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It's time to Re-vision 2009 Do a new Vision Statement & Vision Board!

Re-Visioning 2009: Make a new vision statement & vision board NOW
by Joyce A. Schwarz, and  

At this time of the year, many of us are looking forward to a great summer and we may also be looking at what we've accomplished so far in 2009.

That's why I recommend that you do a quarterly check up on your Vision Statement and Vision Board. I do mine at the start of each season: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring etc.

The most important tools to guide you through the transitions of each year are a Vision Statement and a Vision Board.

What am I talking about? A vision statement is a vivid, idealized description of the outcome that you want. Something that inspires ... energizes you, and helps you create a mental image of your target.

My personal vision statement is short and sweet “TO LIVE THE POSSIBLE DREAM”, a positive spin on Don Quixote’s famous “Live the Impossible Dream”.


Some of you may be familiar with corporate mission statements or company mantras but all too often those come from the Ivory towers and are issued via memo.

Vision statements are much more personal – the concept started from the grass roots and spread across the world by people who want to realize their own personal talents and ensure that their life matches their values.

USE TO ENHANCE YOUR LIFE...and visualize the future: A vision statement can be used to enhance any part of your life, like family or career. It could also be created to visualize a new home or a specific project.

Here are some tips for creating your own vision statement:

*Summarize your vision in a powerful statement (1-4 sentences)

*Make sure it stands the test of time (think ballpark vs. small details)

*Suspend disbelief—anything is possible!

*Follow up with ‘inspired action’ (specific steps toward your vision)

*Post it somewhere you can see it daily (and update it quarterly)

*Consider starting with a wish list or bucket list of your dreams.

*Start with a sentence or two and pare it down to a short phrase

*Pick a power word like freedom and craft your vision around that word.

Where to get your inspiration for your vision?

Give a new spin to a classic song you love.

Rearrange an advertising phrase to inspire you.

See a favorite movie one more time.

Refer to a favorite quotation

Recite your favorite poem, it may offer a hint or two

Once you craft your vision statement here are some ways to use it to inspire you to create your create your best possible holiday season and lead into a new year to remember.

Post it where you can see it daily.

Carry a copy of it in your wallet or handbag.

Add it to your vision board.

Print it on the back of your business cards.

Use the power words in your new vision statement to update our current vision board or create a new vision board just for this upcoming season ie Summertime!

Twitj Joyce Schwarz: Author's Bio
Joyce Schwarz is the best-selling author of THE VISION BOARD the secret to an extraordinary life which has a preface by Bob Proctor and an afterword by Jack Canfield. The book has been featured in TV GUIDE, on Television networks ABC, NBC, CBS, CW in 52 different cities.

 Schwarz is also the founder of THE VISION BOARD Institute and has launched the world's first accreditation program for Certied Vision Board Counselors which you can find out more about by going to

SAY YES TO LIFE WITH A VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz, author The Vision Board book


In these days of economic downturn, you may hear lots of comments of doom and gloom. What we all need at this time is to say YES, to the great things and people in our lives!.


By creating a SAY YES TO LIFE Vision Board you can do 'just' that!



Some days it seems that everyone around you is in a negative mood. All you hear is "NO", "NO" or "NO WAY"!

So what can you do --well, JUST SAY YES!



Here are 5 NO COST WAYS TO SAY AND "SHOW" YES to the world even before you make your vision board:

1) Go to the park and take a ride on a swing -- go ahead act the age of your shoe size? Ever heard that before --my shoe size is 8 -- so I get to be an 8 year old anytime I want!

2)Eat dessert first! I just found out that October 28 --the launch date of The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life is NATIONAL CHOCOLATE DAY! Ymmm so I'm taking this opportunity to remind you to eat your dessert first that day -- it's only 19 days away! A little bit of dark chocolate is full of anioxidents so go ahead splurge every day with a bite or two of the most decadent chocolate you can find!

3) Put on your happy cap if you're having a bad hair day. I always keep a few of my favorite baseball caps with fun logos hanging as decorations in one of my closets! When I'm feeling a bit down -- I ALWAYS wear my sequineed black and silver baseball cap and I take it on trips around the world-- even on a ride on an Arabian horse in Petra, Jordan!

NO MORE BAD HAIR DAYS! Okay -- we'll have to get some SHARE THE VISION baseball caps to tie in with our website! More on that later.

4) Share a compliment-- say something nice today to someone you DON'T KNOW -- if life is a little cloudy-- I always make sure that I give a compliment or two to someone I see in a store or even in a parking lot.

It's easy --and yes, you can be sincere -- after all -- most people love to be told that their car is a beautiful color or that their T shirt is so much fun or that you love that gorgeous Olive green handbag that the senior you see at the post office is carrying.

You'll be amazed how much it perks you up!

5) CALL A PAL you haven't talked to in a few months or even a few years. Ask them the questions about their life and family -- be a good listener, don't spoil the moment by dragging them down with your own doldrums! Remind them of a couple of fun things you did together.

That's a great way to open the call --start by saying "remember the time we did....."

Now make a list of all of the great things you appreciate in your life and all of the great people and take some pictures of them or go through a magazine and begin to place them on a vision board.

What's a vision board? Most of you know a vision board is a visual map or depiction of how you'd like to live your best life possible and a way to pay tribute to the wonderful things you have and are creating in your life.

Take a poster board or a blank journal and paste some of these YES images in your journal or on your board. And add affirmations that remind you that you are grateful for what IS yes in you life and what will add more YES to your life in the future. Speak in the present tense (not the future) I am grateful for the wonderful home I have on a hill in the forest! YES I have that home now! See it experience it.


Author's Bio
Joyce A. Schwarz is the author of THE VISION BOARD, th secret to an extraordinary life. For a free chapter of the book go to http:/

Create a Father's Day Vision Board by Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD BOOK

How to create a Father's Day Vision Board By Joyce Schwarz author THE VISION BOARD book
by Joyce Schwarz 

This article will show you how to create a Father's Day Vision Board step by step that really enhances your relationship with your father no matter what is happening in his or your life or even if he has passed on!


Father's Day is coming up and for many fathers and sons it is a time of joy and great fun and wonder to share the day with their dad and their offspring.

For other men and boys and girls Father's Day can be a challenging day because a) their relationship with their father is not up to par or their father has passed on or they are a new dad adn not sure how to form a real bond with their kids.


How to create a Father's Day Vision Board step by step (basic version):

1) Gather together pictures of your dad alone and pictures of you with your dad -- if you have them from past albums or from old shoeboxes full of photos.

2) Get a large poster board or consider putting the pictures into a journal or even scanning them into your computer so you can take advantage of some of the computer vision board creation services.

3) Scan the pictures or sort through and pick out 5-6 pictures that just seem right to you.

4) Take some time and play some home movies or videos of you and your dad if you have them. Or do a short visit with your dad via phone if he's still alive and you are on talking terms. Or if he has passed on take time to go to the cemetary and visit his gravesite.

5) If you are not talking to your dad for some reason or have become estranged, take some time to revisit the good times you had with your dad via the movies in your own memory bank.

6) Make a list of 5 of the BEST times you had with your father, was it at an amusement park, was it playing ball with him, was it on a vacation, was it when he came home from work and scooped you up in his arms each night. Start with 5 you can add more or if more come to you start circling the best five that you feel warmest about inside you.

7) Make a list of the POWER words that come to mind when you think of your dad. What did he contribute to your life positively? What did he teach you that has helped you be a better person. If you can't think of anything because maybe you're angry with him or you were adopted or you never knew your father, you can do one of two things a) pick a father figure in your life -- a past teacher or a coach or refer to b) your heavenly father or c) put down those power words of great actions you just know your father would have liked to have shown you if he was able to such as LOVE, Warmth, Bravery, Courage, Perseverance, Humor etc.

8) Start in the center of the board by arranging a picture of you and your dad in a happy time. Or if you don't have a picture of your dad, use a picture from another father figure or a picture of you under the guidance of your heavenly father or the Universe which has guided you in the past and will again in the future. 

9) Arrange some of the other wonderful reminders of the good times in your life with your father in a circle around the center picture. If you don't have good time pictures then pick some out of a magazine or off of the Internet (be sure to get copyright free photos by looking for the term Creative Commons on photo websites).

10) Add the power words -- either type them up on your computer or add words that are the same out of magazine headlines or add power words that come with your Vision Board software program.

11) Add some embellishments-- add some stickers or add some glitter (yes glitter is fine for men too) or add some momentos from your dad and you -- maybe a ticket from a movie you both went to recently. Or maybe one of his medals from the service or even a note you have from your dad that shows his handwriting.

12) Paste or glue all of this on to your board or if you are making a computerized board scan it into your computer so you can move the pictures around.

13) Affirmations: -- add some affirmations about how you'd like to remember your dad if he's passed or how you'd like to resolve difference or have a better relationship with him. Such as My Dad and I have lots of fun together. My dad gives great insight to me. Speak in the present tense not the future and not the past (even if he has passed on).

14) Place your board in a prominent place where you can see it -- in your office or in front of your computer. If you're shy -- get a scan made of the board and use it as an inspirational picture for a screensaver or wallpaper for your phone. OR make a smaller version to use on a keychain and share it with your dad as a present.

You can also make variations of this MAKE YOUR OWN VISION BOARD with your dad such as a daddy and me board for dads with small children or a parents board for mommy and daddy and me. SHARE THE VISION


Author's Bio
Joyce Schwarz is the author of The Vision Board: the secret to an Extraordinary Life from Harper Collins Publishing and she is also head of JCOM marketing and emerging media consulting service in Marina Del Rey, California. You can see more about Joyce Schwarz at the book's website at or go to


Father's Day: Find out how to envision a better relationship with your dad: listen to radio interview with Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD book


  JOYCE SCHWARZ TO APPEAR ON RADIO FATHER'S DAY JUNE 21, 2009 TALKING ABOUT DADDY & ME VISION BOARD CREATION and using a vision board to envision a better relationship with your dad or for dads with their kids!

Bestselling Author Joyce Schwarz Discusses

THE VISION BOARD book on Blog Talk Radio

 Twitj author and Hollywood career and new company launch strategist Joyce Schwarz shown above left will appear on a special radiio show on Father's Day June 21 for more info email:



On Sunday, June 21, 2009  at  5pm EST, Bestselling author &


career strategist, Joyce Schwarz

features on Rhymes, Views & News Talk Radio on Blog Talk Radio.  Joyce Schwarz is the author of THE VISION BOARD (Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design 2008) book which is a best-seller across the

USA & Canada

. Listen live or call in for this exciting radio interview featuring Joyce Schwarz!

  During the interview Joyce Schwarz will:

Ø      Discuss visioning and vision board creation!

Ø      Share her experience as a coach and consultant to entrepreneurs, corporate executives, celebrities, TV personalities, Olympic athletes, and even a presidential candidate!

Ø      Tell you how to empower your success and create a vision map for you future!

Ø      Tips on successful recareering and more!

Rhymes, Views & News Talk Radio is hosted by writer, performer and author, DuEwa Frazier.  Listen live on Sunday, June 21st at

5pm EST

, via

 or call-in at 646-716-9474!

 Joyce Schwarz will take your questions and hear your comments regarding personal development and success!

Visit the following websites for more information on Joyce Schwarz and THE VISION BOARD:



BPSCA Honors The VIsion Board Book Author Joyce Schwarz As Success Story!

The Book Publicists of Southern California Honored author and Hollywood career strategist Joyce Schwarz as a "SUCCE$$" story at their June meeting at the Sportsmen's Lodge Hotel in Studio City, California. Here are some of the pictures from that event:

Bps BPSCA Logo Book Publicists of Southern California and link to their website: honored THE VISION BOARD author Joyce Schwarz at their June SUCCESS STORY MEETING!

Joycea  Joycesportsa Joyce Schwarz shown left speaking to the BPSCA in Studio City, CA at the Sportsmen's lodge hotel about how to sell your book to a major publisher. She is holding up THE VISION BOARD book she sold to Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design.

 Joycetink Left, Margaret Kerry, who is famous as the prototype model for TINKER BELL for Disney films & PETER PAN is shown left with Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD. They shared the dais at a special event on SUCCESS STORIES at a recent event.


Google's front page featured press release about Joyce Schwarz speaking at the BPSCA event -- wonder if BPSCA has been on Google's front page before?

Bpeople Prior to Joyce Schwarz speaking at the BPSCA event a club member sneaks a peek at Joyce's THE VISION BOARD book while other members look on! Thanks to Irwin Zucker and Ernie Weckbaeger and everyone else who made the event a success!

Joycetink2 another version of Joyce Schwarz, author, THE VISION BOARD with her new gorgeous pal Margaret Kerry. Margaret bought a copy of THE VISION BOARD for her daughter and Joyce autographed it! SO MUCH FUN!

Tablea a glimpse at the large crowd that turned out for the BPSCA SUCCESS STORIES Thurs, June 11.

Tableb another look at the crowd attending the BPSCA Success Stories event on June 11. Check it out, one of the members in the center back is actually shown reading Joyce Schwarz' book THE VISION BOARD during the event!

Other speakers at the "DIG NEW SUCCESS STORIES" BPSCA included Margaret Kerry, longtime BPSC member teaming up with ERnie Weckbaugh club president to promo his upcoming new book 12 Big Lessons Learned as a Little Rascal due out in August. Margaret wrote the introduction! Yes, she was a LITTLE RASCAL too!

And other honorees and speakers were Linda Salvin MPH, PHD celebrating her 15th year as a popular radio psychic most recently with KABC TALK radio and  contributor to the BPSCA famous "CHOPPED LIVER" series.

AND the "Oracle of LA" as introduced by Irwin Zucker, Denise L Cook, author of THE ORACLE SPEAKS, just because...


And special thanks to my colleagues who are also fabulous speakers who were in the audience that night: Robbie Motter and Marsh Engle, both contributors to Joyce Schwarz THE VISION BOARD book!

For a free chapter from THE VISION BOARD go to And to buy the book to or to any of 6,000 bookstores across the US and Canada and also Target online and in stores and COSTCO in Canada!




By Joyce Schwarz: YEA, I finally am able to share with you a video on HOW TO BECOME A CERTIFIED VISION BOARD COUNSELOR -- yes now, the 45 minute info call available previously only via teleconference is a VIDEO.


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Homestudy1 Also ask about the CERTIFIED VISION BOARD COUNSELOR home study course. The next telesminar 8 week class begins the week of July 6 and the home study course will be available on July 6.

A down payment of $100 gets you started in the 8 week course! So please to register.

Don't forget to play the video --it's only 20 minutes long and I think you'll enjoy it. Thanks so much.

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Joycebook For a free chapter of THE VISION BOARD book go to: The book is available at or at 6,000 bookstores nationwide.
JOYCECOMBO See The Vision Board book author Joyce Schwarz here with just a few of the Hollywood celebrities she has worked with and some of the wisdom leaders including Bob Proctor (who wrote the foreword for the book, Jack Canfield who wrote the afterword and Holli Walker who is the creator of BEYOND THE SECRET DVD.
For more information about becoming a Certified Vision Board Counselor -- please send an email to: and put MORE INFO in the subject.
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PLEASE JOIN ME -- look at the gorgeous certificate that can be yours in 8 weeks or less! Also take the course from a telephone -- no computer needed. Anywhere in the world and for the first time -- HOME STUDY VERSION TOO!
Free 45 min call on vision board teaching & being a Certified VB Counselor Monday @ 3 pm EST and 7 pm EST: (605) 475-4810 Code: 781737#

Best-selling Author, Hollywood & Silicon Valley New Company Launch Strategist Public Speaker Topics

Many times meeting planners tell me that they would like one source for my information on what it is that Joyce Schwarz speaks on and which topics are the most popular around the country and the world. So I am posting this information here in the blog that is also online.

Joycespeaking Bestselling author & Hollywood strategist & new company launch expert, Joyce Schwarz shown at one of her many paid speaking engagements talking about the future (customized for your group or company.


 For questions from Speaker's Bureaus and Meeting Planners, please call me directly at 310-822-3119 or email me at

JOYCECOMBO Best selling author of 6 books including the acclaimed THE VISION BOARD featured in FOX NEWS and on ABC TV, NBC TV, CBS TV, CW & more is shown with just some of the hundreds of celebrities and VIP's that she has coached and worked with on special events and television shows including Tom Cruise (GOLDEN APPLE AWARDS), MICKEY MOUSE (Disney on Ice) and Bob Proctor who wrote the foreword for her book and Jack Canfield who wrote the afterword.

View Joyce Schwarz's Video Demo here:

 Joyce Schwarz  Speaking topics: Topics: Business Building, Career, Marketing, Personal Development, Women's Issues

Are you ready to finally live your dreams for your business, career and life? Discover an insider system to leap from dreaming to realizing your goals. Find out why 75 venture funded start-up companies and more than 50 major brands like Revlon, Kraft, Disney and pay five-figure consulting fees to author Joyce Schwarz to coach their CEO’s using her proprietary goal realization GRABS program as heard and seen on major TV and radio business interviews.

Uncover how the ancient ritual of Visioning used by Shamans and wisdom leaders worldwide can empower your success. Create a visual map for the future with your own custom vision board as seen on Oprah and Larry King.

Author/consultant Joyce Schwarz has logged more than 50,000 hours of coaching and consulting to entrepreneurs, corporate executives, celebrities, TV personalities, Olympic athletes, and even a presidential candidate.

A master at manifesting her own visions, Joyce offers real-time life and business makeovers to tap into your own insight to create prosperity and abundance. See how you can harness the same energy actor Jim Carrey did to realize a $10 million paycheck.

"Your audience will finally discover how to get a life, not just a job, and future-proof their careers and business − despite the economy," says Schwarz. You'll learn how to use her breakthrough GRABS system for goal realization, revealed for the first time ever in her new book, THE VISION BOARD: Unlock the Secret to an Extraordinary Life (HarperCollins 2008). "You'll get the same advice for which I normally charge CEOs, venture capitalists and celebrities $1000 an hour,” Schwarz promises.

Her presentations include:

Visioning Your Best Year Ever
Tap into the power of creating a vision board and use “defining images” for health, wealth, career, and romance. Sessions in actual vision board creation and vision board workshops are also available.

Get a Life Not Just a Job: It’s never too late to make your dreams come true
Future-proof your career and business despite the economy; work anywhere and create multiple streams of income. How to launch new products & companies

Matchmaking for Business
Learn how to use social networks to launch a new business or product and get endorsements for your brand or service.

Marketing on a Shoestring
Discover how to get $250,000 in free publicity in one month, and how to market and sell your products or services using other people’s money.

Social Entrepreneurism
Explore ways to obtain grants, joint venture and corporate sponsorship and underwriting for your nonprofit or trade organization. You can change the world!

Joyce Schwarz is an award winning Hollywood strategist and celebrity coach, and founder of The Center for Successful Recareering. She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Money Magazine, and has been interviewed on NBC and NPR. In addition to introducing over 100 products to the marketplace and creating the famous Missing Kid on the Milk Carton campaign, she has helped launch 75 venture-funded companies, including, and helped raise more than $200 million in sponsorship and investment funds to launch high-tech firms and fund charities. Her client list includes Revlon, Disney, AT&T, Philips Electronics and other major corporations and dozens of entrepreneurs creating the new economy today! 
Inquire about rates outside of the area

Contact: (310) 822-3119

How to sell your book to a major publisher: Joyce Schwarz author & Hollywood Strategist Reveals Insider Secrets!

– It's the new American dream -- sell your book or movie and make a fortune! BUT just how do you do it? Author & Hollywood career strategist, Joyce Schwarz will be featured at the BPSCA event on Thursday, June 11 at their special program for authors, writers & producers at the Sportsmen's Lodge Hotel in Studio City, California.

Twitj Left, Joyce Schwarz, author & Hollywood career strategist and right "The Vision Board" book which is a best-seller across the USA & Canada, For a free chapter go to http;//

To make reservations:
The BPSCA meeting is open to the public. For details call 8l8-769-4700 time is cocktails and networking from 5:30 pm and dinner at 7 pm and program at 8:15 pm. You can also see more details here 

In her talk Joyce Schwarz will preview her proprietary info about how to get your book published by a major publisher and a mini-case history of her latest work, THE VISION BOARD --subtitled The Secret to An Extraordinary Life where she reintroduces readers to the age-old concept of 'visioning'

Free Chapter of 'The Vision Board Book':. You can see a free chapter of THE VISION BOARD at

Don't miss this event where you can discover:

*How Joyce Schwarz got more than 75 wisdom leaders, celebrities and Hollywood personalities and TV stars involved in her book THE VISION BOARD.

JOYCECOMBO Joyce Schwarz is shown in these pictures with just a few of the many Hollywood celebrities she's worked with on marketing and promotion for more than 200 events in Hollywood & beyond. Below she's shown with Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Holli Walker, all leaders in the new wisdom movement!

*Why Joyce Schwarz received a 6-figure advance from Harper Collins for her latest work The Vision Board --subtitled The Secret to an Extraordinary Life .

Betterpix Left, THE VISION BOARD book and right Joyce Schwarz as featured on syndicated television show by Better TV in more than 50 cities nationwise in June, 2009

*What is visioning and how it can help you create your best possible life -- no matter how young or old you are! It's never too late!

Joycewritingspirit Above, Joyce Schwarz was featured in on providing insider information on how a writer and author can use a vision board to create a best-selling book, novel or movie!

*What Joyce Schwarz learned from launching the "MISSING KIDS ON THE MILK CARTON CAMPAIGN" in Southern California and how it changed her life.


Joyce Schwarz, founder of JCOM emerging media & technology consulting, is probably best known for creating the campaign to launch the MISSING KIDS ON THE MILK CARTONS for Ralph's Grocery stores nationwide.

*How you can sell any product or service, book, movie or video or idea to the NEW HOLLYWOOD" and why more than 4000 VIP's have attended Joyce Schwarz STAR*Course classes and hired her as a their favorite Hollywood career strategy coach.

*How did Joyce Schwarz and her firm JCOM get her books featured in more than 200 publications ranging from WALL STREET JOURNAL to TV GUIDE to MONEY MAGAZINE to THE LA TIMES and get Joyce featured in interviews on more than 150 radio and TV talk and news shows ranging from KFWB CBS news to National Public Radio to NBC News and ABC TV and PBS TV nationally?

Joyce Schwarz presentation is a mini-preview to her upcoming workshop and teleconference on HOW TO SELL YOUR BOOK OR PROJECT TO A MAJOR PUBLISHER OR STUDIO!  For more details or to register for this upcoming workshop, call 310-822-3119 or email:

CERTIFIED VISION BOARD COUNSELOR: If you're interested in becoming one of the first certified vision board counselors in the world, please email: to contact Joyce Schwarz, founder of The Vision Board Institute.


WHAT IS A VISION BOARD: a vision board is a visual map that you create using pictures, images, affirmations and embellishments to depict the best possible life that you want to lead. It expands on the ancient art of visioning that goes back to the caveman era.

Joyce Schwarz, Speaker, Author is probably best known as the creator of the campaign that launched the MISSING KIDS ON THE MILK CARTON program for Ralph's Grocery Stores nationally. For the first time ever Joyce reveals the information on this campaign and how it evolved in her book "THE VISION BOARD: the secret to an extraordinary life which is now featured in more than 6,000 bookstores nationally and at

To sign up for a free newsletter on vision board creation go to: which is the blog for The Vision Board book. To see the official website for the book go to http;//

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The Vision Board Institute was established by Author & Hollywood visionary Joyce Schwarz to offer training to become a Certified Vision Board Counselor throughout the US and around the world. The Vision Board Institute is located in Marina Del Rey, California. For more information go to