YOWZA!

Check it out -- here's the link on Youtube.com too:

THE VISION BOARD book by Joyce Schwarz featured on "NOT A SPRING CHICK" International video news feed! 

Visionboard   OFN REPORTER JOYCE CHOW reviews THE VISION BOARD book by author Joyce Schwarz. For more info go to www.visionboard.info


THE VISION BOARD book by Joyce Schwarz is being seen at all the hottest places around the world. Catch it here at the beaches in Southern California being reviewed by OFN  and read more about THE VISION BOARD with 20 free pages @ http://tinyurl.com/seeinsidebook.


Reporter Joyce Chow from OFN Network reviews the "hot' book THE VISION BOARD #1 Spiritual bestseller on Amazon.com. To see 5 star reviews of THE VISION BOARD & order the book go to http://tinyurl.com/visionboardamazon or check it out at your local Barnes & Noble or Borders stores across the USA.


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Wow, always so exciting when I hear from a fellow Ohio University Bobcat, and even more fun this time because Angie Swartz, is the founder and chair of The Six Figure Moms Club http://www.sixfiguremomsclub who called for some tips in prep for a Vision Board workshop later this month! Turns out that Angie and I had met at Blogworld in Vegas last fall!

What's the group about? Well, I checked Angie's website to get the official scoop although she gave me lots of background when we chatted via phone. Her website says: The Six Figure Mom's Club began in 2006 in San Diego, Ca when 45 mothers contacted Angie within 4 days in response to a survey about non-traditional work success stories.Angie  Shown left Angie Swartz, chairman and founder of www.sixfiguremomsclub.comwho is an Ohio University alum just like The Vision Board author Joyce Schwarz and fellow Bobcat Matt Lauer on the TODAY SHOW!

Want to share in some of the FREE TIPS ON VISION BOARD CREATION from Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD, see more details, www.visionboard.info  And also see 20 page of the book free by going to: http://tinyurl.com/seeinsidebook

EXCERPT FROM: www.sixfiguremomsclub by Angie Swartz: So, I started looking for the advance reading and I googled vision boards.  The first thing that came up was Joyce Schwarz’s The Vision Board Book.  I clicked through and remembered that Joyce and I had met last year at Blog World Expo.  I read her website, was amazed to see  that just like Matt Lauer and I, she also went to Ohio University, and then I called her.  Next thing I knew, an hour had gone by and Joyce and I had just finished a fabulous conversation about vision boards.

Moms2  JPEG of post by Angie Swartz on getting tips from THE VISION BOARD author Joyce Schwarz for Angie's upcoming Six Figure Mom's vision board workshop www.sixfiguremomsclub.com


Thanks Angie and any of you planning vision board workshops may want to consider buying THE VISION BOARD at wholesale if you have a resale license, email: joyceschwarz@gmail.com for details on getting as much as 50 percent off the retail price!


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THANKS to Angie Swartz for the call and the promo for the book! Stand up and cheer 2009 is here!

Rick Barber, 850 KOA Denver to Interview Joyce Schwarz THE VISION BOARD author on Mon 1 a.m. MST Jan 5, 09

Live in Denver? Call in and talk with author The Vision Board Joyce Schwarz on 850 KOA Rick Barber Show on Monday morning 1 a.m. Mountain time which is Sun midnight Pacific time

9:40 PM PST, January 3, 2009
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WPUL 1590 AM Features THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz on Larry Steele's talkshow New Years Day

Wow, what a great way to start the New Year 2009. Joyce Schwarz was honored to be a featured guest on talk show host Larry Steele's EXPRESS YOURSELF radio show on WPUL 1590 AM for live interview!

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Wpul.2jpg  Daytona Beach area talk show host Larry Steele featured Joyce Schwarz, author, THE VISION BOARD: the secret to an extraordinary life on his New Year's day show LIVE talking about how to Express Yourself by following your vision!

Twita  Joyce Schwarz, (left) author THE VISION BOARD: the secret to an extraordinary life  ( go to this link to see more about the book and buy it on Amazo.com http://tinyurl.com/visionboardamazon ) shares her tips on how to support your New Year's resolution by harnessing the power of a Vision Board. For a some free tips, sign up at www.visionboard.info for a free newsletter on making 2009 your best year ever despite the economy.

Wpul.2jpg  Express  WPUL 1590AM Daytona, Beach, Florida talk show host Larry Steele asked author Joyce Schwarz, THE VISION BOARD some great questions during his live radio interview with her on New Year's Day, 2009.


and create your best year ever in 2009 despite the economy, by Joyce Schwarz featured on Larry Steele's radio show EXPRESS YOURSELF, WPUL

Here are some tips from that LIVE show about how to LIVE your vision, and create a vision board to empower you to express your true self in 2009 & beyond !

1) If you don't know what you want or aren't sure where to start--begin by making a GRATITUDE LIST -- be grateful for what you DO have in your life now!

Go ahead -- list 4 things that you do have in your life -- and you KPUL listeners start by putting Larry Steele's name in that first spot since he was kind enough to share the wisdom of THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz with you on his show "EXPRESS YOURSELF" on New Year's Day.

MY GRATITUDE LIST TOP 4 Reasons I'm grateful (remember it doesn't have to be stuff) 1_______________ 2_________________ 3________________


WHAT IF YOU DON'T HAVE A JOB? If you are sitting here reading this on New Year's Day 2009 and you don't have a job -- then you are truly ready to start to create your new life. As Larry Steele said on KPUL This is the first day of the rest of your life!  

a) Look at how you can begin to immediately start the flow of money, abundance and prosperity in your life! Organize a garage sale, join with some fellow church members and set up a car wash (give a portion to the church and divide the rest among yourselves). Learn more about selling your extra stuff on www.ebay.com. If you don't have an account for ebay.com start one now or pool your leftovers with a pal who does and offer him or her a commission on what they sell for you on Ebay.com

If you're looking for a job -- look at multiple ways for you to create income and money such as working at flea markets, or contact your local SBA (Small Business Administration) about starting our own business. Your goal should be to create multiple income streams -- not just what you get paid from a job working for 'the man'.

Use your talents-- if you play Harmonica -- start a class in harmonica playing or pick up a gig with the blues band at your local club. If you can dance, start a dance class at your local church or at your YMCA/YWCA. If you can sew, begin to consider designing your own line of clothes -- make up a few samples and see if your local boutique would like to carry them on commission. Don't just settle for doing alterations (although that IS another one of the sources for your multiple income streams.

CONSIDER that the BEST things in life are FREE -- consider that you can barter, borrow, exchange, share or trade. One of Joyce Schwarz clients travels around the country as a delivery person for new RV's -- what a great way to see the USA and pick up some coin too!  

VISIONS OF LOVE -- in Joyce Schwarz's book THE VISION BOARD there is a whole chapter on using visioning and vision boards to create a relatioship and to bring the spark back to your own marriage or romance. Start with a love list of what you'd want in your love life. Do you really want to get married again or do you just want a good pal to go to church with and play cards?

Start by sharing your own LOVE -- of life and by smiling a couple more times today. Share a compliment with the gal at the checkout counter or the waiter at the coffee shop. Give the barber a compliment even if he's the same one you've been going to for a dozen years. Share your love and warmth with others and it will return to you tenfold.

VISIONS OF FITNESS AND HEALTH --many people have already made New Year's resolutions to lose weight! Yet you'll have a better chance of fulfilling that resolution if you vision being fit, Vision the benefits of releasing the pounds!


On page 154 in THE VISION BOARD: The secret to an extraordinary life, Joyce Schwarz shares a great story of how Donna Kozik released 100 pounds by creating her own vision board and through the spirituality based program "THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED WITH FOOD' she learned about through her church. Be an optimist even if you've tried losing weight before or stopping smoking and gave up -- it's never too late! You can eat healthy. You deserve mindful eating.

Here's a great inspirational vision board created by gospel singer and entertainer Delores Burgess (you can get her CD at: CD Baby: DELORES BURGESS: Faith All Over It ,

Delores Check out the pink boxing gloves on gospel singer/entertainer Delores Burgess featured in THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz, www.visionboard.info 

THANKS AGAIN TO LARRY STEELE & WPUL 1590AM! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOURS. To reach Joyce Schwarz email: thevisionboard@aol.com or directly at joyceschwarz@gmail.com


THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz Featured on WNDB.am Daytona With Host Judy Mercer, www.Seniorlifesolutions.com

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For those listeners and fans of Judy and THE VISION BOARD, you can scroll down and get 20 page of the book for free here by clicking this link in this post or by putting the link in your browser:






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Go ahead start visioning your best year ever today-- make 2009 a year of change and opportunity. Start with just putting one or two pictures up that inspire you and then click on the links above to get more details and to see 20 free pages of the book THE VISION BOARD at:



As the author of THE VISION BOARD: the secret to an extraordinary life it's thrilling to see a segment on the popular TV show "ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA"on the vision board.

Always  "Always Sunny in Philadelphia" TV show features a segment on the power of the visionboard. To get the book THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz go to www.amazon.com/visionboard or click on this link visionboardbook


P1  Charlie, Dennis and Mike work on tier vision boards in this episode of ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA, clips and photos courtesy of www.hulu.com