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It's time to Re-vision 2009 Do a new Vision Statement & Vision Board!

Re-Visioning 2009: Make a new vision statement & vision board NOW
by Joyce A. Schwarz, and  

At this time of the year, many of us are looking forward to a great summer and we may also be looking at what we've accomplished so far in 2009.

That's why I recommend that you do a quarterly check up on your Vision Statement and Vision Board. I do mine at the start of each season: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring etc.

The most important tools to guide you through the transitions of each year are a Vision Statement and a Vision Board.

What am I talking about? A vision statement is a vivid, idealized description of the outcome that you want. Something that inspires ... energizes you, and helps you create a mental image of your target.

My personal vision statement is short and sweet “TO LIVE THE POSSIBLE DREAM”, a positive spin on Don Quixote’s famous “Live the Impossible Dream”.


Some of you may be familiar with corporate mission statements or company mantras but all too often those come from the Ivory towers and are issued via memo.

Vision statements are much more personal – the concept started from the grass roots and spread across the world by people who want to realize their own personal talents and ensure that their life matches their values.

USE TO ENHANCE YOUR LIFE...and visualize the future: A vision statement can be used to enhance any part of your life, like family or career. It could also be created to visualize a new home or a specific project.

Here are some tips for creating your own vision statement:

*Summarize your vision in a powerful statement (1-4 sentences)

*Make sure it stands the test of time (think ballpark vs. small details)

*Suspend disbelief—anything is possible!

*Follow up with ‘inspired action’ (specific steps toward your vision)

*Post it somewhere you can see it daily (and update it quarterly)

*Consider starting with a wish list or bucket list of your dreams.

*Start with a sentence or two and pare it down to a short phrase

*Pick a power word like freedom and craft your vision around that word.

Where to get your inspiration for your vision?

Give a new spin to a classic song you love.

Rearrange an advertising phrase to inspire you.

See a favorite movie one more time.

Refer to a favorite quotation

Recite your favorite poem, it may offer a hint or two

Once you craft your vision statement here are some ways to use it to inspire you to create your create your best possible holiday season and lead into a new year to remember.

Post it where you can see it daily.

Carry a copy of it in your wallet or handbag.

Add it to your vision board.

Print it on the back of your business cards.

Use the power words in your new vision statement to update our current vision board or create a new vision board just for this upcoming season ie Summertime!

Twitj Joyce Schwarz: Author's Bio
Joyce Schwarz is the best-selling author of THE VISION BOARD the secret to an extraordinary life which has a preface by Bob Proctor and an afterword by Jack Canfield. The book has been featured in TV GUIDE, on Television networks ABC, NBC, CBS, CW in 52 different cities.

 Schwarz is also the founder of THE VISION BOARD Institute and has launched the world's first accreditation program for Certied Vision Board Counselors which you can find out more about by going to

SAY YES TO LIFE WITH A VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz, author The Vision Board book


In these days of economic downturn, you may hear lots of comments of doom and gloom. What we all need at this time is to say YES, to the great things and people in our lives!.


By creating a SAY YES TO LIFE Vision Board you can do 'just' that!



Some days it seems that everyone around you is in a negative mood. All you hear is "NO", "NO" or "NO WAY"!

So what can you do --well, JUST SAY YES!



Here are 5 NO COST WAYS TO SAY AND "SHOW" YES to the world even before you make your vision board:

1) Go to the park and take a ride on a swing -- go ahead act the age of your shoe size? Ever heard that before --my shoe size is 8 -- so I get to be an 8 year old anytime I want!

2)Eat dessert first! I just found out that October 28 --the launch date of The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life is NATIONAL CHOCOLATE DAY! Ymmm so I'm taking this opportunity to remind you to eat your dessert first that day -- it's only 19 days away! A little bit of dark chocolate is full of anioxidents so go ahead splurge every day with a bite or two of the most decadent chocolate you can find!

3) Put on your happy cap if you're having a bad hair day. I always keep a few of my favorite baseball caps with fun logos hanging as decorations in one of my closets! When I'm feeling a bit down -- I ALWAYS wear my sequineed black and silver baseball cap and I take it on trips around the world-- even on a ride on an Arabian horse in Petra, Jordan!

NO MORE BAD HAIR DAYS! Okay -- we'll have to get some SHARE THE VISION baseball caps to tie in with our website! More on that later.

4) Share a compliment-- say something nice today to someone you DON'T KNOW -- if life is a little cloudy-- I always make sure that I give a compliment or two to someone I see in a store or even in a parking lot.

It's easy --and yes, you can be sincere -- after all -- most people love to be told that their car is a beautiful color or that their T shirt is so much fun or that you love that gorgeous Olive green handbag that the senior you see at the post office is carrying.

You'll be amazed how much it perks you up!

5) CALL A PAL you haven't talked to in a few months or even a few years. Ask them the questions about their life and family -- be a good listener, don't spoil the moment by dragging them down with your own doldrums! Remind them of a couple of fun things you did together.

That's a great way to open the call --start by saying "remember the time we did....."

Now make a list of all of the great things you appreciate in your life and all of the great people and take some pictures of them or go through a magazine and begin to place them on a vision board.

What's a vision board? Most of you know a vision board is a visual map or depiction of how you'd like to live your best life possible and a way to pay tribute to the wonderful things you have and are creating in your life.

Take a poster board or a blank journal and paste some of these YES images in your journal or on your board. And add affirmations that remind you that you are grateful for what IS yes in you life and what will add more YES to your life in the future. Speak in the present tense (not the future) I am grateful for the wonderful home I have on a hill in the forest! YES I have that home now! See it experience it.


Author's Bio
Joyce A. Schwarz is the author of THE VISION BOARD, th secret to an extraordinary life. For a free chapter of the book go to http:/

Let's Blow this Popsicle Stand --How any image can be interpreted with pix from Joyce Schwarz THE VISION BOARD author

How can you get the right image for your vision board? Well, we're coming up on father's day and this is the first one without my dad. So I decided to take one of his favorite phrases (considering it's Friday and very appropriate) and look at the phrase " LET'S BLOW THIS POPSICLE STAND -- which generally meant we were about to go out and get icecream or go to the movies or something fun! Not dissimilar to OUTTA HERE now!

Look at the pix I found quickly on Google images:

Blow1 Blow2

Blow3 Blow4

Boy was I ever surprised when I looked up the origin or as they call the entymology of that phrase LET"S BLOW THIS POPSICLE STAND -- hopefully it will give you a chuckle and realize that there are a thousand images you can use to support your vision and hopefully your vision is a lot more positive than the derivation of this phrase!     ENJOY

let's blow this popsicle stand! 100 up, 118 downlove it hate it
Legend has it that this term was first coined in the 1940's by a Jamaican named Antoine Cleo. Antoine Cleo believed that filling the area of a popsicle with deadly radiation, could be used against certain countries as biological warfare. He believed that the radiation had certain brainwashing chemicles inside of it and that placing the popsicles at stands at random areas could allow more people to buy the popsicles, thus was his plan for world domination.

However, his plans were soon foiled when a strange cult called the Kindred Spirits (The Cult leader was Later identified as a man named Dushka Deshvky) blew up all the popsicle stands in America, including killing the perpetrator, Antoine Cleo.

"Lets blow this popsicle stand" was then started as an inside joke between 4 teenagers, then it spread throughout the United States, the phrase from then on meant, "Lets get out of here fast, before something bad happends to us."

Now maybe after hearing this, we can walk away a little wiser about what this phrase means.
Source: Evil minds of the 1900's.


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Joyce Schwarz is an award winning Hollywood strategist and celebrity coach, and founder of The Center for Successful Recareering. She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Money Magazine, and has been interviewed on NBC and NPR. In addition to introducing over 100 products to the marketplace and creating the famous Missing Kid on the Milk Carton campaign, she has helped launch 75 venture-funded companies, including, and helped raise more than $200 million in sponsorship and investment funds to launch high-tech firms and fund charities. Her client list includes Revlon, Disney, AT&T, Philips Electronics and other major corporations and dozens of entrepreneurs creating the new economy today! 
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How to create a Mother's Day Vision Board: Special hints for Nursing Homes or Assisted Living from Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD BOOK

 Mother's Day: How to create a Mother's Day Vision Board!


by Joyce Schwarz at 2:04 PM PDT, May 10, 2009
Would you like to honor your mom or grandma or even your greatgrandmother today or this week or anytime of the year!

Then follow these 5 steps from best-selling author Joyce Schwarz,  The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life    from Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design.
1) Gather together some pictures of you and your mom together throughout the years either real photographs from old albums that are falling apart or scan some photos that you may have framed already.
Giftbox2 Giftboxlid1 You can use the inside top lid of a gift box as a 'shadow box' to make your Mother's Day Vision Board says Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD the secret to an extraordinary life, for free newsletter.
2) Make sure you have the following on hand -- a) a posterboard -- if you don't have one you can use a bulletin board or a corkboard or the inside lid of a box that may have held the robe you game mom for Mother's day! The inside lid of a nice box -- becomes almost like a Shadow Box for the Vision Board creation. You can also use an old shadow box you may have on hand.
Greetomgcards Mother'sdaydrawing
3) You can do this with mom or grandma and your kids too. Sit down with some colored markers or crayons and do it together. Brainstorm some of the fun times you've had together with mom --here are some ideas a) going out to dinner on mother's day -- if you're going out today be sure to take a picture of mom with your family or you! Mom out gardening, mom doing some of her favorite things -- playng the piano, holding you as a baby or even finishing running her first marathon.
4) Paste the pictures on some colorful paper you line the inside of the box with -- maybe the colored tissue paper (pink or green or yellow that you wrapped that robe with. You can use tape or glue to hold the paper in place. If you want double up the adhesive tape so that it sticks without seeing the bits of tape. OR if you don't have tape make some glue. OR if you don't have either mix a tiny bit of flour and water together and it will form some glue for you just be careful to use just a dot of it so that it doesn't show through. BUT If it does -- don't worry you can cover that with a sticker or a little design from your kids or you. Or another picture.
Giftwinebox Hgtvbox Mother2 Mother1
You can use any box -- see the wine box at the left it would make a nice Mother's Day Shadow box once the wine is consumed at dinner or put on a shelf or wine cellar. See the HGTV box -- that is symbolic -- you can cut out pictures and put in flowers from the day or ribbons or whatever. And whatif you don't have any pix of mom -- well, consider doing a real nature-themed Mother's Day Vision Board with pictures of wild animals and their children like these Polar Bears and elephants. So much fun!
5) Pick a theme for your Mother's Day Vision Board: here are some possibilities: a) gratitude-- what are you thanking your mom for a) her guidance b) her support c) her understanding or d) just being there when no one else was.
a) But what if you and your mom don't get along perfectly -- don't worry most moms and daughters or sons aren't like the LEAVE IT TO BEAVER TV families of the 20th century.
b) If you feel more comfortable just honor your mom's heritage and her life -- include pictures of her mother and grandmother. a copy of a map of the country where her family is from such as Mexico or France or Hungary. And include pictures of your mom throughout the years -- a picture (or copy of one when she was a kid) or a copy of a wedding picutre or a copy of a picture of her holding her first grandchild etc.
This kind of remembrance Vision Board is ideal for moms who are in the hospital or a rest home or in assisted living where her roommates and visitors and nurses and attendants can see mom in her prime.
20 PAGES FROM THE VISION BOARD BOOK -- free Mother's Day Gift:
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Comedian Maria Bamford on Why Vision Boards Work by Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD

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See above: partial pix of one of comedian Maria Bamford's vision boards which were photographed by Annie Kaycora for THE VISION BOARD book by Joyce Schwarz.

Some of you have asked what happened with Maria Bamford and her Vision Boards? Are they working? Here is a quick update and an autographed picture that Maria Bamford sent author Joyce Schwarz, THE VISION BOARD book,

See below the autographed headshot that stand-up comedian Maria Bamford sent to author Joyce Schwarz to congratulate her on THE VISION BOARD book! Thanks Maria for our support!

BLOG from on Maria Bamford and her vision boards & recent appearances is listed below.

PSSSSSt....we have some and at Stand-up comedian Maria Bamford is sharing one of her Vision Boards in my upcoming book "THE VISION BOARD" Unlock the Secret to An Extraordinary Life, Harper Collins Publishing Collins Design, by Joyce Schwarz.

click on jpeg to see partial view of one of Maria Bamford's Vision and Prosperity boards she shares in the upcoming book "THE VISION BOARD" by Joyce Schwarz, fall, 2008-- thank you to you Maria!


So we went online to see what Maria's been up to lately and guess what-- lots of great stuff. And we even caught her with PINK HAIR --really PINK HAIR -- look?

In the Pink -- stand-up comedian Maria Bamford shares one of her "Vision Boards" in Joyce Schwarz new book "THE VISION BOARD" set for publication, fall, 2008, by Harper Collins -- THANKS MARIA!

HERE ARE JUST SOME OR THE HEADLINES WE SAW ABOUT MARIA and where she is and what she's up to and yada yada yada. And if we're lucky the censors will be as kind to us at this blogging service as they were for the Minnesota paper who got her to talk about the wonder of her new PROSPERITY VISION BOARDS!
here's the link to that complete article:
Maria Bamford Manifests Her Destiny
Minneapolis City Pages, MN - Jul 15, 2008
Excerpt from article on Maria Bamford in the Minneapolis City pages.
In that article Maria explains she has:

"doing a lot prosperity consciousness. I have five prosperity boards going. Have you heard of that? CP: No, what's a prosperity board?
MB: Oh, my gosh! Oprah does it. Ok, let's say you want to have more trees in your life. You find a picture of a tree and put it on a poster board and put it in a place where you can see it a lot. You then manifest that tree, or maybe you just start noticing trees more.
Maria goes on to explain in the Minneapolis City Pages article (note she's from Duluth originally) "So, here's an example of me manifesting something: I put a microwave on my first vision board. My sister walked by my vision board and said, “You want a fucking microwave?! That's ridiculous. I'll give you a fucking microwave!" Boom! Manifested!
Maybe the important part is showing people your vision boards. (YES MARIA AND THANKS FOR SHARING ONE OF YOUR BOARDS IN MY UPCOMING BOOK, joyce)
Maria goes on to say outrageously:
I went to a vision board weekend up an old nunnery in Montecito, and one old guy was cutting out pictures of hot ladies and guns and stacks of cash. I hope it's working out for him. If you want more pot, why not put a pot plant on a piece of paper? Maybe you'll get more.

SXSW Podcast of THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz book reading

WOW thanks to Andrew & the other folks @ SXSW (South by Southwest) we see that a podcast of THE VISION BOARD book reading by Joyce Schwarz with special guests THE DEFUSER and Theda Sandiford is now posted online. ENJOY IT!

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 Sxswjoyceadobedefuser The DEFUSER, Jarett Crippen, the winner of Stan Lee's WHO WANTS TO BE A SUPERHERO? reality show (2nd season) and bestselling author Joyce Schwarz, shown on the Adobe stage @


The Defuser (Jarrett Crippen) and his charity,, Joyce Schwarz author THE VISION BOARD were featured @ SXSW book reading on Friday, March 13, 2009.

To see more go to and to see 20 pages free go to



Btskingpanel2   Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD got a chance to go backstage to talk to the VIP panelists for the BEYOND THE SECRET LIVE event produced at UCLA's Royce Hall on 1/14/09. Here are some pictures from that event.

Btsface  BEYOND THE SECRET LIVE featured a panel of top wisdom leaders and motivational speakers that was moderated by Leeza Gibbons. Author Joyce Schwarz, THE VISION BOARD got an opportunity to go behind the scenes after the taping and you may also have caught her signing her books in the lobby prior to the event. Thanks for your support!

Joyceholli Left, Holli Walker, creator of THE BEYOND THE SECRET DVD and right Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD: the secret to an extraordinary life.

Joycepaul  Left, Christian Simpson from London and one of the featured panelists in BEYOND THE SECRET LIVE with Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD 1/14/09, Royce Hall, UCLA.

Joycebob  Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD: the secret to an extraordinary life with (right) Bob Proctor, who wrote the foreword for the book which hit #1 Spiritual bestseller on

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