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Yes, for the first time ever in the world. Joyce Schwarz new Vision Board Institute is offering the first opportunity to become a Certified Vision Board Counselor and earn the designation CVBC.
(right) author & futurist Joyce Schwarz, founder Vision Board Institute of America
THE VISION BOARD: the Secret to an Extraordinary Life is set for an October 28, 2008 launch worldwide. Or pre-order now on @ The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life ...

NEVER BEFORE has this opportunity to become certified as a vision board counselor been offered anywhere around the globe.

Why become a certified Vision Board Counselor (CVBC) ?

*Major direct income streams
*Ability to mingle with the world's top visionaries
*Insider secrets on how to use Joyce Schwarz proprietary Vision Board Creation Process and her PREBOARD PROGRAM with your clients.


For your application to become a Certified Vision Board Counselor (CVBC) from the VISION BOARD INSTITUTE and be part of the founding leaders of this innovative method of career, business and lifeplanning program, email: or call her directly at 310-822-3119.

"A decade ago there was a book called COLOR ME BEAUTIFUL that launched a company that mounted millions of dollars of revenues by telling people what season they were so they could dress better. Now, I want coaches, trainers and industry leaders to discover the secrets of Vision Boards as guides to launching new products, companies and careers," explains Joyce Schwarz.

Schwarz is probably best known for launching the MISSING KIDS ON THE MILK CARTON campaign more than 2 decades ago

Joyce Schwarz author & futurist is recognized for her social entrpreneur leadership such as the launch of the MISSING KIDS ON THE MILK CARTON CAMPAIGN.

Since then Joyce Schwarz ( has raised more than $200 million in investment and sponsorship for herself and her clients and launched more than 75 venture-funded companies.

Her record in the mainstream advertising community at such major agencies as Foote Cone & Belding stands unrivaled as she has launched hundreds of products from "PLAIN WRAP' store brands, to new divisions and product lines for Sheraton, Clairol, AT&T, Philips Electronics & Revlon.

For more information or an application, contact Joyce Schwarz directly via email at or call her at 310-822-3119.


By Joyce Schwarz: As an author it's a pleasure to be able to check search engines for blogs about your book and find a delightful entry such as this one which is featured here by Timothi Jane Graham.

I did some research on the blogger and turns out she's a famous photographer, model, actress & voiceover artist - WOW! AND THANKS to her and all of the bloggers who have supported & promoted THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz.

To see a 20 page excerpt from THE VISION BOARD book go to:

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GODDESS GUMBO FEATURES THE VISION BOARD & TIPS (see pix below which are featured in Timothi Jane Graham's blog 'Goddess Gumbo" seeblogpostclickhere



6 Apr 2009 by Timothi Jane Graham  
There is also a great book out there called The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life by Joyce Schwarz that leads you through the entire process. Joyce has done amazing things for work with the vision board and she even ....continued @ linkhere to Goddess blog about vision boards.

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Comedian Maria Bamford on Why Vision Boards Work by Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD

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See above: partial pix of one of comedian Maria Bamford's vision boards which were photographed by Annie Kaycora for THE VISION BOARD book by Joyce Schwarz.

Some of you have asked what happened with Maria Bamford and her Vision Boards? Are they working? Here is a quick update and an autographed picture that Maria Bamford sent author Joyce Schwarz, THE VISION BOARD book,

See below the autographed headshot that stand-up comedian Maria Bamford sent to author Joyce Schwarz to congratulate her on THE VISION BOARD book! Thanks Maria for our support!

BLOG from on Maria Bamford and her vision boards & recent appearances is listed below.

PSSSSSt....we have some and at Stand-up comedian Maria Bamford is sharing one of her Vision Boards in my upcoming book "THE VISION BOARD" Unlock the Secret to An Extraordinary Life, Harper Collins Publishing Collins Design, by Joyce Schwarz.

click on jpeg to see partial view of one of Maria Bamford's Vision and Prosperity boards she shares in the upcoming book "THE VISION BOARD" by Joyce Schwarz, fall, 2008-- thank you to you Maria!


So we went online to see what Maria's been up to lately and guess what-- lots of great stuff. And we even caught her with PINK HAIR --really PINK HAIR -- look?

In the Pink -- stand-up comedian Maria Bamford shares one of her "Vision Boards" in Joyce Schwarz new book "THE VISION BOARD" set for publication, fall, 2008, by Harper Collins -- THANKS MARIA!

HERE ARE JUST SOME OR THE HEADLINES WE SAW ABOUT MARIA and where she is and what she's up to and yada yada yada. And if we're lucky the censors will be as kind to us at this blogging service as they were for the Minnesota paper who got her to talk about the wonder of her new PROSPERITY VISION BOARDS!
here's the link to that complete article:
Maria Bamford Manifests Her Destiny
Minneapolis City Pages, MN - Jul 15, 2008
Excerpt from article on Maria Bamford in the Minneapolis City pages.
In that article Maria explains she has:

"doing a lot prosperity consciousness. I have five prosperity boards going. Have you heard of that? CP: No, what's a prosperity board?
MB: Oh, my gosh! Oprah does it. Ok, let's say you want to have more trees in your life. You find a picture of a tree and put it on a poster board and put it in a place where you can see it a lot. You then manifest that tree, or maybe you just start noticing trees more.
Maria goes on to explain in the Minneapolis City Pages article (note she's from Duluth originally) "So, here's an example of me manifesting something: I put a microwave on my first vision board. My sister walked by my vision board and said, “You want a fucking microwave?! That's ridiculous. I'll give you a fucking microwave!" Boom! Manifested!
Maybe the important part is showing people your vision boards. (YES MARIA AND THANKS FOR SHARING ONE OF YOUR BOARDS IN MY UPCOMING BOOK, joyce)
Maria goes on to say outrageously:
I went to a vision board weekend up an old nunnery in Montecito, and one old guy was cutting out pictures of hot ladies and guns and stacks of cash. I hope it's working out for him. If you want more pot, why not put a pot plant on a piece of paper? Maybe you'll get more.


By Joyce Schwarz...scroll down to see the poster I made with wordle for my book reading 3/13/09 @ 5 p.m @ SXSW

So there is something not so new (more than 100,000 examples online) that is really perfect for making your Vision Board in a few minutes and updating your affirmations! It's called WORDLE

I could go on and on explaining how exactly to use it to create your Vision Board and/or affirmations for the day. Or how you can take screengrabs and print them out and glue to your vision board or place in your digital vision board creations but I'm not going to do that. Instead, I suggest you go over to and read about this fun little app! IT"S FREE!

And to give you a peek at how it works --here's a poster I made to promo my book reading at 5 p.m. 3/13/09 @SXSW (South by Southwest) of what else THE VISION BOARD.


Poster for Joyce Schwarz book reading for THE VISION BOARD @ South by Southwest SXSW on 3/13/09 at 5 p.m. courtesy of

Pamela Moss Featured Artist THE VISION BOARD WORKSHOP LEADER @ 58th Univ of NY @ Courtland Recreation Conference

By Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD: The secret to an Extraordinary life". It's a pleasure to provide this guest blog by Pamela Moss, one of the featured artists in my book THE VISION BOARD, the #1 Spiritual Bestseller on (go to to see 20 pages free) and to order the book.


Shown above back and front cover of THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz, Harper Collins Publishing, Colilns Design, #1 Spiritual bestseller on To browse see: 


guest post by Pamela Moss,


THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz features artist Pamela Moss work. Pamela not only led a recent workshop but she reports on it in this blog post. Thanks for sharing Pamela:

The Vision Board book featured artist Pamela Moss led a vision board "mini vision board workshop" this past weekend at the 58th Annual State University of New York at Cortland Recreation Conference in Cortland NY.

This academic presentation/workshop explored the use of vision boards in the field of recreation and leisure education (yes, you can become a tenured Professor of Recreation and Leisure!).


Educators, directors of nursing homes, camp counselors, recreation therapists -- all new to vision boards -- get inspired to use this powerful, fun tool with their diverse clients

"Wow, it's a universal tool! Anyone can benefit from making a vision board!" raved Conference participants, talking about creating vision boards with incarcerated teens, seniors, kids at summer camp, patients with strokes and dementia, college students, abused children....

"People who can't express themselves easily in words, like stroke victims and abused kids, can use images to communicate what matters to them. Vision boards will be wonderful for them."

"We can use this process for whatever our clients need -- they can create vision boards for friendship, or group cooperation, or personal goals, or to discover new interests..."


Searching for images to express your  “power words” and what lights you up


The process of looking for images often clarifies and deepens your vision -- sometimes in unexpected ways, especially if you allow images to "call to you"


“Hey, we could do vision boards with our staff, to develop new programs!”

“Or to envision how we want to improve our organizations...”

The vision board comes together -- an experience of concentration and flow


The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life made a splash at the 58th Annual State University of New York at Cortland Recreation Conference – workshop participants were excited to buy copies, and to take the vision board concept back to their clients and organizations.


ABOUT GUEST BLOGGER PAMELA MOSS: When she's not leading vision board workshops, featured Vision Board artist Pamela Moss paints "Possibility Portraits" for people who want to remember who they really are and what's possible. See


ATTENTION COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES --for quantity orders and educational discounts on THE VISION BOARD:Coverbooklowrez , please contact Harper Collins Publishing directly by emailing the publisher directily at Collins Design, Or by contacting the author: Joyce Schwarz:

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This is the opening spread for chapter 2 THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz, Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design. Art by Maryanne Erickson. See more pages @ see inside book

Vb1   See inside THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz by clicking on this link: 20pagesfree Above is the opening sequence for Chapter 1 Visioning featuring contributions from Dr. Michael Beckwith. Art by Rochelle Schofield.  

Ad See inside THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz with a special afterword by Jack Canfield. Jack says "This book will change your life" Go to this link to see 20 free pagesclick here

The Vision Board #1 Spiritual Bestseller Amazon Attracts $250,000 Promo in 30 days!

Great news a report just came into our office that documents that   The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life garnered $1/4 MILLION in promotional value in October alone through electronic and print interviews and events online and offline.

$250,000 IN ADVERTISING FOR THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz in October, 2008 alone: What does that $1/4 Million figure mean? It means that the more than 25 major interviews and articles about THE VISION BOARD is equivalent in value to $250,000 in advertising!

This is the first of a 2-part blog showing the outstanding promotion and publicity that THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz is getting online and offline. Thanks to the media for all of their support. Thanks to Harper Collins Publishing and Collins Design for their continued support.
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for THE VISION BOARD to date:

FoxBusiness News column focusing on author Joyce Schwarz & The Vision Board
CHICAGO SUN TIMES article connecting Joyce Schwarz & The Vision Board with Oprah & the Olympians podcast and introduction to Joyce Schwarz and THE VISION BOARD book (1 hour podcast)

KABC TV San Francisco interviewed The Vision Board featured artist Jennifer Lee on their show, the hosts are shown holding up THE VISION BOARD for the audience to see.
Tx again Jennifer Lee, picked up on the OBAMA vision board originally created for THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz and featured a page 1 article on the book and Obama's digital board created by contributor Nick Thorch using his Ultimate Vision Board app from

New Pix from Celebrity/Charity Booksigning for The Vision Board by Joyce Schwarz

Great news-- we have some fabulous new pictures from the Celebrity Charity booksigning for The Vision Board by Joyce Schwarz @ the benefit reception held in connection with Digital Hollywood. Enjoy!

Joycelisajenniferbooksigning  Left, Lisa Osborne, contributor to The Vision Board book by (center, author Joyce Schwarz, right Jennifer Perry-Haught, artist/contributor to the book. To see more celebs and VIP's involved with the book go to

Joycelisabooksigning  Left Joyce Schwarz, author The Vision Board by Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design and right, Lisa Osborne, Goddess of Destiny, featured in chapter 3 of the book who is also creator of both shown at the celebrity/charity booksigning October 28, 2008 @fall Digital Hollywood  To keep track of what's new with THE VISION BOARD, be sure to sign up for the newsletter at

Joycejenniferbooksigning  Shown left Joyce Schwaz, author THE VISION BOARD now #1 Spiritual Bestseller on and right Jennifer Perry-Haught, featured artist in chapter 7 in the Wellness section, p 157. Thanks for all the support and totally grateful for all the artists who are involved. To browse inside the book, go to courtesy of Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design.


Act Your Shoe Size This Weekend, advises Joyce Schwarz, author, The Vision Board

Wow, during a recent online radio show with host Limor Schafman,, called DigIn ( I realized how serious all of us have gotten because of the economy. So my suggestion for all of you (and me) is act the age of your shoe size.

IF YOU WEAR SIZE 9 -- become a 9 year old for 30 minutes....

So following my own advice -- I thought hmm what can I do to 'act' my shoe size which is 9 this weekend. DUH...what does a 9 year old like to do? Uhhh I had forgotten. So thanks to the internet I went to this site -- Child Development - The Nine Year Old at Play Activities and Interests

How did I find that site? - I put into google search engine bar these words "activites for 9 year old" and my answer is in that link above-- here's a brief preview. Thanks to Kimberly Keith, the guide at for having this info available for myself and my readers:

Nine year olds are absorbed in their play interests and will spend hours at their chosen activities. Children's interests begin to follow personal styles of introversion and extraversion. Many enjoy solitary play - video games, tv, reading, dolls, construction sets, or crafts. Other nine-year-old boys and girls love sports, especially soccer, baseball, football, and basketball. Most kids at nine enjoy bicycling, skating, swimming, and other forms of independent, active play; though they are not as proficient at them as they will be at ten.

HMM so what else would put me in a 9 year old's state of mind-- the right shoes of course - hmm first thing comes to mind is red sparkle shoes-- Wizard of oz but what else is there..Then I spotted this pix on Google images -- why settle for one pair of shoes-- I could wear a lot of different shoes this weekend and here is a pix of girls shoes reminding me of that!


SO HAVE FUN AND DON't listen to anyone who says ACT YOUR AGE_- or do if you act your shoe size.

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The Secret To Oprah's Obama Vision Board-- Read this for link to hear her talk about it Power105.1

By Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD: the secret to an extraordinary life (208 pages, 4-color, 100 pix etc) Here's the scoop about Oprah & her call to Ed Lover at Power105.1 NYC radio. Here a link to the actual call: click to hear Oprah & Ed call
BE SURE TO LISTEN TO THE END OF THE CALL -- it's about 5 mins long to hear about Oprah's Vision Board and her dress and what Michelle said that made her create the Vision Board -- it's awesome. Oprah's Obama Vision Board & hear the call by clicking here!actual call oprah & ed
Or go to:
and click on the link there to hear Oprah and Ed Lover talking about her Vision Board and her dress for the Obama inaugural taped live on election morning
We have the scoop here at by Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD.
LISTEN TO THE CALL By clicking Oprah & ed call
Okay readers, I spent some real time online and I have all the secret info on Oprah's Obama Vision Board -- you know the one that is making news in LA TIMES and on and the one she talked about on the radio in NYC!
First of all Oprah called a NYC station called Power105.1 and Ed Lover is the DJ on the morning show there called of course the Ed Lover show. Oprah was not calling a Chicago radio station -- she was calling Ed!
Listen to the call by clicking Oprah & Ed
 This IS the radio station *see pix of Ed & Oprah below)  that Oprah called into from Chicago the morning of the election. She said she was calling as an ordinary citizen and was still in the makeup room without her eyelashes on yet. She called Ed Lover, Host the morning show 6-10 a.m. on Power105.1
DURING THE CALL Ed had the sense to ask her about her dress for Obama's inauguration -- thinking positively that she'd be going after Tuesday night (remember it was only about 9 a.m or so in NYC.
In answering Ed's question about her dress-- she started to make some national news because that's when Oprah revealed she made a VISION BOARD about Obama and the election prompted by a comment Michelle Obama made after a rally that Oprah and Maria Shriver and Michelle were at in California back in Feb 08.
If you didn't already, listen to the call with Oprah & Ed: Oprah& ed call
In this LA TIMES section TOP OF THE TICKET Oprah is shown with Obama and the story talks about Oprah's call to Ed Lover at Power105.1 in NYC on election morning when she revealed she'd made herself a VISION BOARD and actually included a picture of her dress for Obama's Inaugural ball!.
The Vision Board author Joyce Schwarz is going to ask the publicist at Harper Collins Publishing -- to send over a couple of books to Ed Lover and his co-host VJ Free to make sure they have the scoop on hot to make their own vision boards!

Did you know that THE CHICAGO SUN TIMES reported last month that author Joyce Schwarz had already been on the Oprah show-- not true-- but sure an example of law of attraction -- just waiting for the call! Meanwhile how about a phoner with Ed and Free???? That would be awesome!

Check out Joyce's new blog on Power105.1 in NYC ! She even put up a beach scene! And she has pals already!